A Funny Thing Happened One Day...


David Lang

I know Shamanism looks like high weirdness.

It does to me too.

However, I've witnessed its power to transform, to heal,


to empower.

That's what matters to me.


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In this life I am an artist.

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Much of this same life I am being a musician.

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I started out as a scientist and was well on my way to becoming a geneticist, when I discovered philosophy and poetry and realized that the paradigm of science was not big enough to hold and explain my experiences or my deep interest in the "nature of reality" -- whatever that is.

From philosophy and poetry I got "practical" realizing that no one buys philosophy and poetry (almost no one reads it). So I went on to be an artist. Let me tell you, almost no one buys art either. I learned computer programming and eventually combined art and computers to make a reasonable living as a computer animator.

Around 1990 I had a "crisis experience" that was my calling to shamanism.

Late one evening as I was going to sleep, I was watching in my mind's eye a beautiful image of an egg with a triskelion design floating in a night sky. Suddenly, the egg exploded (!!!) with the flash and the sound of a huge bomb. I sat bolt upright -- shaking and pouring sweat. From inside this exploding, hatching egg three animals burst out and flew off into the internal landscape of my mind.

They immediately began to completely rearrange my internal landscape.

Metaphorically speaking, these animals were draining lakes, exposing veins of gold, hiding diamonds, destroying mountains and forests, irrigating deserts, digging up toxic waste dumps, etc. etc. I completely lost my sense of who I was in the world, my sense of personal direction, goals, dreams and hopes.

The net effect was that I suddenly didn't "know" who I was. This is not to say that I forgot my name, or where I worked, or even how to make toast, but at my core, in the place where everyone knows who they are, my who-I-am-ness was being radically changed.

I thought I was going insane. This experience lasted for more than eight weeks. Fortunately, I have wonderful friends who were willing to listen to me and hold a space for me to get through this experience.

After the first week, I came to an amazing decision, which in retrospect was my first shamanic test. I realized that the only way I was going to survive this experience was if I could relearn / re-map my new internal landscape. I realized that the only "beings" that had the new maps were the animals who were making all the changes.

So, I set about the task of calling these animals home and, in what was my second shamanic test, befriending them (as opposed to capturing them). It took me more than 6 weeks to coax all three animals home and to make friends with them. They are my first and primary power animals. I live in honor and awe of their presence, guidance and friendship in my life.

Well, now I have three very powerful animal entities inside my head. What do I do with that? (There were not too many people you can talk to about this sort of experience . . . "Hi, my name is David and I have these three power animals in my head." "Oh, really? Well look at the time! I have got to go trim my nose hairs. See you later.")

At this point I knew very little about shamanism. I knew enough to suspect that what I had experienced was some kind of shamanic initiation experience. However shamanism was "something" that Native Americans did. It was their culture and their tradition. I had no business there. My only exposure to this weirdness was the books of Carlos Castenada - books that in our "day-to-day" world and in the world of anthropology, had been discredited as fiction.

And I knew I had to find an explanation for what had happened to me. An explanation that did not involve psychiatrists.

At that time I found a flier for an introductory workshop on shamanism. One line in it said, "We all have shamanic ancestors". This sentence blew open the doors of possibility for me. Suddenly, shamanism was my birthright too. My roots include the Celtic, and if there were ever shaman in the world, the druids and Merlin, King Arthur's magician, were top of that list.

So, I took this training, from someone who had trained under Michael Harner. Harner is an anthropologist who went "native" after some amazing experiences in South America. His book, "Way of the Shaman", is a good introduction to shamanism and describes his experiences. He has been initiated into several shamanic cultures and has developed a system of shamanism called Core Shamanism. He teaches the techniques of shamanism that are common to shamanic cultures all over the world and from all time. Core shamanism is one of the foundations of my work.

And the truth is that once the techniques have been mastered most of the shamanic training happens on the other side -- in the Realms of Spirit. Spirit teachers, guides, power animals and other spirit beings are there to help with the training and certification.

