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"Wisdom" is the energy of the Fall talismans.

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Shaman’s Net Journey #1 for Fall Season

October 17, 2005 -- Full Moon October 17, 2005

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance for the Fall Shaman's Net members.

This journey started in my Sacred Garden. I was standing next to my sacred, ever-burning bonfire meeting with my Power Animals. Hummingbird and my Dragons were very interested in guiding this journey.

They flew me back into the landscape of a powerful and amazing lucid dream I had on 10/6/05. I flew in this dreamscape past a university situated in a park-like setting with giant trees and large architecturally beautiful brick buildings. (In this dream I had acquired the title of The Red Dragon -- I am still sorting out exactly what this means.) I was told that this detour through the dreamscape was to remind me to be in the power of that title.

Then we flew back to the sacred grove where, in the last journey of Summer 2005, the fire dancers were dancing (Journey #4). Instead of fire dancers there was a single woman doing a beautiful and elaborate dance using scarves. (The dancing was very similar to the Echo Dance from the movie "House of Flying Daggers".)

We gathered at the edge of the circle to watch. It was very graceful and inspiring. Then suddenly we shot up high into space. We flew to the moon. Then we turned around and raced back to the sacred grove. As we were flying in, a scarf from the dance wrapped around a free standing, large, Greek-style column. My power animals grabbed the loose end of the scarf and we pulled the Greek column out of a queue of three large objects. We flew down a small hole (shrinking ourselves and the column as we went).

Apparently the column was blocking the "movement" of the other two objects. The column was also needed deep underground to heal a structural weakness. After traveling down the tunnel we arrived at a cavern and placed the column into alignment with a vein of some mineral -- there was a gap in the vein which the column fit neatly into.

I was told that this was two gifts for Shaman's Net members -- the clearing of a large blocking object so that other things can now move forward and the healing of a deep structural weakness.

At this point we were in a deep underground grotto. Spirit then pulled me off into a long and elaborate piece of further Side-time Healing work which I am sure was amazing, beautiful, powerful, and effective. AND I would love to describe it in rich and delicious detail here except that when the work was completed all the imagery and knowledge of it faded from my mind -- poof.

And that made me Mad!

(This aspect that dreams, journey work, waking visions and Side-time Healing can sometimes fade away is very frustrating to the part of me that loves to know, share, and work with the information. I know that real work is being done in these states and that cognitive awareness is often secondary. None-the-less, I have a petition that I plan to deliver to Spirit / God / Goddess, someday, advocating for stronger self-awareness in these processes. End of Rant.)

I was returned to the sacred grove where I basically threw a shamanic temper tantrum trying to get the lost journey piece back. After several minutes I calmed down and insisted that if I was not going to be able to recover the journey, that I at least wanted to continue this journey and find some more gifts, guidance, and protections for the Shaman's Net members.

After several more minutes of pacing in the sacred grove Hummingbird returned and took us to a beautiful sun-lit scene. All the Shaman's Net members were present except that everyone had transformed into a little child. It was like a school picnic at a park or nature preserve. There was an "adult" woman who was tending and herding all the children (all of us). She took us along a path to a cliff's edge and then proceeded to climb down the cliff face. We all followed her.

This turned out to be very serious rock climbing -- the kind of extreme rock climbing that should really require helicopters or something other than bare fingers and tiny toes. I was expending a fair amount of energy making sure that everyone in our group made it safely down the 300 foot cliff face.

Once everyone was down on the sandy riverbank (we were in a narrow river gorge), the teacher guided us to a sacred pool tucked deeply under an overhang of the cliff face. The water was extremely pure having been filtered by the rocks of the cliff. Each child was instructed to drink a handful of the healing and magical waters. This was the third gift -- the gift of healing and transformation from the sacred cliff pool.

