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"Transformation" is the energy of the Spring talismans.

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Shaman’s Net Journey #1 for Spring Season

April 8, 2005 -- New Moon April 8, 2005

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance for the Spring Shaman's Net members.

This journey started on the top of a crystal mountain -- the area I landed on is a giant quartz crystal. A young, clean cut outdoors man wearing a backpack and khaki shorts was waiting for us. He is out guide. He starts climbing down a ladder that is bolted to the cliff side of this mountain. We followed him down the ladder

We climbed for a really long time, past many different ecologies. I noticed, also, that our guide kept shape shifting. He became an Ape, a Tiger, a Wolf, a Cartoon Dog, etc. My power animals assured me that he was safe and legit. In fact, given that this Net's energy is "Transformation", the fact that he was transforming made sense to me.

Finally we arrived at the bottom of the mountain. We were in a deep jungle. Our guide was now a cross between a badly costumed dog and a human. He loped back and forth along the trail.

We followed our guide until we arrived at a huge chasm. I can barely see the woods on the other side and I cannot see the bottom at all. At the edge of the chasm is a crossbow. Our guide picked up the bow and shot the arrow across the chasm. Attached to the arrow is a rope. The arrow lands and the rope is taught like a tight rope. We are supposed to walk across the chasm on this rope.

I am someone who really does not do well with heights. I took a deep breath and started crossing this rope path. Midway I lost my balance and fell. I managed to catch the rope and clung to it for several minutes.

I grounded myself, aligned with my power animals and climbed back onto the rope. Now that I was in my power I could walk across the rope as though I was crossing a sidewalk.

I arrived at the other side to discover that the arrow with the rope was not stuck into anything. It was simply resting on the ground! Our guide picked up the arrow and gave it to me telling me that it took an act of faith to cross the chasm not knowing if the arrow was secured. This arrow is the first gift for the Spring Shaman's Net members. It is an "Arrow of Faith" -- "if you have faith in Spirit and Spirit's guidance you can cross impossible boundaries", seems to be the message.

Our guide then disappeared. I looked about for where to go next. I decided to use this Arrow of Faith as a direction pointer -- like a needle on a compass, or a dowsing rod -- to guide us in the journey.

It guided us deeper into the forest. We arrived at a crossroads. There is a well traveled and paved path that leads to the right and down. There is another less traveled, more natural and somewhat overgrown path that leads straight ahead into the woods. I consulted the arrow and we are directed straight ahead into the woods.

After traveling through dense underbrush we finally arrived at the other side of the woods. Our rough path reconnects with the original paved path. As we stepped out of the woods we encountered a large group of people who had come the other way and they were all wounded or hurt in some way -- as though the path that they had followed had taken them through a war zone. The energy from the Shaman's Net group flowed over this new group and helped them to heal.

This "alternate" path energy of this journey may also be another gift to the Shaman's Net members -- the gift of side-stepping some of the harder, more challenging energies that may be coming along in our world.

We continued on the path until we were confronted by a man who seemed to be a threshold guardian. We could not continue until we answered his question -- "Which car would we drive, the old blue Valiant or the VoggelsVagon?" -- (?? Did he mean Volkswagen? Or is there some other pun/information here. I had just been reading about Marcel Vogel, a genius who invented a number of major components for IBM. He was also deeply interested in Chi/Prana energy and invented a specially cut quartz crystal that supposedly amplifies life force energy. These are called Vogel-cut Crystals -- see

I was nonplussed by this question, since we were walking. We were standing at a garden gate. He kept insisting that we answer his question. I told him that we were not driving any car. "We are walking", and we walked right past him.

As soon as we were past him the landscape changed from a beautiful gardens scene with houses into a desolate burned out forest.

The Shaman's Net members were all around me. Each of us was carrying a container of living seedling trees. We spread ourselves out across the destroyed forest and walked along planting new trees every 20 feet or so. The trees are of many different types. We are planting a forest, not a tree farm.

This is apparently a kind of gift for the Shaman's Net members -- the gift of giving back to the healing of our world. Each of us has unique gifts for our world.

The third gift for the Shaman's net members is the bundle of seedling trees.

Once we completed our part of the reforestation project, we traveled on. I keep encountering resistance. Pressure to stop the journey; distractions; two old codgers sitting on a park bench trying to convince us to "set a spell" and stop this journey stuff; incomprehensible side-journeys that vanished as soon as I tried to remember them; etc.

