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"Love" is the energy of the Winter talismans.

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Shaman’s Net Journey #1 for Winter Season

December 28, 2004 -- Full Moon December 26, 2004

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance for the Winter Shaman's Net members.

This was a very challenging journey. There were lots of distractions, chaos, and "noise' in shamanic space that I had to push through. The overall feeling tone was that of "end of season/holidays" chaos trying to find a place to settle back to normal.

Finally, after considerable effort I found myself in a bank building. It did not look like a typical bank -- there were no tellers or vaults. However, I was told that I was in a bank. There were several people gathered around a large central column. It was structural, holding up the roof. Yet there was a plain, purple door in this column. It looked like a closet door. No one would have noticed this door had there not been a crowd of people wearing medieval clothing and mounted on horseback gathered around it.

I felt like I was standing on a "Lord of the Rings" movie set.

This nondescript door was in fact guarding the most valuable things. We opened this door. It was both a storage place and a portal to a beautiful, lush green jungle world.

As a storage place there were several shelves at the bottom. On one of the shelves was a scroll. I took the scroll but did not look at it. Then I rode my Black Smoke Dragon into the lush world.

We were following a Knight on a black horse. (This entire time I am struggling with the "Lord of the Rings" theme -- it felt contrived. I kept trying to "see" past it (with no success), as though it were not the real scene)

We continued to follow the Knight until we arrived at a grove deep in the forest. There we saw a large gathering of knights, lords and ladies. They were gathered around the King and Queen for some kind of ritual. It looked like a marriage.

I attempted to push past this scene to find the "real" journey. I was stopped at the edge of the gathering. It became clear that this was the real journey no matter what I wanted to believe. I turned to watch the wedding.

The King and Queen embraced. As they did so they began to glow and spin until they became a vortex/column of light. (This reminds me of Fall Journey #1 -- the spinning young man.) The embracing King and Queen shoot up into the night sky. As they did this they "rained" glowing/fiery alphabet letters.

As I watched the letters fall I was informed that the scroll that I had picked up earlier was a map. The falling letter-rain would land on the scroll defining locations, roads, rivers, countries, etc.

This is the first gift from the Winter's Shaman's Net -- a guiding map to help you chart a course into your coming life. (There is another gift from later in this journey where this map becomes even more useful and important.)

I ask what the spinning/glowing column of light is for -- how is this a gift/protection/guide for the Shaman's Net members?

I am then shown a group of Druid types who are mixing together some really nasty, vile concoctions. They place this bad brew into the center of the column of light where it is transformed into healing medicine. I am told that the second gift for the Shaman's Net members is the gift of health. The Druids and the spinning King/Queen light column are creating healing potions/medicines to protect us in the coming months for the various illnesses that are lurking out there as well as transforming other heal issues that net members may be dealing with.

The transformation of something nasty into something healthy is the overall message from this portion of the journey.

I continue to follow a group of Knights deeper into this lush fairyland. They guide me to the very boundary of their lands. There I find a portal that opens to an Egypt-like place -- lots of sand, pyramids, hieroglyphs, pharaoh statues, etc.

I cross over into "Egypt". We are still following a Knight. Deep into this land we arrive at a site where there are three giant crystal crowns. The image is that of typical crowns except that they are the size of two story buildings. At the front center of each crown is a three story tall colored crystal spire. The smallest one is yellow, the middle sized one is red, and the largest one is green.

I am told that each crown is a portal to adventure -- a portal to a different land. The third gift to each Shaman's Net member is a call/offering of adventure. It is the opportunity to make a major shift in your life -- if you choose it.

This is also where the scroll map will be of additional and important use -- for those of you who choose to answer the call to adventure -- the call to quest -- the map will serve as an important guide.

To summarize the gifts and their use:

1. A guiding map that is customized to each net member by the fiery alphabet letters. To use this map simply request it guidance. Then look for map/word synchronicities in your day-to-day life that point to paths and choices to make to guide you to your goal.

2. The gift of health via the energy generated by the healing potions created by the Druids and the King/Queen spinning vortex of light. Expect to be healthier this winter season.

3. The call to adventure -- For which gift #1, the map, is a vital, additional resource. The giant crystal-crown portals are open to those who are interested in answering the call to new adventure in their lives. To answer this call, visualize which of the three crowns you wish to travel through -- Red, Yellow, or Green -- and then "step" through it. Then boldly follow the calling of your heart and use the above map process to guide you into your adventures.

