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Shamanic healing is sometimes subtle, sometimes direct.

It is always potent, powerful and transformational.

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Thank you for considering me as part of your path to personal power, health, happiness, self realization and self actualization.  I am truly honored.

As I mentioned on my main web page ( I am no longer doing public shamanism.

My writings below should be considered as a basic guide for the kinds of services that shamanism can offer you (and remember different shamanic practitioners offer different services and possibilities for transformation).

Even though I will not be a direct part of your path, I trust that Spirit will guide you to find the exact perfect practitioner to assist you.

Many, many blessings and please read on into my website as I have much information of value here.

Using the powerful and practical tool of shamanism, we work in collaboration with Spirit to help you unfold into your authentic, powerful and joyous self.

We open a "conversation" with Spirit to learn what healing and guidance Spirit has for you. I use core shamanic tools of journeying to Spirit for many purposes including soul retrievals, power animal retrievals, extractions, psychopomp work, shape shifting and finding guidance and gifts from Spirit.

Spirit has also been gifting me with several new shamanic tools such as the Diviner's Harp, Shaman's Net, Ancestor retrievals and others. These tools not only open up possibilities and energies for clients, they also demonstrate that shamanism is a living, evolving system.

With Spirit's guidance I can help you:

-- Return to joy, creativity and passion

-- Recover personal power and energy

-- Heal emotional wounds

-- Gain emotional wholeness

-- Transform physical pain and disease

-- Fully release old self-definitions

-- Clear the emotional hooks that bind you to others

-- Reconnect to and recover lost aspects of your life

-- Find personal direction and insight

-- Reconnect to your inner guidance and wisdom

-- Open fresh perspectives for new beginnings

-- Empower yourself with new tools

-- Unravel your personal Gordian Knots

-- Create a new, very powerful connection with the world of Spirit

-- Gain new access to knowledge and skills for generating and transforming your life

Of course this is just a partial list of what is possible.


Please realize that:

1. We are meant to be healthy, happy and whole . Spirit is looking for ways to help us be in that state.

2. Transformation can be instantaneous if you open up to the gifts and conversations of Spirit.


Shamanic work is a dynamic conversation with Spirit. Each session is unique for the individual. While there is no prescribed process for doing this work there are some tools that often used.

This is a partial list of some shamanic tools I use.

Diviner's Harp

Soul Retrieval

Power Animal Retrieval

Dream Weaving


Shape Shifting



Shaman's Net


Soul retrievals are some of the most powerful shamanic magic you can experience.

Shamans are trained to find soul parts and bring them home.

The philosophy behind soul retrievals is that as you are living your life you experience various traumas that, in that moment, your soul is convinced it is going to die and it says, "I am outta here". At that point a piece of your soul breaks off and goes to live on its own somewhere in the shamanic universe. Now, this trauma can be anything from a near death experience to a small child being scared by a friend yelling, "boo!". What matters is that in the moment the soul is convinced that it is in big trouble.

Soul parts can leave for reasons other than trauma. A child who doesn't want to move away from friends and security of their hometown may leave part of their soul behind. When a soul part leaves it can take with it some aspect of who you are. For example it may take part of your trust, your creativity, or your power.

Obviously, it is important to bring back that soul part and its aspects of you. Sometimes this can happen spontaneously; sometimes really good therapy can bring a soul part home. Shamans are trained to go find them and bring them home.

I have very strong opinions about soul retrievals. They are extremely powerful. Soul retrievals will bring change and healing into your life and, since they are often the result of trauma, they can bring back high emotions that need to be healed, and integrated.

I am very careful about doing soul retrievals. I make certain that people are really ready for change (because change will happen), that they have a support group in place (caring family and friends, a therapist, etc.), and that they understand how to integrate these parts back into their whole being, into their internal tribes. I also recommend that people leave a couple of days free with no obligations so that they can rest and process their experiences. (Here is more detail about what I want in place prior to my doing a soul retrieval.)