With considerable effort I refocused the journey. Finally we arrived back at the crystal mountain. We followed a path down the mountain and arrived at a beautiful pool of water. It had a waterfall at one end. The splash from the waterfall was unique and beautiful. It seemed to freeze in space/time like a large, glowing cluster of crystals. It would hold this crystal form for several seconds and then collapse into water. Then it would splash up into a frozen crystal structure. It did this over and over.

We followed the trail behind the waterfall. The last image of the journey was of the Shaman's Net members carving their "story" in petroglyphs on the wall behind the waterfall. This was the fourth gift for Shaman's Net members -- the opportunity to leave your story for posterity. Also the act of writing your stories extended the trail along the wall. Each new story added several feet of trail onto this path.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts and protections of this first journey:

1. An Arrow of Faith to use as a guiding compass in our lives.

2. An alternate path circumventing some challenging energies that may be coming.

3. A bundle of trees to help heal our world.

4. A place to write your story onto the rocks -- and your story helps extend the path we get to travel. Look for opportunities to "tell" your authentic story.

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Shaman's Net Journey #2 for Spring Season

May 15, 2005 -- New Moon May 7, 2005

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance for the Spring Shaman's Net members.

This journey started with Black Smoke Dragon and Ancient One Dragon volunteering to guide the way. We arrived in a dense jungle in an Asia like world. An Asian peasant woman was working in the fields when we arrived and greeted us. She was small, wearing rural style clothes and had her hair wrapped in a cylinder style turban of silk.

As soon as she saw the Dragons she insisted that we follow her quickly and hurry, hurry, hurry.

Her insistence and lack of explanation made me a little cautious about some kind of trap. She insisted that there was no trap but we must "come quickly, hurry, hurry. You are Dragon people, you must come quickly". We calmly followed her down a path into the jungle. She was quite frustrated by our pace but I was not going to rush into anything. As a safety precaution Black Smoke Dragon transforms into his smoke state and "disappears". Ancient One Dragon, who is a shape shifter, transforms himself into a little old Asian sage. It feels like I am walking with Confucius behind me.

We came to a deep ravine. There was a moss covered, fallen tree that was a bridge across the ravine. As we started to cross the tree bridge when I noticed a hidden path down the side of the ravine and I was greatly pulled to step off the tree bridge and go down the hidden path. This upset our guide greatly. She insisted that we had to arrive in the proper way, by the proper path.

I climbed back back onto the tree bridge and tried to continue the journey along that path but I could not move and I was again pulled to follow the hidden path. We jumped back down and started walking the hidden path. Our guide was very upset. We leave her behind and followed the new path.

This was the first gift for members of the Shaman's Net -- the gift of finding and fearlessly traveling the hidden ways / paths -- the paths that take us to the true core, the hidden true center of things.

This path took us to a cave. In the center of the cave was a spiral ramp that climbed high into a building / temple above us. We ascended the spiral ramp.

This brought us into a private chamber / office of this temple building. There was an oriental official sitting at a desk when we opened the chamber door. He was very angry that we had come in through the private / sacred path. He demanded to know who we were and what we were doing there.

I explained to him that I was on a journey to receive gifts, protection and guidance for a group of people and that the true path led to the spiral ramp. I asked him to guide us to the gifts, etc.

It seems that he is a threshold guardian, and that because I stood my ground and was not intimidated by his "official" status we passed his test. He handed us three brass plaques -- about 3" x 4" -- embossed with Chinese-like characters. He directed us to continue up the spiral ramp.

As we were climbing up the ramp the energy of the temple stripped away any "masks" that we were projecting. The energy reveals our authentic selves. This energy does not seem to affect me very much. Black Smoke Dragon (who is still in smoke form) is not at all affected. Ancient One Dragon was gradually revealed as a Dragon, not an old man -- at one point he was Dragon out the back with a long tail, and Asian sage on the front. It was quite humorous.

We reached the top of the ramp to find a door with a slot for our brass plaques. I inserted them and the door opens. It is a portal to another reality. We stepped through onto a vast mountain top that is high in outer space. The sky was black and planet filled.