Many blessing



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Shaman's Net Journey #2 for Winter Season

January 27, 2005 -- Full Moon January 25, 2005

Intention: Gifts, protection and guidance for the Shaman's Net members

I need to admit, right up front, that this particular journey was pure "high weirdness" even for me. Some of this journey was strange, psychedelic, and a little obscure. Expect a wild ride as you read this.

I would love to hear from Net members about what this journey offers them.

This journey started with a lot of distraction energy, a kind of white noise. I pushed through the chaos until I emerged flying high in the air, traveling up a strange river channel. The imagery was not photographic but looked like a line-drawing of a landscape -- very sketchy and artistic. I was flying past mountains that morphed between being rugged mountains and giant adolescents, mostly young males. It was as though I was seeing the youthful spirits of the mountains -- the mountains' souls.

I continued to travel up the river, descending closer to the water until I was traveling at water level through a dense jungle of marsh grass. However the blades of the grass were a foot wide and 20 feet tall.

I found myself riding with some military commandos -- It felt like a war zone, perhaps a Vietnam kind of place. There were narrow water passages between clumps of this giant marsh grass. Visibility was only a few feet in all directions and the tension was terrible -- at any moment a firefight could erupt. There was no way to see where the "other side" was.

I rode with this tension for a while until it became unbearable. Then I gathered up the Net members and together we flew up higher and higher leaving the war tension behind.

We flew up until we were past the moon. Earth was a beautiful glowing blue-green gem. From this lofty position I re-centered myself, clearing the war tension from my body, and restating the intention of receiving gifts, protection and guidance for each of the Net members.

When my intention was complete I saw each Net member light up like a firefly. Then one by one they dove off, like a spark, and landed back on the Earth in their respective homes.

At each landing I saw a rapidly spreading glow of energy expand from each Net member's spark. I was worried that we were causing vast fires on the Earth so I followed the sparks as they zoomed in closer and closer.

The Spark/Net members continued to descend until they were microscopic -- I saw them landing within the fiber weaving of carpets and rugs. When they landed their spark of energy expanded and cleansed toxins and pollution as well as pushing dirt away.

The message I received was that the Net member sparks were "cleaning and healing the world, right down to the 'dirt in the rug'".

I was also told was that the gift of this journey for the Net members is that each member is a star seed of transformation, generating sanctuary. Every person you meet, every situation that you participate in offers you the opportunity to change the world, creating sanctuary -- a place of safety and protection surrounding you. The message was that the level of transformation grows from the smallest places (rug fibers) expanding, clearing and healing.

Once I grokked this information I asked Spirit if there was more for the Net members. Once again I was taken to a stylized journey experience. I saw an image that looked like a colored pencil drawing on black paper of a woman pushing a bicycle through a rainy night. As I watched this colored pencil "animation", it changed from woman to man to girl to boy to Winter to day to night to Spring, etc. The seasons, time of day, genders and ages evolved from one into another.

I said to Spirit, "This is beautiful and artistic but what the heck does this have to do with gifts, protection and guidance for the Shaman's Net members?"

As an "answer" to my frustrated question, the imagery then rolled up into a beautiful marble/gem that is hanging from an arch. As the marble slowly spins the different images appear.

I received no more information about how this "marble of images" (that evolve through seasons, genders, ages, etc.) are to be used by Shaman's Net members. I admit to feeling some frustration with Spirit at this point so I sat down, like a pouting child who refuses to walk another step, in this journey -- metaphorically holding my breath until Spirit would answer me.

Spirit can hold its breath longer than I can.

So I am reporting this "gift" to you knowing that it is a gift and it will likely reveal itself to each person in their own way. (Should any Net member wish to share how this gift works for them, I would love to hear about it.)

Once I got past my whiney fit with Spirit, I asked if there was anything else that was to be delivered. I once again flew down from high above Earth toward mountains and forests and back into the jungle marsh war scene. Then a giant being, who was very child-like, scooped through the marshes with a fishing net to clear out all of the war energy -- it was like a child scooping boats out of a pond.

