A Few Things I have Written


Dream Weaving -- Transforming the Dream of your Life.


Glossary for this web site -- Trust me, a lot of writing went into my glossary pages!


Glyph Gate music project -- Musical compositions are a kind of writing, too.


Paying for Spiritual Work -- My thoughts on the controversy of charging for my work.


Trading for Shamanic Services -- Why trades are sometimes not appropriate.


Travel Unexpected Places -- A few chapters of a novel that I am writing.


I get quoted now and again --  A health columnist for Toronto's Now Magazine periodically calls me for my perspective on some health topic.  She does a great job of editing my long winded rants down into something intelligent.

Because this is an online magazine it takes a lot of wading to locate exactly where I was quoted.  So here are the direct links to the articles where she has included my quotes:




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