Owning the Work

Why trading for services is not always the correct approach.


My usual approach in working with any client is to find ways to accommodate their financial issues. Sometimes this takes the form of trading for services. My approach to trading usually involves a partial money payment and partial service payment. It also depends on:

1. Whether my current personal financial situation is stable enough to handle a trade as opposed to money.


2. Whether the trade is something of value that I am in need of.


3. Does Spirit trump me by telling me to ignore the answers to 1 and 2 and do the trade anyway.

Assuming that 1 and 2 above are "OK" with me, it often surprises me when, upon checking in with Spirit about doing a trade with a client, that the message is an option #4 "voiced" in a strong,

"Do Not Trade Services for the Shamanic Work with this person!"

The question the arises as to how I should handle this information with the potential client.

I could just tell the person that I don't feel I can trade with them. This is a true statement. However, since the "Do Not Trade Services..." experience seems to be coming from from my "source" for Spirit work (whatever/whoever that is), it seems likely that this "Do Not Trade" information may be an important piece of the shamanic work they are supposed to be doing.

Probing deeper into this experience, I offer my interpretation of these "Do Not Trade Services..." energies and experiences.

<<This is my best effort at articulating what is essentially a nonverbal experience.>>

It goes something like this: The work the client is engaged in is a big and very valuable piece of their transformation and healing. Bigger, usually, than they have yet articulated (at least to me).

It is also located deep in the tough areas of their being.

To truly get to that big piece and "own" it, this piece of work needs to be "bought" with that which is the most valuable. This value is not defined in terms of intrinsic value but in terms of how much effort and struggle it takes to obtain it.

"What has the most value is that which is hardest to obtain."

For most people who approach me to trade my services for theirs, money is usually much harder to obtain than trading time/services. It is also not their native way of being -- they would prefer, or so I believe, to barter.

So, it seemed to me that the "Do Not Trade..." message from Spirit is saying that they need to pay for the work with the substance that has the most (hard work/hard to obtain) value -- in terms of non-native, and "against their normal grain" effort -- money.

In order for the work to be fully integrated, it needs to be bought with the energy and effort of that which it is hardest to obtain. By doing that work (to get money to pay for the sessions) they are also "doing the work" of getting/earning that big, valuable piece that Spirit is trying to get them to access/heal.

The two parts are symbolically / spiritually connected.

Such is my interpretation of how sometimes trading services is not always the correct thing to do.

I wish you many blessings, magic and grace on your path.


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