The Diviner's Harp Icons

Environment (25) - Love (30)


Home / Environment (25): So, we create and care for our place in the world.

Lessons / Health (26): Still there is more to learn, more to transcend.

Peace / Harmony (27): And yet we find places of grace and release.

Transformation / Death (28): As we approach the Great Mystery from the other side a gate opens.

God / Goddess / Trickster / The Divine (29): Connecting with the Divine helps us to find the true answer to all.

Love (30): And Love takes us back to Dreams.


Diviner's Harp Icons 1-6: Dreams - Power Animals

Diviner's Harp Icons 7-12: Mystery - Destruction

Diviner's Harp Icons 13-18: War - Reason

Diviner's Harp Icons 19-24: Skill - Reward

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