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"Joy" is the energy of the Fall talismans.

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Shaman’s Net Journey #1 for Fall season

September 28, 2004 – Full Moon

The intention of this journey is to create protection and to bring back gifts for the members of the Shaman’s Net matrix.

The journey:

I am standing in a very dark cave that is connected to a sacred well or mine. I am digging in very black clay made of graphite. In the black clay are sparkling objects that look like diamonds.

Standing expectantly behind me, I can feel the presence of the Shaman’s Net members.

I pull the diamonds out of the graphite clay and clean them up. Once cleaned they become the talisman vials for the Shaman’s Net. I hand them out to each person. By holding the talisman vials each member becomes a point of sparkling light.

Once the vials are distributed I mount the back of one of my Dragons and we fly off into a very black and stormy sky. It also looks and feels as though I am still inside a vast, black-rock cave.
We fly for a long time looking for a way out. As we fly, I see, flying behind me, the Shaman’s Net members. Because they are sparkling points of light, it feels like the Milky Way is following me. (I feel like I am a comet)

Standing on a mountain ledge, far away, I see a Native American man. He is dressed in the casual style of a Martial Arts Master; a brown/green. rough spun, loose shirt with the sleeves rolled back and dark baggy pants. His hair is short and white. His appearance is very contemporary with no stereotypical feathers, leathers and braids. He was not as I would have "expected" him to appear.

He observes us and as we get closer I tell him the journey’s intention. He motions for us to follow him. We travel up a very narrow and rough path. The walls are jagged spires of rock and the path itself is almost invisible. The environment we are in is very surreal. It has the feel of a movie set.

We travel in silence until our guide moves far ahead of us and confers with a very, very old Native American man. This man is a Native Grandfather who has the classic look with long white hair, beaded totem around his neck, ancient face, etc. They talk for a bit and the younger man turns us over to the Grandfather who takes us farther up the trail.

We round a corner to find a steep path climbing a huge rock spire. The sky is still black with storm and wind. The rock spire stands out against the weather. At the top of the spire a squat, rough built, ancient cottage is backlit with an orange/yellow glow. The image is something from a fairy tale. Rough moss and plant covered boards, a thatched roof, strange things hanging from rafters to dry, etc. In short it looks like the witch’s house – which it turns out to be. We thank the Grandfather and climb the spire.

I greet and sit down with a "Baba Yaga" looking woman. I explain my intention for this journey and the first thing that she does is give every member of the Shaman’s Net a cloak. This cloak is for camouflage and allows everyone to become invisible when necessary, to hide their bright light. Everyone puts on his or her cloaks. This is the first piece of protection and a gift from Spirit for each of the Shaman’s Net members.

Then she takes out two blank talisman vials and hands them to me. She tells me that these paired vials are for the "Unknown Member" of the Shaman’s Net. She explains that these vials are place-holders for someone who needs to be in the protection of the Net but is unaware of or unable to be part of the Shaman’s Net directly.

This gift belongs to each member. It is a kind of "virtual" vial that allows each Shaman’s Net member to add one additional person to the Net. So as Net members find someone in their lives who could benefit from the protections and gifts of the Shaman’s Net structure, they can add that person into the Net matrix.

The vial can hold one person (or pet, or plant, or…) per Net member. To link someone to the "Unknown Member" vial the Net member uses a prayer or meditation to intend that one person from their life to be a part of the Shaman’s Net. (Examples would be a sick relative or partner, or someone who is in the middle of some challenging times in their lives and could use the support.)

I thanked her for this powerful and wonderful gift.

She motions us to continue on our journey.

We flew away from her witchy house. The feeling of black, deep cave becomes stronger and stronger. Far in the distance I see what looks like rough, black, rock walls against a black storm sky – in fact it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the walls of the cave and the storm clouds. The cave opens to white light filled world – though I cannot see out of the cave.

We fly for a very long time without getting any closer to the exit. I am concerned. As we finally get closer to the exit I see the reason for my concern. Guarding the exit is a "Threshold Guardian Daemon". A giant, scaly, ape-like and very nasty looking monster who has no intention of letting us pass. He can only see me because everyone else is wearing their invisibility cloaks. However he does feel their presence.

I step back to assess the situation. It is clear that we are to exit this cave and that there are still gifts and protections to be received. However this daemon is not going away and he is not going to let us pass.
Then I hear beautiful music. A single note is being sung by each member of the Net. It is their own special musical sound. However each note is also a unique color.

The daemon is startled by the music and by the fact that he is being lit up by patches of rainbow colors. This confuses him because he has never seen color before, he has only known black. The Net group continues to sing colors and music to this daemon until he is so distracted and confused that we are able to slip past him and exit the black cave.

(This feels like it is another gift for the Shaman’s Net members: The ability to sing with sound and color to get past any barriers and threshold guardians that might be blocking ones progress in life.)

