The Diviner's Harp


A Gift from Spirit that I had to build

The intention for the Diviner's Harp composition in the picture above is:

With Spirit's help and guidance and in alignment with highest good, may everyone who sees this Diviner's Harp composition be blessed with frequent and abundant happiness, love, good health, joy, wealth, and success in their life.

Many blessings.

What is the Diviner's Harp?

Who could benefit?

How I came to build it.

What happens in a session?

Detailed analysis of the composition pictured above.



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Close up photographs of the Diviner's Harp Icons

Diviner's Harp Icons 1-6: Dreams - Power Animals

Diviner's Harp Icons 7-12: Mystery - Destruction

Diviner's Harp Icons 13-18: War - Reason

Diviner's Harp Icons 19-24: Skill - Reward

Diviner's Harp Icons 25-30: Environment - Love


What is the Diviner's Harp?

The Diviner's Harp is a tool for understanding and transforming the energy fields that surround and shape our lives. Sometimes these fields enhance and transform our lives and sometime these fields limit our abilities and opportunities to effectively generate our lives.

When these fields are enhancing us we are happy, healthy, and in-the-flow. Our lives unfold gracefully and easily before us.

When we are experiencing challenges, illness, struggle, pain, troubles, etc. is when we know that these fields are not in sync with us. Our positive energies are being cancelled out by the negative energy fields. One could say that the energy fields are "out of phase" with us. Being "out of phase" is a concept from physics where the high-point of an energy wave is blended with the low-point of another energy wave and the two waves cancel each other out. This leaves little or no energy available.

In the shamanic sense and for the purposes of discussion we can divide our energy fields into four types. Please remember that this is a distinction created to help us talk about events in our lives. In truth I suspect that these fields form a gestalt whole and work together synergistically.

Some examples of fields that shape our lives are:

-- Physical Fields: Health, where we live and its effect on us, illness, injury.

-- Emotional Fields: Love, joy, guilt, anger.

-- Mental Fields: Religion, culture, what we think we know, attitudes, beliefs about ourselves and others.

-- Spiritual Fields: The Divine and our relationship to it.

The shaman are trained to enter into these fields and find ways to alter them for healing.

The Diviner's Harp is a new tool for doing this work.

Like a focusing lens, the Diviner's Harp generates a clear image of your energies around a specific issue (the intention for which we are doing a reading).

The Diviner's Harp generates this image using thirty icons that represent the different aspects of life's forces that affect us. These icons rest on the marked squares of one of the boards. Each square also represents an aspect of life's forces and each board level relates to one of the energy fields (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical).

As in Astrology or Tarot, this image provides deep information and guidance for our lives.

However, the Diviner's Harp offers a more exciting opportunity. The image of your issue created by the placements of the icons on the boards is actually a "living" field, a field of energies that are active and in resonance with the energies surrounding you.

This concept is similar to Rupert Sheldrake's theories of morphogenetic fields. (Though Rupert might be appalled at his quite radical and testable concepts being used for such high weirdness!) I will not attempt to do justice to his theories. However for the purposes of defining a possible way that the Diviner's Harp operates, the concept of morphogenetic fields talks about how the energy fields of things influences the behavior and governing laws of other similar or related objects -- other objects that by their similarity are in resonance with each other.

For example, crystals crystallize into particular shapes because the very first crystal "randomly" took that shape and influenced all the other crystals of a similar type to take that form. Once this starts all such crystals are generating that "form" and the field becomes so strong that we call it a physical law. (Sheldrake's concepts are presented in his book, "A New Science of Life".)

This morphogenetic-like resonance between your field and the field created on the Diviner's Harp for your issue makes it possible to use this tool in ways that are beyond simple information gathering.

The Diviner's Harp can actually "re-tune" your energy fields. This re-tuning, by shamanically manipulating the icons, brings about powerful transformations and healing.

You can think of the Diviner's Harp as the controlling device (like the volume knob on a stereo) for this transformation. By shamanically manipulating the icons (like turning a volume knob clockwise) the energy of your field is changed (as when the volume gets louder).

It is an ideal tool for healing and exploring issues with long distance clients.

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Who would benefit from Diviner's Harp work?

Everyone! Naturally I think that everyone could benefit from shamanic work in general -- but then you would expect me to say that.

I have done Diviner's Harp compositions to:

• help people find their soul mate

• clear the blocks that are keeping them from realizing their dreams

• open up new paths in their lives

• clear karmic hooks with relationships

• discern the next phase of their life

• find and receive perfect abundance

• shift fears

• shift finances and their relationship to money

• find personally satisfying and financially supportive work

• align a business partnership into a higher ethical plane

• activate their full personal power

Technically anything you can do with traditional shamanic work can be done with the Diviner's Harp -- that is, generating healing and transformation in every aspect of your life -- Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical.

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How I came to build the Diviner's Harp

The realm of Spirit is a vast well of gifts and guidance for humanity. Shamanism, with its roots in every culture, is a powerful system for accessing these gifts.

While in a shamanic trance, Spirit gifted me with a profound vision of the Diviner's Harp.

-- Three boards suspended in space, each with meaning.

-- A labyrinth "path of life" inscribed on each board.

-- Individual icons representing the experiences of life.

-- Suspended in a magnetic field, guided by a compass.

As soon as I saw this tool I knew what it was, what it was for, and how to use it.

And I knew that, whatever it took, I had to bring this tool into this world.

What it took was guidance from Spirit and nine months of machine work, dreams, shamanic journeying, and computer work in conjunction with friends** to bring the Diviner's Harp home.