If you are thinking of having a soul retrieval then I recommend finding someone who will take the time and honor the process.

Sandra Ingerman has written several books on soul retrievals: "Soul Retrieval" and "Welcome Home". Both are excellent. My approach is similar to hers, but shamanic practitioners each bring their own style and experiences to the process.

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Power animal retrieval is one of the most common shamanic requests. In many shamanic paradigms everyone is born with an animal spirit who has volunteered to help and protect them. Sometimes these animals leave and then the person becomes sick, or has a run of bad luck, etc. Other times we outgrow the power animal and need another one to help us into the next phase of our lives.

The shaman is trained to locate these helping spirits who are volunteering to help us in our lives.

More information on Power Animals.

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Dream weaving

If everything is a dream AND all dreams are real, then the possibilities for transforming the world/our experience of the world are immense.

Add to this the belief that there are no limits, anything is possible, and energy flows where attention goes -- well, you can see that some amazing possibilities for healing are open to those who perfect this skill.

Dream weaving is an opportunity to re-dream the dream of your life. With enough people, we could re-dream the dream of the world, or of our environment. Dream weaving is much like turning and facing a monster in your nighttime nightmare, and having it change into something else.

The critical question is always "Who dreams this dream and why?".

Click here for my article on Dream Weaving.

More information about Dream Weaving.

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Extractions are journey work with the specific purpose of locating and removing disease.

Disease, like every single element in the universe, has a spirit. It deserves to live. But, just like termites deserve to live and are very useful and necessary in the ecology of the forest, they are completely inappropriate in your house. Disease is the same. It belongs, just not in your body.

There are several techniques for finding and removing disease from the body. It often, at least traditionally, shows up shamanically as insects or really disgusting things in the person's body.

Extractions are traditionally no fun. But then neither is cleaning wounds at the emergency room. Shamanism is about healing, in all its forms.

More information on Extractions.

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Shape shifting

Since everything is connected and separation is an illusion it becomes possible to journey into the form of something else.

This shamanic technique has high Hollywood potential. Traditional shamanic journey work can be thought of as consciousness moving into geography. Shape shifting is shamanic journey work where consciousness moves into objects and beings.

Instead of journeying to someplace to meet someone or receive some teaching or gift, you are journeying into something, to become it (always remaining 1 % shaman (an arbitrary number -- the idea is to retain a part of your consciousness for you to return to)).

By journeying into some thing the shaman gains a deep understanding. This could be used to find disease, or to discover what the being you are shape shifting into needs. If the shaman was dependent on some animal for food he/she could shape shift into that animal, locate the herd and ask them to provide a meal for the tribe.

The power comes in the shaman's ability to completely "grok" the being they are shape shifting into. The Hollywood piece comes from the ability to ultimately assume the actual form of that being. I have not done this yet.

Naturally I do have this great (and true) story about physical shape shifting:

I have this great cat. She has claimed me as her own and I am putty in her paws. Wren is her name and she knows my walk. Whenever I arrive home from an errand she rushes up to greet me. That look of cat adoration has me completely under her spell.

It was a warm summer day and Wren had called me outside to show me something, but in her catlike way of playing cat games as soon as I opened the door to see what she wanted she was nowhere to be found.

I was expecting a client any minute and had already shifted my consciousness to the borderlands between normal reality and shamanic consciousness in preparation for the work that I was soon to be doing. Since it was such a beautiful day, and since my cat Wren was nowhere to be found, I decided to wait outside. Not wanting to shift back to regular consciousness I decided to practice my shape-shifting while I was waiting .

I looked about to decide what I wanted to shift into and saw a honeybee working a purple delphinium. I thought, "Well I have never been a bee before. Let's try that." I shifted my consciousness and energy form to match that with the form of this bee. I began to feel the speed of wings, the complex vision, the mesmerizing beauty of the flower and the urgency of my work.