We fly onto a beautiful beach. It is calm, sunny, warm and beautiful. However, all around us are black skies, stormy weather, and roiling waves. The presence of the Shaman’s Net group is creating a calm and safe haven. The ocean is calm around us, the sky is blue, and the sun is shining.

The Net members assemble themselves in niches of a rock cliff. Each member looks like a sparkling diamond. The Shaman’s Net is acting as a safe protected place. I see boats sailing out of the stormy seas to find safe haven in our little bay.

As we are all enjoying the beautiful day at the beach, and being amazed at the chaos and storm all around us, a young man comes up and starts spinning around and around, faster and faster. He is spinning so fast that he is a blur. Bits of light are flying off of him like drops of water or sweat.

We watch his dervish and I ask him what is the meaning of his spinning dance. How is this spinning a gift or protection for this group?

He is offering two things:

1. The protection is that of deflection. It is hard to grab or hit a spinning top because the spin knocks the attempt away. And

2. The spinning energy is a self-contained power source based on momentum like a flywheel.

So in addition to the "protection of deflection", his spinning energy is offered as an energy source for everyone. A "battery" of energy available for this season to help in any situation or project that could use some extra energy or momentum. (This suggests to me that this Fall will be a time of higher energy for getting things accomplished. Plus the deflection action of the spin should help clear blocks. This is a time to get things done!)

He continues to spin until he rockets into the sky like fireworks. Where he was standing is now a large, shiny black boulder. Either his spinning uncovered the rock or it melted sand together to create this rock.

With their invisibility cloaks wrapped around their shoulders the entire group gathers around this stone and we all sign our names on the boulder. The black boulder is the gift of a touchstone; a marked, claimed and grounded place in Spirit where each Net member can choose to travel to in your dreams, your meditations, or your journey work. It links everyone to a place in Spirit that is safe, calm, healing and filled with joy. It is available to everyone at any time.

Once everyone had signed the rock and understood its use as a "portal" to the safe haven beach the journey was complete and I returned.

Many blessing

To summarize the protections and gifts:

1. Protective cloak

2. "Unknown Member" vial to place someone you feel could use the support of the Shaman’s Net.

3. Color and sound singing to clear the way past fear created blocks

4. Spinning momentum energy to deflect blocks and to energize projects

5. A safe-haven beach for healing and rest.

These protections and gifts are in place and available for your use.

Some suggestions on possible ways to use them:

-- When confronted with a challenging situation the protective cloak and the spinning energy can be invoked simply by imagining them surrounding you.

-- To utilize the Unknown Member vial, simply, through prayer, meditation, or intention, ask that that vial link that person/animal/plant into the Shaman’s Net.

-- Singing colors to remove blocks is a visualization of music and color dissolving away barriers and fear.

-- The safe-haven beach is accessible by meditation / prayer visualizing the autographed black rock.

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Shaman’s Net Journey #2 for Fall season

October 29, 2004 -- One day after the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.

Intention: To set up protection and receive gifts for the Shaman’s Net members.

This journey started in my sacred garden where I told my power animals the intention of this journey.

An opening appeared and I was looking at a beautiful landscape of rolling hills similar to the countryside of England or Wales. Directly in front of me was a low stone wall about 3 feet high. The stones were ancient and moss covered.

My wife, Annah, appeared at my side. She was holding the space, keeping it sacred and safe. She was shielding the work from chaotic energy (the craziness of politics, war, etc.) and several entities that wanted into the circle. Annah easily kept them out and sent them away. Annah continued to hold this space for the duration of the journey.

As I was looking around to see how the intention would manifest I found an opening in the stone wall. I stepped through to find three suitcases. One was brown leather, one was a dark blue/black color and the last one had a black/silver sheen to it.

I placed the brown suitcase in a shallow cave/shrine that was nearby . It opened easily and was filled with photographs in picture frames of various sizes. Each picture was of a person. The suitcase was a photo album of people from many different eras. These pictures were old fashioned.

I was told that the first gift for the Shaman’s Net was this suitcase which links people to their ancestors and the gifts and wisdom that the ancestors offer. (I would encourage everyone to use the broadest definition of ancestors. Think in terms of more than just genetic ancestors. We have past life ancestors, philosophical ancestors, aspects of ourselves from other times in our life, people from other times and places that have the same values that you do – whose value systems have shaped who you are. Etc.) I thanked Spirit and the ancestors.

I started to turn my attention to the blue/black suitcase. I was interrupted in studying this suitcase and was taken to a place swarming with honeybees. The talisman vials (that each Net member has) were being filled with honey. A ceremony being conducted with the honey vials.