Then I was taken to a beautiful meadow. (This was the first time in the journey where the images had a photographic look.) A beautiful woman, in medieval clothing, was riding a horse through the meadow. She came to the meadow's edge at a big forest of Oak and Maple trees (Colorful leaves of Fall -- no evergreen trees). I moved through the forest in front of her. At a certain point I saw that her horse was being led by a man.

We arrived at the forest's edge. In the clearing in front of us we watched the landscape evolve through many different scenes -- natural wonderland, village, city, devastation, pollution, wasteland, meadow, storms -- until finally it settled back into an open meadow with a clearing that lead up a mountain side. Cleverly hidden in the mountain side is a large village. The houses were made to look like they are part of the mountain. It looks like a rock and brush version of a Hobbit village. A man was relaxing outside one of the houses.

Once again my frustration rises -- I was feeling like the journey was a psychedelic collage rather than a coherent journey for the Net members. I was reminded to let go of my ego and trust that Spirit is delivering the exact perfect thing for everyone.

I reviewed the entire journey in my mind trying to understand and work with the information. I once again returned to the meadow's "evolution to Fairyland". Again I was looking at the rock-house Hobbit village.

Finally the scene shifts. However the shift leads me deeper into high weirdness. I am taken, for all intents and purposes, deep into Fairy. After traveling through beautiful forests, past waterfalls and streams I arrive at an encampment of a Fairy army. I am supposed to direct a project for this army to undertake.

I consult with the leaders. I realize that one of the issues that is affecting the town that I live in, Eugene, is the feeling that a "magic spell" has been cast on the town. This spell could be negative or simply outdated, stale, broken or confused. Somehow Eugene is stuck in its ability to provide for the needs of the people who live here. It is struggling to grow in progressive, healthy and not destructive ways. Where it does grow, the growth seems to damage the wonderful magical qualities of Eugene that make it so special to live in.

So I assigned a commando squad of this Fairy army to investigate the structure of the magic spell on Eugene to see what we can do to transform Eugene into the magical, environmentally smart, progressive and successful community that it is struggling to be.

Then I realized that the journey has come full circle. That I am supposed to send out commando units from this Fairy army to assist each on the Shaman's Net members in generating positive and healing transformation in their community. These commando units of Fairy energy are task forces, under the command of each net member, to help the Net member generate sanctuary in their community as they activate their "star seed of transformation" from the first part of the journey.

To summarize:

1. Each Net member is gifted with a Star Seed of transformation and healing energy to help them generate sanctuary in their lives and community.

2. A mysterious marble/gem that holds the evolving sequence of images -- woman to man to boy to girl to old to young to Winter to Spring, etc. This gift will reveal itself to each individual in the Shaman's Net.

3. A unit of Fairy energy that is assigned to help each Net member in whatever tasks requested of them around generating sanctuary around the Net member in their community.

Many blessing



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Shaman's Net Journey #3 for Winter Season

February 25, 2005 -- Full Moon February 24, 2005

Intention: Gifts, healing, protection and guidance for the Shaman's Net members

I started by spending time in my sacred garden checking in with the Shaman's Net members to make sure that everyone was along for the ride. Then I was sitting around the bonfire with my Power Animals waiting for them to activate the journey. And I waited, and waited, and repeated the intention to them, and waited.

Finally I said, "It looks like it is up to me to get this journey started. Let's do an Upper World journey" Once I declared this I was on the back of one of my Dragons and flying up into the cloudy sky.

We flew past vapory white clouds, higher and higher. We flew past a city of rainbow colored glass buildings and walls. We also flew up beyond a Moroccan style city. Both cities I have visited before in other journeys.

Finally we landed on a sandy inlet that leads out to a beautiful ocean that was colored by the oranges and reds of a sunset . The path that led to the ocean is 30 feet wide of soft sand, a little creek flowing down the middle and bordered by dense rainforest jungle.

We walked out to the ocean and up the beach. As we were walking a giant ocean wave came curling in toward the shore. It was a surfer's dream wave -- 100 feet tall and gracefully curling over itself forming a long water tunnel. It was also going to squash me flat if I did not do something fast.

I leaped onto the back of my Dragon and we flew down the water tunnel that this wave was creating. The tunnel grew smaller and smaller forcing us to shrink in size. The last 30 feet of the tunnel closed off and we were flying through water.

