to my website dedicated to shamanism, as I understand and practice it.  I hope that you will find much to educate, amuse, and stimulate as you follow your own guidance from Spirit, exploring the gifts that Spirit is offering you every day. 

Please enjoy my essays, art, music and random thoughts.

For those seeking shamanic healing and guidance there is much  here for you.  At this time, however, I am no longer doing public shamanic work. 

There are many out there who are currently doing this kind of work and I trust that Spirit will guide you to the perfect person to assist your personal work.

Currently I am diving very deep into shamanic spaces for my own personal growth.  It had become clear over the last few years that Spirit has additional plans beyond shamanism for me. I have been seeking guidance as to what exactly those plans are.

And after much shamanic listening and journey-work, Spirit has very clearly answered me. 

Coming from my deeply-experienced belief that all reality is energy and the exchange of energy, it follows that all forms of healing, guidance, etc. (shamanism included, naturally) can be delivered along many different energetic paths. 

This work is all based on the intention of the practitioner and their support of Spirit.  And so, interestingly, Spirit's answer to me is to...drum roll please...create music (pun intended)!

Music is a very powerful energy-form that operates in many different aspects of our lives.  It is an energy that bypasses the critical, automatic responses that we use to navigate our world.  These "navigational guides" help us to move through our daily lives, often mostly asleep, with minimal examination of what is around us. 

Music slips past these guides, often carrying messages and content to be "examined" by other more poetic/artistic parts of our brains (not that we always respond to that content, nor are we required to).  For example, think of a piece of poetry that you love and compare it with a piece of music (with lyrics) that you love.  It is likely that you will find that while you listen to your favorite song multiple times in a week, you will rarely sit and listen to your favorite poem read more than a couple of times per year. 

Adding music to poetry allows its message (if there is one) to be delivered on a regularly enjoyed basis.  This obviously increases the chances for the energies and content contained in the music to generate some transformational response.  By the way, the "content" of music comes in many different forms, such as lyrics to a song.  However, the truth is that at a fundamental level the energy itself (in the form of musical notes) is the content.  This is best seen in how many people have an ecstatic response to music -- with or without lyrics.  This is truly a spiritual response and is recognized as such by most religions.

It, of course, remains to be seen how well I will translate my own ecstatic response to Spirit's gifts of music.  As I have described elsewhere (See my definition of "Artist" in my glossary) in addition to my visual art "channel" that I use to create my paintings (See my art here) I have long been able to visit my music "channel" where I hear incredible, ecstasy-generating music, fully orchestrated, in my mind.  I have often just relaxed and listened to this channel for the pure joy of it.  Now it seems that Spirit is calling me to bring this music out into the world.

My nom de plume for musical compositions is Ephemeral Minds (tm) and there are several months ahead of me of learning music software (for you tech-heads I am using Mark of the Unicorn's "Digital Performer 8" and Ableton's "Live 9"), composing and performing the music, producing the music into CD and download versions, creating a website -- EphemeralMinds.com -- learning how to market my music via social networking and music sites such as Apple's iTunes, etc.

This is a big and exciting project and I hope you will check back here and at my soon-to-exist music website EphemeralMinds.com.

Many blessings on your transformational path through whatever form the energies take, be it shamanic, musical, or one of the myriad of other ways to arrive at a personal relationship with Spirit, its guidance and healing.


June 2014


I dedicate this site to Spirit, shaman, shamanic healers, and everyone seeking
powerful spiritual connections.

Many Blessings to All.

David Lang

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