I was told that this ceremony was to honor the ancestors and welcome their gifts. (This is an especially good time to honor ancestors – the veils between the worlds are very thin during Halloween/Samhain. Contact with those who are on the other side is easiest now.)

I would encourage each member of the Net to create a simple ritual, involving honey, to honor your ancestors. You could share a cup of tea sweetened with honey, share a muffin buttered with honey, or share a honey candy.

Create a simple altar with some token of an ancestor (a picture -- a piece of jewelry -- a letter). Place your honey offering on the altar. Then sit and enjoy their connection to your life as you sip your honey tea or eat your honey muffin. After all, if not for them you would not be.

While this ritual can be done with living ancestors as well (in fact I encourage it – go spend time with a grand parent if you can), be sure to do this ritual with the dead. The old fashioned nature of the pictures makes it obvious to me that the linkage to the gifts and wisdom is through those who have passed to the other side.

Once the ancestor honoring ritual was complete I was taken back to the second suitcase. The case opened and a huge Hawthorn tree grew up out of it. The suitcase was a portal to another realm – I could see blue sky with clouds and open meadows behind the Hawthorn tree.

The gift of Hawthorn was to show how each member of the Net has a place on the tree. It was offering the linking of energies to each other and to our ancestors. The energies of my ancestors are available and linked to each Net member to call upon. The energies of your ancestors are also available to me and all the other Net members. This is accomplished through the Hawthorn tree. My ancestral lineage and I have a branch on this tree as do yours. We are linked together connecting, of course, through the trunk.

The Hawthorn tree, according to Celtic mythology, is about cleansing and the bringing of protection from the inner magical realms.

This tree is offering Net members protection and a place to concentrate on "mental preparation" as a prelude to spiritual growth. This is done with the support and linking of all our ancestral lines.

Once I understood Hawthorn’s gifts and protections, I turned my attention to the black/silver suitcase.

I spent the rest of the journey trying to open that last suitcase!

During my efforts a Hornet confronted me. It landed on my hand. I was not nervous or afraid, but I was cautious and backed away from the suitcase. The Hornet flew away. When I approached the suitcase again the Hornet reappeared. It was very clear that he was protecting the suitcase.

After a LONG time of trying to open the last case, and encountering the Hornet each time, I finally understood that I was not supposed to open that case (sometimes I am a slow learner).

I asked my power animals why this suitcase was to remain closed and I was told that this black/silver suitcase is an unknown gift for each member of the Net. It is a treasure chest. It is the mysterious steamer trunk in your great grandparent’s attic that has the map and the jewel encrusted key or the old love letters between them. It is something very important and wonderful that is there for you to discover.

It is the best birthday present ever.

Have fun opening that suitcase.

The journey was complete once I understood that I was to leave the last suitcase alone.

The final piece of information that I received was that the Hornets are also there to protect the Shaman’s Net members (and their special suitcase). So in times where you feel in need of additional support and protection you can call upon the Hornets to create a cloud of protection around you. (Net members who are nervous around Hornets can either choose to use this as an opportunity to grow through that fear, or choose not to use this particular gift of the Net.)

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts and protections are:

1. Connection to the wisdom, powers and gifts of your ancestors to be celebrated and honored by a honey ceremony.

2. The linking and sharing of ancestral wisdom, gifts and power, of each Net member through the Hawthorn tree – your ancestors are each other Net member’s honorary ancestors and vice versa.

3. Hawthorn tree’s protection is provided to each Net member. This is magical protection generated from the Magical realms, the realms of Spirit.

4. The best birthday gift ever – the mysterious unopened suitcase. How to use this gift? There are probably many, many ways to open to this gift. A simple one could be to review old journals, dream journals, hidden boxes in the basement – or, best of all, check out grandpa’s attic and see if there is an old suitcase with treasures up there.

Given that this is the time to connect with ancestors and that the rest of this journey was all about ancestors, I would expect that the gift of the last suitcase will somehow link you to a piece of your ancestral lineage. A gift that you can make special use of now.

Also remember that the suitcase energy could take many forms such as a literal suitcase; an opportunity to travel; a forgotten storage box; an old journal entry that suddenly makes sense of some experience, etc.

5. Protection offered by Hornet.

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Shaman’s Net Journey #3 for Fall season

November 28, 2004 -- Full Moon November 26, 2004

Intention: To find gifts and create protections for the Shaman's Net members.

I am flying high over a landscape of rolling hills. The hills are bright Spring-green in color and extend for miles in all directions.

Far below me I see a man on a white horse. I am told that he is a "knight in shining armor" even though he is not wearing any armor. He dismounts his horse, picks up a long pole, sticks this pole into the side of a rock, and then using the pole and another rock, he begins to "jack up" the first rock out of the ground. It is like he is using an automobile jack.