It was a light touch, just a sensing really of what it is like to be a bee.  "Fascinating", I thought, "I should come back later when I can be more focused, and explore bee-ingness." I laughed at my silly pun and began to shift back to more regular consciousness so that I would be at least present enough to handle the social graces of greeting my client.

Since they were running a little late I decided to see if I could figure out what Wren had wanted. I walked to the side of my house and saw Wren about 20 feet away next to our Koi pond, communing with the fish. She had heard me coming and true to her habit, she jumped off the edge of the pond and ran to greet me with stories and complaints. She traveled about three feet toward me when she froze. Her eyes grew giant in a way that clearly communicated, "Oh my God, what is that?" She then dropped low to the ground and raced away from me as fast as her cat-form would take her.

I must have been the biggest (cat explicative deleted) honeybee she had ever seen. I may need to do a soul retrieval for her sometime soon.


The real work of shape shifting is to focus on the power it provides for healing and service. If the shaman develops the Hollywood side of it then "how cool!". But the true shaman always look for how to use such talents for healing, service, and for connecting with Spirit in their daily life.

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Since the shaman travels the same worlds that the dead travel, that is, they travel the spirit worlds, it is natural for the shaman to play the role of Psychopomp -- the escort for the dead.

This service is to help those souls who either don't know they are dead, or don't know their way to the Light, which is the way for them to reach the next evolution of their soul. Many times family members sense that the deceased person is still around. The shaman helps that person and their family by assisting the soul of their loved one along his/her path.

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Dismemberment experiences sometimes show up as you delve deeper into shamanic process. Basically you are in the process of doing your work, being in powerful relationship with your power animals and spirit guides when, in some dream or other shamanic experience, your power animal appears and rips you apart.

Of course, this is an intense and disturbing experience. However, it is done in kindness and necessity. It is a potent gift! It is Spirit's way of telling you that you have progressed spiritually as far as you can go in your current form.

It is time to transform you, time to eliminate the old and useless parts and remake you into a higher form. So if this happens to you, ride it out, pay attention to the entire experience and if necessary debrief with someone, preferably someone with shamanic experience to help you integrate and process the experience.

Sometimes people sense that they need this reconstruction in order to break free of blockage in their lives. A shaman can help guide this process with you.

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The following is a list of conditions that I request be in place prior to doing a Soul Retrieval.

I love doing Soul Retrievals -- they are very powerful and I do not do them lightly. I have 6 conditions that need to be in place before I will do a Soul Retrieval. They are:

1. You must be committed to the change and transformation that Soul Retrievals can bring. I usually have people look me in the eyes and say, "I am ready for change". This commitment assures the greatest level of success.

2. No alcohol or recreational drugs 48 hours before and 48 hours after the Soul Retrieval. This gives the soul parts a clear and stable home to return to.

3. That you have a support system in place -- family, friends, therapists, etc. -- People to hold the space for you to process any emotions that may come up as a result of this work. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes soul parts bring back emotions connected with the cause of their leaving. I want to make sure that you have support to work through those emotions should they show up.

4. That you bring at least one member of your "real family" as witness to the Soul Retrieval. Real Family are people in your life -- friends, therapists, and sometimes family of origin (but usually not) -- whom you know love you and hold the biggest container for you to grow into as a happy healthy person. Their presence at the Soul Retrieval is a welcoming home of your soul parts not only to you but to "family" and community.

5. That you bake a cake from scratch (no cake mixes, no buying a cake -- this is a cake you make from a cook book) and bring it to your Soul Retrieval. This is your "welcome home party" for your soul parts. Baking the cake from scratch is your way of gifting and thanking Spirit for taking care of your soul parts and for all Spirit's help in the Soul Retrieval.

6. A commitment to do the integration. This is a small set of rituals, for each soul part, that helps them merge in with your "inner tribes". This is the real and true work of the Soul Retrieval. I get to do the easy part -- I go find, with Spirits help and guidance, lost soul parts. The real work begins when you leave my journey room -- the real work begins as you do your integration process over the next days or weeks.


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