The Diviner's Harp Icons

War (13) - Reason (18)


War / Chaos / Discord (13): We struggle to find our true source and, strangely, oppress others doing the same.

Courage / Initiation (14): Clearing the fear and destruction, transcending war -- true initiation.

Clarity (15): Little by little we make sense of our life, our experiences.

Wisdom (16): Step by step we gain wisdom worth knowing.

Play / Joy (17): Time to sing, time to dance, time to celebrate.

Reason (18): Time to reflect and think deeply about it all.


Diviner's Harp Icons 1-6: Dreams - Power Animals

Diviner's Harp Icons 7-12: Mystery - Destruction

Diviner's Harp Icons 19-24: Skill - Reward

Diviner's Harp Icons 25-30: Environment - Love

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