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Glossary -- what I mean by "that" word, random thoughts, and other trivia. I think it is fun to read...of course I wrote it.

Musical compositions -- another project of mine.


No censorship or guarantees that these links are still alive

AddMe -- A free search engine submission tool.  Free, except that they ask that I put this ad on my site, so here you are.

Alternatives Magazine -- A very valuable resource guide with good articles too.

Annah James -- Art web site for my wife's art.

Companions of the Glyph -- Web site for the magicians who wrote "The Book of the Glyph"

Crosslink-builder -- A web site for creating useful web links between similar web site modalities.  To use their free service I am required to link to them as well.  So here you are.  To suggest a link to a web site go to this (required) page.

David Lang -- This is not me. This is the web site of an excellent photographer who has an excellent name.

DreamsAndTravels -- Beautiful, magical, and shamanic art.  Masha Falkov is an artist whose work should be owned by lots of people.

Ethics and Legal Issues for Alternative Healing Modalities -- Michael Cohen is an important expert and author of several books exploring cutting edge issues of ethics and law in the alternative medicine field.

Free Will Astrology -- Rob Brezsny is my favorite astrologer and wild mystic. I have saved many of his columns for guidance. His book "Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You With Blessings" is one of the books I wish I had written. Get it, read it, live it.

Fortean Times -- A web site for the Fortean Times Magazine. Great high weirdness.

Foundation for Shamanic studies -- Michael Harner's organization. -- Gary is a brilliant jewelry artist who really understands and works with "conscious intent" when creating his art.  Gary is the artist you want to create jewelry for that special someone -- including yourself.

Greater Goods Store -- A wonderful store that sells amazing things.

Health 6 -- A comprehensive health directory. A good resource with lots of links.

HealthyPopular -- Health directory of information web sites. A general health resource.

Illa Lang -- A wonderful person who uses many healing modalities, one of which is called Body Electronics.  Check out her web site for more info.  She is based in Canada, and does workshops, etc. in the U.S. as well.  As far as we know we are not related.

Jean Anthony -- Shamanic healer, who among other healing techniques, is expanding on the powerful healing aspects of music.  She also has a blog.

Jerrald James artist -- There are several excellent artists in my extended family.

Julia O'Reilly artist -- A contemporary artist of depth and vision. I own several of her paintings. You can too.

Maheono NLP Training -- Delivers high quality Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and NLP training courses along with specialized modules for Business and Personal Development.

Mark Barwell -- A British shamanic practitioner who is also trained in several other healing modalities.  He co-owns a healing center/gift shop in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex UK and has many workshop offerings.

Menopause information -- The Menopause and Black Cohosh Information Center. Valuable articles regarding menopause, treatment options, and methods for effectively dealing with menopause.

Online Yoga Guide -- A wide range of information on yoga, benefits of yoga, various yoga exercises, types of yoga such as ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, bikram yoga, and yoga equipments.

Oregon Art Supply -- Our local art supply house.

Rejuvenative Foods -- These folks offer delicious health-salted and salt-free raw-cultured vegetables, raw low-temp ground nut and seed butters, fresh, almost 100% raw organic chocolate spreads and fresh low-temperature-processed raw oils.

Robert Moss -- Writer and shaman. Specializes in dream work.

Rock on, Rock ON! -- More amazing balanced rocks. Bill Dan is the artist. He clearly knows what he is doing.  A little piece of my own rock balancing also appears on his web site under "Occasional Balancers".

Sacred Pathways -- Wake and Kinlen Wheeler  Shamanic Practitioners working with the Great Rites of Enlightenment, the energetic potency of textiles from the Andes, and Global Visioning through vigil fires, group ceremony, and energetic transformation.

Shaman Portal -- The Global Resource for all things Shamanic

Shaman Drums -- Erik and Susanne make beautiful shamanic tools and offer many paths to healing and spiritual growth.  They are located in Denmark.  Yet another reason to travel there.

ShamanicDrumming -- Michael Drake has created an excellent web site devoted to shamanic drumming as a vehicle for healing, consciousness expansion, and community building.

Soul Cards -- This is a link to the woman who creates the Soul Card deck that I use.

Stevon Lucero -- Stevon's reality raps helped to awaken in me my artistic self and awaken the cellular knowledge that absolutely nothing is impossible.   He was also the first person who helped me realize that I actually had a "tribe" -- people I can talk with about all the strange and wonderful things that show up in my world (and my thoughts/rants about them).  He is an amazing person and an amazing artist.

Stormy Ray Medical Marijuana Foundation -- It is time to bring more sanity into our national drug policies. The Stormy Ray Cardholders’ Foundation is dedicated to helping people suffering from qualifying medical conditions to receive better, more reliable information about Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Act.

The Story Pouch -- A wonderful and deeply creative animation project guided by the vision of Todd Kesterson. Todd has used many symbolic tools to guide his explorations of creativity and story telling.

Surrey Holistic -- A guide to various alternative healing modalities.

There -- A very interesting experiment in virtual reality. Reading the book by Neil Stephenson called "Snow Crash" will give you an idea of where these folks are trying to go -- at least in terms of creating a virtual gathering place.

Vitamins and Nutrition Center -- The Vitamins and Nutrition Center provides accurate information on vitamins and nutrition, research on vitamins and the different effects of vitamin deficiency.

Voyager Tarot -- This link takes you to the folks who create the Voyager Tarot deck that I use. -- This is one of the most important developments on the internet to date.  These folks aim to create more transparent government activities and to fight corruption in government, worldwide, by holding them accountable for their activities.   WikiLeaks does this by publishing vetted secrets that have been leaked by whistle-blowers.  Its servers exist all over the world with duplicate information so they can't be shut down.  At last a real tool against corrupt officials and governments.  Bookmark these folks and tell all your friends!


Contact me for Shamanic work, to be placed in the Shaman's Net, or for a Diviner's Harp reading's Home Page -- a good online resource.



For their editing, encouragement, help, review, revisions, and suggestions I want to thank and thank again Spirit, Shirien Chappell, Annah James, Todd Kesterson, Steven Rappaport, Deborah Sunderland, and all my clients. This massive web site project would not have the depth, clarity and quality without all that you have done. Frankly it probably would never have been completed.

The photographs for the main page and the Diviner's Harp were done by Hugh Barton.


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