He jacks up, higher and higher, a gigantic white marble obelisk. It is shaped like a giant quartz crystal about 25 or 30 feet in diameter and several hundred feet tall. I see that there is another person on the other side of the obelisk who is helping to jack this stone column out of the earth and high into the sky.

Finally, the obelisk is as high as it is supposed to be. There is a square keyhole in the center of the obelisk, big enough to drive a car through, that appears. The two men slide a large, rectangular stone shaft through the keyhole. This acts as a "pin" to keep the obelisk from dropping back into the earth. (This stone pin is 5 feet tall, 5 feet across and 40 feet long)

I am flying high above this project. I ask my Power Animals what this has to do with gifts and protection for the Shaman's Net. I am taken below the obelisk where I find a one room cabin. The walls are covered with jars of dried herbs and other medicinal/magical plants.

An old woman lives in this cabin. Her job is to take a large circular tray and create healing designs out of different herbs. Once a particular healing design is complete she places this tray into a special opening in the ceiling of her cabin -- which is also the base of the obelisk. I am told that the obelisk acts as a healing antenna to broadcast the healing pattern to everyone in the Shaman's Net (and others?). (This makes me think of radionics.) This is the gift of good health.

I ask her if there is a way that individuals in the Shaman's Net can request a specific healing. I am told that to do this the net member is to write their healing request onto a piece of paper, place some kitchen herbs on the paper in a pattern (make the pattern up, but hold the request of healing in your mind as you make the pattern), fold it all together and place it outside under a rock (preferably a rock that is upright like an obelisk). This will deliver your request to her. I thank her for her healing gifts and work.

From here I am taken to a place of night.

In this dark I see a magician who is waving patterns in the air with a wand. As he does this I see each Shaman's Net vial lighting up with energy. When he has completed the ritual, each vial is glowing with energy.

This is the second gift -- a boost of energy. (Something I suspect we can all use at this time of year.)

At this point in the journey all the net members are present with me. We are standing around admiring the glowing web of energy when a vortex of energy opens behind the glowing net. It is like looking into a black hurricane -- the clouds are swirling in a vortex and they are dark, dark gray in color.

We watch as a column of water pours from above, through the glowing net, and out into the vortex. We look at the glowing net as find a very wet man who, along with other odds and ends, has been saved from falling into the vortex by the glowing net. He is wearing a sailor's rain slicker. I see images of him talking to different people, offering books or other objects.

I am told that the third gift is the "gift of something thought lost in a turmoil, being returned". So I encourage each net member to be open to recognizing the return of something thought lost. (This could take the form of an object, a relationship, a friendship, a memory, a great idea...)

Once I understand the third gift, I am returned to the marble obelisk. I am seeing energy radiating from the obelisk that looks like a giant woman -- some piece of powerful feminine energy was being broadcast. The message seems to be for net members to be alert to a specific piece of healing around the feminine. (Again I encourage net members to use a broad definition here -- this could be healing about specific health issues, or a healing in a relationship with another woman, or an opportunity to be in healthier relationship with your feminine side, or...?)

Once I understood the "feminine energy" broadcast the journey shifted. I am in the cabin below the obelisk. Before me a long scroll is placed. The top edge folds over. I see that there are lines on the scroll making it look like really long piece of notebook paper. Each line has a single icon on it -- a musical note, a fleur de lis, an animal, etc. Directly in front of me the line has a black filled circle -- a black hole.

As I am looking at this black hole an oak leaf floats down and covers the hole. It fuses with the paper of the scroll. As soon as it lands I become aware that a roaring noise, the kind of noise that has been in the background for so long that you no longer hear it, suddenly ceases. A wonderful quiet fills the cabin and I relax.

I am told that the last gift is the closing of an energy leak -- healing a place in people's lives that they were losing power and energy. What was healed was the loss of energy that has been around for so long that most people are not aware that they have been losing energy. This leak has been sealed over by the oak leaf.

Shaman's Net members should expect to feel more energy in their lives.

The journey was complete and I returned to my journey room.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts and protections:

1. The obelisk healing antenna. The way to use the obelisk healing gift is to be open to receiving the broadcasts of its healing. Also, when you are feeling like you are coming down with something, take a moment and visualize the giant white marble obelisk and feel it radiating healing energy to you. In general you should have a healthier Fall since you are being bathed, via your talisman vial in the Shaman's Net, in protective healing energies from the obelisk antenna.

In addition, you can request specific healing by writing your healing request on a piece of paper, sprinkling a pattern of herbs onto it, and placing this packet under a rock in your yard, or some outside location that is special to you.

2. The gift of energy from the charging of the talisman vials by the night magician.

3. The return of something "thought lost as the result of some kind of turmoil".

4. The healing of something related to the feminine.

5. The sealing off of an energy leak in your life.

In general, Shaman's Net Members should have access to better health and more energy this season.

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