Nothing is Static


Skip the rap and go see if anything is really new.

It seems that new ideas, rants, shamanic tools, and random flotsam from strange corners of the shamanic realms and parallel universes want to camp in my journey space.

They are all vying for attention and recognition. To quiet their clamoring I have added this page.

Is "new" something that is "date stamped" for freshness? When does new become old on my Urban Shamanism web site?

Since the "NEW!" page is so new I will begin by putting pretty much anything that was not part of the original web site launch in 2002. So some of this stuff will be "old new" and some of it will be "new new". New new will be placed at the top of the stack so that those who are returning will be able to quickly see if anything really is new.

Eventually the really "old new" will finally become "old old" and fall off the bottom of the page.

This NEW! page was last updated March 2009

Shaman's Net -- A shamanic safety net offering guidance, gifts and protection.

I get quoted now and again --  A health columnist for Toronto's Now Magazine periodically calls me for my perspective on some health topic.  She does a great job of editing my long winded rants down into something intelligent.

Two New Balanced Rocks -- The top rock picture on the right is about 3 months old and the newest one is just below it.

Memory Mansion Meeting Place -- A public meeting place in the Realms of Spirit. This is a project that came out of the Shaman's Net. In the first journey for the Spring 2006 Net I was called to activate a place where people could go and meet with others. See the Full Moon Journey #1 for details.

Shaman's Net Current Journeys -- Members of the Shaman's Net have access to the gifts, healing and protections from these journeys. There will be new journeys often added around the Full Moon.

Shape Shifting Workshop -- "Ecstatic Movement and Forms of Power" -- A beginning workshop with Yoga teacher Susan Johnson and myself. A dynamic, powerful and fun workshop where we will be exploring and embodying shamanic shape shifting through journey work and yogic forms. Our next workshop is will be scheduled soon.

Things for Sale -- A new page where I offer things to keep my little ship afloat. -- This is a new project that I am involved in. I love thinking outside the reality box. I have always wanted to be a part of a think tank, a Skunk Works. Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, etc. were all inspirations for me. This web site and services will be active soon -- A web site and project still under construction.

Division by Zero -- This is a big "No-No" in mathematics. However, it is possible to divide by zero and get "meaningful" results. Whether or not this will have any value for mathematics in the same way that imaginary numbers did remains to be seen. I have been thinking about this, in a back burner sort of way, for years and finally decided that I really need to get it written up. More Mythematics / Mathemagics. Something that will most likely get me labeled as one of those weird guys who still thinks that 1) perpetual motion and 2) squaring the circle are possible (yes to 1 and no to 2) -- A page and project still under construction.

Magical Practices Cards -- These will be available soon -- A page and project still under construction.

Glyph Rocks -- These will be available soon -- A page and project still under construction.

Finding the Home Address of The Divine -- God/Goddess/Trickster -- A piece of Mythematics / Mathemagics that explores the Golden Mean and the Fibonacci Series. Fringe mathematics is a hobby of mine. Available soon -- A page and project still under construction.

My Thoughts on Paying for Spirit Work -- A question that comes up often enough that I decided to write about it.

My Thoughts on Trading for Services -- Sometime I trade and sometimes I do not.

Artifacts of a Conversation -- A new piece of my art work


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