We popped out the other end of the water tunnel and in my hands was a spinning silver ball / disk of "water / wave" energy. Somehow our flight up the curling wave captured all the wave's energy. As we looked back we saw that the giant wave had subsided into gentle lapping waves on the beach.

As we our flight, I reshaped the wave energy into a smaller, more compact ball of spinning energy.

This is the first gift to the Shaman's Net members -- a spinning ball of pure, raw energy to be tapped and used for any purpose where you feel the need for energetic support.

Then my Dragon turned inland and we flew into the jungle rainforest. It was like flying into a watercolor painting -- Blended colors of rich greens, blues and grays. The plants were misty, cloud-like rather than solid.

We walked deeper and deeper into the watercolor jungle. I had my staff and I was feeling very Merlin-like. I placed the spinning ball of energy at the top of my staff to light our way through this dense forest. We walked for a long time until we arrived at a door.

I knocked on the door in the forest and a man in a business suit answered. He was expecting us and invited us inside. As we passed through his door I saw that we were entering through a closet! Clearly this closet was not his normal entrance, but he was not surprised at our arrival via the watercolor forest.

We followed him deeper into his house. We entered a room where the floor is transparent and I looked down to see that we were at treetop level, hundreds of feet above the watercolor forest. It is beautiful, like walking across blue green galaxies and nebulae.

We arrived at his workshop. He was tooling a piece of soft leather. I saw that it was covered with designs and symbols -- a sort of arcane map or instruction book or ?

He finished his work and gave it to me. I am told that this leather scroll is a "universal answer" guide. This is the second gift for the Shaman's Net members -- a scroll that can provide answers to any question -- the design work will form different patterns depending on who is asking and what the question is. I thanked him for such a beautiful gift. Realizing that this scroll had taken him a very long time to create I asked him if there was something I could offer him in return. He asked me if he could use the pure energy ball to temper and sharpen his leather working tools.

I held up my staff with the glowing energy ball at the top and watched as he inserted tool after tool into the spinning ball of energy. Each tool glows and the tips looked as though they were being coated in a sparkling light -- very diamond like. He was very excited to have his tools treated by this energy.

When he was finished he took us to his front door which opened to a four hundred foot cliff -- a sheer drop to the watercolor forest floor. He lowered us down on a long rope.

We continued into the forest. I started to walk past a cave opening but was called to enter it. It turned out to be an Irish pub in a cave. The rock walls had been carved to create seating booths. The pub was lit in a warm golden glow. We walked past large ancient timbers holding up sections of the pub and booths filled with people having a good time.

I walked up to the bar. It was a glass case filled with hundreds of glass vials, similar to the Shaman's Net talisman vials except that the vials were different shades of rainbow colors. Each color represented a different elixir.

I explained to the bartender what the intention of this journey was. He gathered up several different vials and gave them to me. The vials contain customized healing elixirs, one for each Shaman's Net member. I thanked him and again asked if there was some way that I could repay his gift. He asked if he could use the spinning ball of ocean energy to refill his reservoirs. I held out my staff and he poured energy from it into various vessels. It seemed that some of this energy was going to be used to make more healing elixirs, and some of it was going to be used to light and heat his pub.

I thanked him. Since this was the end of this particular Full Moon journey and since I was in an Irish pub with openings that looked out onto a Arizona-like vista, I decided to pour my healing elixir into a pint of Guinness and "share" one with my son, Taelyn, who loves Guinness and lives in Arizona.

To summarize:

1. Each Net member is gifted with a spinning ball of raw, pure energy from the ocean wave. Treat this ball of energy like a reservoir of energy that you can draw upon when you need a boost. Also, given how the various people used it in this journey, it seems like this energy can be used in other ways. Perhaps its uses are limited only by your imagination. When you need such a boost simply visualize the silver ball of spinning energy and visualize it flowing into you for your use.

2. A leather scroll with designs and patterns that reveal answers. This is a good meditation device or use it to guide a dream healing / dream divination.

3. A vial of healing elixir (which to my son, Taelyn, I am sure looks like a good pint of Guinness). If you are in need of some healing, then pour yourself a cup of a favorite beverage, close your eyes and visualize yourself pouring the colored healing elixir into your drink. Thank Spirit and drink it with the conscious intention of generating health.

Many blessings


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