The Diviner's Harp Icons

Skill (19) - Reward (24)


Skill (19): It is time to take what we know, what we have learned and use it skillfully.

Power (20): For now we are ready to manifest our power, our place in the world.

Magic (21): Now we are discovering that we are magical beings.

Creativity (22): Manifesting something from nothing, the magic of true creativity.

Work (23): So, begins our true work.

Reward / Money (24): With true work comes true reward.


Diviner's Harp Icons 1-6: Dreams - Power Animals

Diviner's Harp Icons 7-12: Mystery - Destruction

Diviner's Harp Icons 13-18: War - Reason

Diviner's Harp Icons 25-30: Environment - Love

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