One of the many powerful realizations I had in learning to do this work was that, for me, the training was more remembering and re-framing all the things I had already been doing for my whole life rather than learning new things.

A personal, intimate relationship with Spirit is, I believe, our birthright and legacy. Shamanism is a set of powerful tools for accessing this relationship.

I am committed to helping people rediscover and learn how to access this birthright.

Shamanism also puts people in deep communication with Nature, with all things on this planet. We truly are all one. By doing shamanism and training others, we heal our selves, each other, and the planet. I am also committed to gifting people an experience of me that leaves them richer for their experience of me.

I have conducted healings, Diviner's Harp readings (Click Here for more detail on the Diviner's Harp), power animal retrievals, soul retrievals and shamanic trainings for people across the United States and people in other countries such as Canada, England, Malaysia, Antarctica, and South Africa.

I strive to bring professionalism, wisdom, and a gentleness of spirit to my clients. I am guided by a deep desire to support and empower others.

With an attitude of respectful guidance, I create a safe space for learning and personal growth in ordinary and non-ordinary reality.


What others have said about my work:

"David's work is a blessing and a revelation. In my experience he has been first a teacher and a guide and
slowly, with my growth and healing, he has become a companion in the world of Faerie, Magick, and High
Weirdness (all three have taken me a year of this work to fully embrace as other realities in their own right).

The most difficult aspect for me has been accepting that this work is never done. The moment I believe a goal has been reached is the moment I get to take a deep breath and peek around the corner at the next journey. And while this is scary (no rest for the weary, there is no End Point, etc), accepting this is somehow comforting. In this work, David has represented a great range of figures...most recently distant security as I take the next step - on my own."

K. Custer, Oregon


"David's teaching has given me invaluable tools for my personal life and my medical practice. He is a true 'wise man' who has stepped out of legend into our time."

J. Arpaia, M.D., Oregon. Co-author "Tibetan Wisdom for Western Life"


"David took a journey on my behalf and brought back six pieces of my Soul that had been broken off over the decades.

Earlier, he had found a Spirit Animal for me. The journeys on my behalf have helped me to become and to feel whole.

The good effect has lasted. This holiday season, while being separated from family scattered over the globe, was a time of serenity and joy. That has not been the case since the 'nest emptied' about two decades ago.

David gave me not only Soul but also an acceptance that I have sought since childhood.

Meeting David underscores for me, the saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

To me, David gave me back myself. This has profoundly effected my opinion of David Lang as the Universe's gift to Eugene and to me."

L. Linklater, Oregon


"David's work is definitely relevant to the needs of urban people facing the challenges of today's life...I recommend David to anyone looking to explore and enrich their spiritual lives."

T. Donovan, CPA, Oregon


"After experiencing a journey with David's guidance, I have begun to find the inner peace I was searching for."

M. Arthen, R.N., Oregon


"I have found David to be a wise, powerful, playful companion of spirit. I have appreciated his astute ability to decipher mythic language and his great skill as a shamanic healer. As a result of working with David my health has improved, I have more passion for my work, I have greater access to community, and my intimate relationships are more satisfying. Working with David has made my life richer."

D. Sunderland, M.S.W., Oregon


"Who would have thought that a casual commitment to a workshop would lead to my soul coming home and feeling so alive?"

D. Jimerson, M.S.W. Bear Clan, Seneca Nation of Indians


"David has an ability to hear me say the important things...Because of our sessions, I feel, 'full of myself' again; full of ideas, feelings, discernment that helps in guiding my days."

M.Patton, M.S.W., Deputy Administrator, State Mental Health Division, Wyoming


"I was blocked and unable to move forward with a business concept that I had. David journeyed for me and brought back a gift from the Spirit world. At first I was skeptical, but to my amazement, that gift has genuinely helped me to move ahead powerfully and with confidence."

A. Donaghey, Business Consultant, Oregon


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