Once everyone had drunk we all had, in the palm of our hands, a single glowing drop of dense water. This drop was glowing a brilliant blue white light and it was heavier than regular water. It was almost like mercury. The teacher told us to take our Shaman's Net talisman vials and place the glowing drop of wisdom into the vial and shake it. This is the fourth gift -- higher energy wisdom to charge our Shaman's Net vials.

When this was completed we gathered in a large circle. Several other children, who were not Shaman's Net members, arrived and joined our circle. We all poured our Wisdom Talisman vials into the center of the circle.

As I watched the circle of children became connected by glowing lines, very mandala like, as the dense wisdom water mixed and then separated to flow, dense drop by dense drop, back to each child. This exchange and mixing of collective wisdom repeated itself several times. This is the fifth gift -- the gift of redistributed wisdom that is the sum of a collective.

Finally I zoomed into the center of the pool of wisdom and it transformed itself into an image of the Earth from space.

I ended the journey deep in outer space looking at the earth and realizing that the Wisdom that we received from the mixing of the dense wisdom water is informed by the global intelligence of Mother Earth.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The first gift is the clearing of some large block in your life so that other aspects can now move forward.

2. The second gift is the healing of a deep structural weakness. Some examples of how this could show up for you might be as a physical healing; a transformation of some self worth issue that has kept you from your personal power; a shift in your energy levels as a "short circuit" in your energy field is fixed; a feeling of support that has been missing in your life disappears; etc.

3. The third gift is healing and transformation from the sacred pool under the cliff.

4. The fourth gift is higher energy wisdom to charge our Shaman's Net Wisdom talisman vials.

5. The fifth gift is the gift of wisdom that is the sum and melding of a collective. The wisdom that comes from community and sharing. It is informed by the wisdom and intelligence of Mother Earth.

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Shaman's Net Journey #2 for Fall Season

November 28, 2005-- Full Moon November 16, 2005

Intention: Gifts of wisdom, protection, and guidance for the Fall Shaman's Net members.

This full moon journey began at some location near my Sacred Garden. I was looking at a young Native American woman, dressed in white leathers, sitting very still next to a campfire. She was so still that I soon realized that she was in suspended animation and immersed in a pool of clear liquid -- I was looking down into the pool at her.

Then a bright red Dragonfly flew in and began to peel back a thick waxy surface of the pool. Soon it had cleared enough of the pool's waxy surface that we could reach in and help the woman step out of her "reality" and into my Sacred Garden.

We took her over to the Eternal Bonfire where she sat and warmed herself. Soon she stripped off her leathers into robes underneath and tossed the leathers into the bonfire.

I welcomed her and told her the intention of this journey. She looked up at the star filled, night sky. With great force she tossed a slender stick into the sky where, to my amazement, it stuck.

My Power Animals and I flew up to discover that what we thought was night sky was a painted dome. The stick / magic wand had punctured the dome. We immediately began to pry an opening into this false sky.

It was incredibly (!!!) hard work. We struggled and tugged and ripped and pried for a very long time with little result. The dome was a combination of the hardest rock / metal and the toughest rubber -- it wouldn't break and it wouldn't tear. Finally after a concerted effort from all my power animals we were able to pry an opening big enough to crawl through.

We found ourselves standing in a sunlit meadow on a warm Spring day. Before we had a chance to explore this area the woman again tossed her magic stick. It again stuck in the sky. We pried another opening and stepped into another reality. This "reality popping" process went on for several levels and became easier each time.

I was told, by the Native American woman, that this is the first gift for the Shaman's Net members -- a "magic wand" that can help you to pierce the limiting "reality" bubble that may be surrounding you, without your awareness. It is a tool to help you break into bigger and "truer" realities. She also told me that this gift helps to remind the Shaman's Net members that every way of defining a reality -- every reality bubble that you choose to live within -- also limits your life and choices. By mapping the world in different ways it is possible to go into bigger places.