This tool demonstrates that shamanism is an evolving, contemporary system that brings relevant and timely information for healing and personal growth.

It is an honor to be part of this evolving system and to do this work.

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What is the process for creating a Diviner's Harp composition?

A session begins with the two of us (by phone or in person) having an in-depth conversation exploring the issue you wish to transform. This is the process of creating the intention for our work. It sets the framework that will allow the Diviner's Harp to reveal your field. This process usually takes an hour.

Once we are clear on your intention we begin creating the Diviner's Harp composition. (With long distance clients we complete our phone conversation and I go generate the composition. With local clients we do this process together. Both ways are equally effective.)

Creating the Diviner's Harp composition begins with setting sacred space. Once this is done we meditate on the intention that we have created. While holding this intention in mind we then turn the process over to Spirit.

Spirit speaks to us in many ways.  Some examples being:

• That small voice we are so good at ignoring.

• Synchronicity and coincidence.

• Meditation experiences

• Shamanic work

• Dreams.

For Diviner's Harp work we open to Spirit's guidance through a randomizing process - to allow Spirit to influence the outcome of this randomization in such a way that the information we need is revealed. This is why we shuffle a Tarot deck or toss the I Ching coins.

The Diviner's Harp uses the randomizing system of two 30 face dice and one 4 face die. One 30 face die determines which icon to place, the other one determines which square to place it on and the 4 face die determines which board.

{OK, I figure if you have read this far you must really want to know about this tool and now you are wondering why in the picture there are only three boards visible when there are 4 levels and 4 faces on the die. This is because the top-most board is invisible - it is the realm, the level, of Spirit.

Pieces that land on the Spirit level actually exist on all 4 levels at the same timeSuch is the power of Spirit!  The actual icon is actually placed on the top board with a marker to distinguish it as a Spirit piece rather than a Mental realm piece (which is the visible top board.)  Phew, you can see why I didn't go into all this earlier.}

The first piece that gets placed is the Focus Piece - the piece that represents you.

We then place the pieces until we reach the number of placements that Spirit has directed us to do. (This is done at the end of creating our intention. We craft the intention and then we ask Spirit what it thinks about it by tossing one of the 30 face die. A high number means that the composition has sufficient depth that we can accomplish our work. A low number (under 20) means that we need to work some more on our intention.)

When all the placements are done the composition is complete; the energy field is synching up with your own field; and the work is being done.

Once the composition is created the relationships revealed via the energy fields are carefully explored.  In this process I record an initial reading by looking at the various icons, their placements and their relationships to each other. The recording is yours for reference.

This first part takes about 3 hours.

When I have completed the first exploration of your composition I continue, over the next several days, (usually one week) doing further shamanic exploration of the harp composition and the interrelated energy fields.

Then I record a final reading to share what I have learned through this additional exploration and send it to you. I also have a brief conversation with you to share the high points on the recording and to hear about what is happening for you.


The completed Diviner's Harp composition consists of two recorded sessions and 5 printed pages -- Four pages showing the icon placements (and their meanings) on their respective boards and one page that maps out a specific set of icon interrelationships as some icons interact with each other in more direct ways. All of which is explained in the recorded reading.

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"It is difficult to articulate magic. It is easier to experience it. For with magic one must suspend all logical modes of thinking and get out of the way of Spirit.

My experience with the Diviners Harp was Magic. There was no way I could logically understand how my intention which reflected an internal struggle could be changed with this device.

Yet, by the end of the reading I could tell things had shifted energetically. Then magically over the next few days and weeks change started showing up in my life in very real , concrete ways.

How did it was magic. And David is a master in that realm."

D. Sunderland


"The Diviner's Harp is a powerful tool for contemplating one's life and path.

I would compare it to the I Ching or Tarot in terms of the guidance it can provide, but the 3-dimensional visual nature of the Diviner's Harp makes for a difficult comparison in that regard.

It is more like experiencing a 3-dimensional chessboard of life where the pieces have personality and there are no fixed paths of motion.

Their only real constraints are those which you bring to your life's "game", which is to say that being open-minded is the only way to approach this device.

Without a doubt, I can say that this is a valuable tool, which, when approached with clarity of intention, seriousness of purpose, and respect for the forces at play, can yield important insight into one's journey."

M. Fox

"Working with David on the Diviner's Harp was very insightful.

His work is powerful and immediate.

He opened the field on many realms and represented each issue and phase of my life.

I gained trust in myself and felt proud to be exactly who I am. With David's help I was reminded of my own power to heal and to continue opening each day to spirit. Thank you David."

K. Clarke

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Creating and working with a Diviner's Harp composition is always a powerful, interesting and fun process.  I really love doing them. 

Diviner's Harp compositions are also very time intensive to complete. 

It takes us about 3 hours to set up your composition.  Then it takes me another 7+ hours to analyze, record my interpretations of your composition, and develop your printed pages.  I charge $360 for a Diviner's Harp reading.

While I know that this is a reasonable amount for my time and effort, I also know that this is an amount that can give one pause.  If a Diviner's Harp composition seems to be calling to you then I encourage you to sit with the possibility and to dream on it as well.  If doing a composition is really for you then the means to make it happen will reveal itself to you. 

I very much look forward to working with you.


Please contact me for a Diviner's Harp reading.


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** The metal work on the Diviner's Harp was built by my friend Tim Donovan (with me acting as the "gofer").  As a very skilled machinist, he had built parts for the Lunar Lander.  Tim's participation truly expands the Harp's aura of being "out of this world".  You could think of this as being "one degree of separation" from objects still resting on the Moon.  I, naturally, love the interconnectedness of our "reality dream". 



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