Diviner's Harp: Gift Composition

A Look at How the Icons are Linked

The Energy Weave

This is an example of one of the pages that comes with a Diviner's Harp reading. In this instance it shows the composition that is almost visible on the Diviner's Harp info page. I set this composition in place when I am not running a Diviner's Harp composition for someone.

It is my gift to you.

The intention (below the picture) is designed to bring in powerful, positive energies to enhance the energies of your life.

All you have to do is open to it, receive, and celebrate in it. Blessings.

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Analysis of this Composition

This page is the map of the Diviner's Harp Icons and how they are interconnected within the composition.

In the process of setting up a composition the icons can be called to a new location on the boards or bumped from their old positions on the boards by another icon. This process sets up a relationship between the icons.

The map below is coded as "Icon-Square.Board". The purple labels represent the Spirit Level, the blue represents the Mental Level, the red represents the Emotions Level and the yellow represents the Physical Level. The green octagons represent the linking energy.

For example: The Patron Icon (in this composition it is representing you, the viewer) is sitting on the Square that represents the Divine (God/Goddess/Trickster) on the Physical Level. It is linked energetically, that is it is being affected in a more direct way, with the Icon that represents Clarity which is sitting on the Divine Square. It is also, by virtue of its being a piece resting on the Spirit Level, simultaneously present on every Level on the Divine Square.

The Divine Icon is resting on the Destruction Square of the Mental Level. So the Patron, Clarity and Divine are all interlinked by energies and these energies are also influenced by the Destruction Square on the Mental Level. Destruction is influenced by Spiritual Transformation (the Transformation Icon on the Destruction Square on the Spirit Level).

And on and on.

This charting gives additional information on how the energy flows and interweaves because it tracks where each Icon has been and where it finally landed. (The labels that are contained in parenthetical brackets "( )" are the places where the Icon traveled through on its way to its final landing place in the composition.) It is the flowing and interweaving of energy that is shaping your life around any experience.

You can see that there is a lot of information and detail that come from a Diviner's Harp Reading.

Energy Weave Map


"With Spirit's help and guidance and in alignment with highest good, may everyone who sees this Diviner's Harp composition be blessed with frequent and abundant happiness, love, good health, joy, wealth, and success in their life."

Board Level for the Spiritual Worlds

Board Level for the Mental Worlds

Board Level for the Emotional Worlds

Board Level for the Physical Worlds

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