At last we arrived in a vast as surreal landscape. It was neither day or night. The landscape was stark and beautiful. It reminded me of black marble with rich veins of gold. We flew to a giant rock spire that towered above hundreds of miles of "landscape". Landing on the spire I could see, spread out below me, spiraling paths. Many of the paths spiraled out from the base of the rock spire that we were resting on. Farther out they would branch into other paths (paths that would take one off from his/her true path), and so on to infinity.

I asked where we were and I was told that we had arrived at our authentic center -- a true place to stand. It is a place to find our true path, our true wisdom, our true lives. This is the second gift of wisdom for the net members -- access, by using the reality popping magic wand, to our authentic center from which to make true choices, to find our true paths.

I reminded her that I was doing this journey for the Shaman's Net members and all I saw was the one spire. She gathered up all the net talisman vials and charged them with glowing "wisdom light". She then tossed them out across the marble landscape and they each landed, glowing, on their own spire (a "Wisdom Beacon").

I thanked her for this and asked her how, in our day to day life, we were to recognize our true paths among all the possible paths and how can we "map" into bigger possibilities? She told me to look for the "Flowers". This statement frustrated me and I stood there thinking, "Great. What the heck does she mean by 'look for the flowers'?"

My frustration with her got me nowhere as she did not say anything more about this. So, you are left with my interpretation of this piece of the journey. I believe what she was saying is to look for the beautiful, small things, like flowers, along your "path". It is the beautiful, the synchronistic, the magical, the special little things that tell us that our path choice is a good one, a true one. So pay attention and honor them as they appear. If your day to day path seems to lack in "flower" energy, then perhaps it is time to pierce your "reality bubble" and find a new path. A path with flowers.

After spending some time meditating about flowers on the spire top, I asked her if there are any more gifts for the Shaman's Net members. She indicated that there is one more gift.

After a long wait I finally saw an archway opening far in the distance. We flew down to it. At the gate we were stopped by an older Native American woman. Our guide talked to her and we got permission to pass. We entered into a cave / grotto and again find a threshold guardian -- a large Viking, in horned helmet, with shield and sword. Again our guide talked to him and we were granted passage. He took a big iron spike and jammed it into another reality barrier. With great effort he pried it open and we passed through to a beautiful, high plain landscape -- rolling hills of grasses, occasional trees, forested mountains in the distance. It was a cool sunny day with an easy wind.

We walked up a dirt road. We arrived at a path that led up the hill to a small rock cairn. On top of the cairn was a golden sculpture of a vast mountain. I could see that it was the miniature replica of the mountain in the far distance. As I looked at the mountain sculpture I saw several glowing red trails that led to the mountain's top. I was told that this mountain is the "mountain of life" and that the divine goal is, through however many lifetimes and life adventures, to reach the top.

Being the naturally curious person I am, I asked her what was at the mountain top. She told me that there was a portal to another kind of reality with its own adventures and "mountains" to climb. I was also told not to worry about it as it was beyond my understanding anyway.

The important thing to notice was that each glowing red trail on the golden mountain miniature in front of me was showing us, in a "You are here" fashion, how far along our paths we are. I saw that we were all more than 3/4 of the way up the mountain. For myself, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was much farther up the mountain than I expected I would be. (Some days I don't even think I have found my passport to the mountain's country, let alone any finding any Sherpa to guide me.)

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The first gift is the "magic wand" that can help you to pierce any limiting "reality" bubbles that you may, unknowingly, be living (limiting yourself) within. I would encourage each Shaman's Net member to find a symbolic magic wand and keep it on an altar or around you as you work. This will act as a link to your ability to step out of limiting belief systems that you may have grown beyond and into bigger reality systems.

2. The second gift is the access, via the reality popping magic wand, to the spire of your authentic center from which to make true choices and find your true paths. From our central spire we have the vantage point of seeing when a path is coming from our central authentic self and when it has branched "off center". A way to use this gift is to visualize yourself, via meditation or dream work, as sitting on your central spire. Hold the intention in this meditation of your true "path of heart" being revealed to you.

