The Diviner's Harp Icons

Mystery (7) - Destruction (12)


Mystery / Infinity (7): Discovering our connections seen and unseen presents us with the Great Mystery, with Infinity.

Zen / Surrender (8): Surrendering to the Great Mystery is the only way to know it.

Adventure / Travel (9): So, we begin our life travels, our adventure into revealing the Great Mystery.

Confusion (10): The first step is to clear and understand the confusions, the Maya.

Fear / Hate / Negativity (11): We must overcome our natural fear of the Infinite, of diversity.

Destruction (12): Breaking down barriers in healthy and unhealthy ways.


Diviner's Harp Icons 1-6: Dreams - Power Animals

Diviner's Harp Icons 13-18: War - Reason

Diviner's Harp Icons 19-24: Skill - Reward

Diviner's Harp Icons 25-30: Environment - Love

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