Then look for the "Flowers".

3. The third gift is the "Wisdom beacon of glowing light" to guide you to your central "authentic self" spire. By listening to your own inner wisdom you will find the center of your authentic self.

4. The last gift is the gift of the interactive mountain sculpture that shows us where we are on our life path.


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Shaman's Net Journey #3 for Fall Season

December 20, 2005-- Full Moon December 15, 2005

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance for the Fall Shaman's Net members.

The final Shaman's Net journey for this season was a series of "snap shots" of shamanic space. It was an unusual collage-like blend of information.

The journey started with a vignette showing a beautiful woman standing at a coffee counter. People kept trying to defer to her, offering to let her go first, etc. She kept refusing them and insisting that she was not a woman but a man. She would not respond to the people's offers unless they referred to her in the masculine. I was told that I was witnessing a demonstration that "things are not as they seem".

This journey had this one primary gift for the Shaman's Net members:

The ability and opportunity to see past the masks and veils -- to see into things as they truly are.

It was also a "clearing" of the superficial, the inauthentic, to make way for the true / real things that are coming.

A second vignette that conveyed this gift was of "crazed" Christmas shopping -- speaking to the superficial commercial overlay onto a sacred season. Then the vignette was "swept aside" to make way for the authentic.

The next scene took me to a mansion. A woman was standing in a beautiful library filled with leather bound books. She was drinking wine in front of a fire in the fireplace when two of security guards escorted a disreputable looking man into the room. They told her that this man claimed to know her and that she would vouch for him. (In the journey, Spirit told me that she really did know him and that he was a con artist who would take advantage of everyone he met. He had used her before, as an unwitting accomplice, for his nefarious escapades.)

As she stood looking at him swagger (he was fully expecting her to still be under his spell and support his fabricated "story") I heard Spirit speaking to her saying, "You have a choice between authenticity or facade! Which is it going to be?" The implication was that she was at a crossroads and could choose to "dream a different dream" about her life and his involvement in it.

I watched her agonize over her response for several minutes until she firmly said, "No! I have no idea who he is." In that moment she cut the ties with a past way of being that was blocking her life path. She stepped into being her true self.

In a fourth scene around this same theme, I was looking into a scrying pool. At first I could only see my reflection. I continued to look until suddenly I was pulled into the pool, through a tornado-like vortex, into another reality. The message was that this pool took people to a place that was more real, more true than just the reflections of themselves.

Multiple times during this journey I tried to refocus the intention and find additional gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members. Each attempt at refocusing resulted in returning to the same theme, described in the four scenes above.

Finally, I was told that because the Full Moon (December 15, 2005) was so close to the Winter Solstice (December 21, 2005), that this journey was really a transitional journey that applies to both the Fall season and the Winter season. It was to clear the facades, the inauthentic, the false aspects of ourselves to make way for the new energy, the new possibilities that will appear with the return of the light as the days grow longer.

The message, said in a different way, was that, "It is time to connect with your authentic self and manifest the things in you life that are truly you. It is time to clear away and eliminate the superficial things that have been used as masks to hide behind."

The final "gift" from this journey came just as I was getting ready to come back. I found myself traveling into a small rock. I journeyed deep into this rock and simply landed solidly on the rock's surface (it was strange in that I traveled "into" the rock to land on it.)

I stood on the rock looking around and waiting for whatever was supposed to happen next. And nothing did. I asked my Power Animals about this and I was told that this rock was a solid foundation for the Shaman's Net members to build their new, authentic selves upon.

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The primary gift of this last journey is the clearing away of the masks, the superficial aspects of your life to make way for the new energies that are coming and to create the environment for your authentic self to be fully expressed.

2. The last gift was the gift of a rock-solid foundation upon which to construct your authentic self in the world. A sacred and solid place of center to stand and claim your true self and manifest new things in your life.

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