I noticed a rock cairn about 15 feet away and we walked over to it. It is glowing red hot. I picked up a nearby stone and placed it onto the stack of rocks. Suddenly the glowing rocks flared up and a shaft of white light beamed out from the center of the cairn The light rotated around the cairn and it stripped away the outer plain rock coating of the rock that I placed on the stack. It revealed a Herkimer diamond that was hidden in the rock. I was told that this was transformation energy that can be used to clear away the masks so that we can powerfully and fearlessly be our authentic selves -- the power and clarity of true self.

I took the Herkimer diamond off the cairn and walked over to a nearby pool of water. This pool of water is directly linked to the Shaman's Net talismans. I touched the Herkimer diamond to the water pool and transformation-to-authentic-self energy was broadcast to everyone's talisman vial.

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts and protections of this second journey:

This journey seemed to be primarily about owning and projecting our authentic selves from a place of clarity and power.

The first gift was the ability to find and fearlessly walk the hidden paths -- regardless of pressure from officials

The second gift was the gift of transformation to authentic self -- the Herkimer diamond. I would encourage everyone in the Shaman's Net to go to their favorite crystal store and get a Herkimer diamond to amplify their link to the energy of this journey -- a sort of expanded talisman.


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Shaman's Net Journey #3 for Spring Season

June 13, 2005 -- New Moon June 7, 2005

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance for the Spring Shaman's Net members.

This journey started with a member of the Shaman's Net showing the way. "J" was standing by a tunnel of smooth, undulating, black and white marble. We flew down the tunnel -- it was much like an amusement park slide.

After several twists and turns we arrived at a bayou. Once again "J" was there sitting on what looked like a giant portable phone that turned out to be a jet-boat. We went roaring through the marshes and bayou. Finally we arrived at the edge of the water. The next area was a "lake" of clouds.

Without hesitation we boated out onto the clouds. The trick was to avoid the areas where the clouds cleared. If we boated into a cloud free area we would fall to the landscape miles below. We also had to be careful that our jet-boat didn't stir up the clouds so much that we opened clear patches.

We traveled across the cloud lake and arrived at a hill rising up through the clouds. My power animals and I climbed out of the jet-boat and up the hill. At the top of the hill I realized that I was once again inside of a dream I had had that prophesied my leaving Wyoming and coming to Oregon.

Here is that dream:

I was nearly to the top of the mountain. The trail was steep and I was worried that I would slip on the loose dirt, sending me sliding down two hundred feet of mountainside. Still, I was determined. The early morning sun was already hot enough to make me wish for a shady place. I looked carefully at the trail, planned where to place my feet and what my hands would grab for support. I then rushed up the last fifteen feet to the top. As I came up over the rise I was surprised to find that I had not quite reached the top. There was one more obstacle I had to climb. Straight ahead, planted boldly just below the mountain's top was a porcelain toilet. To reach my goal I had to stand on this toilet.

I walked over to the toilet; climbed it and looked out over the most beautiful valley I have ever seen. A wide river with beautiful sunrise colors reflecting off the water was illuminating the deep rock walls in shades of orange and violet. The cliff walls and the tops of the canyons were richly green with ancient trees, moss, ferns and the textures of hundreds of other plants.

From this dream, which I had in March of 1974, I awoke breathless in my apartment. I had never seen such a beautiful place. I wrote this dream in my dream journal as I looked out over the last cold weeks of Wyoming winter. It was definitely time to move to a different place.

Three months later, around June 21, I found myself on the road, having already driven 24 hours. Exhausted, I pulled into a scenic lookout to rest. It was early morning at sunrise. Getting out of my car, I walked over to see the view. Had I been shamanically trained in 1974 I would have known that I was now looking into a guiding dream, the kind of dream that tries to guide you toward your personal destiny. As it was, I found myself breathless again as chills cascaded down my spine -- I was looking at the Columbia River Gorge and I was looking at the landscape from my dream in Wyoming. I knew that somehow, in my March dream, I had vividly seen this place at this time. I had dreamed my true home.

And now here I was, 31 years later, standing back in that dreamscape, past the porcelain toilet, looking out over the breathtakingly beautiful river gorge. I was told that this was the first gift for the Shaman's Net members -- the opportunity to come home to your "true home" -- physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual home.

Now I had the opportunity to do something I did not do in the original dream -- We flew across the gorge and arrived at an opening in the cliff wall. When we arrived I was told that this was the second gift for everyone -- the ability to move into big dreams -- dreams that show us the way, energizing us, generating transformations. So expect that your dream life will become richer and more expansive.

At the opening in the cliff wall was a woman. The opening looked like a rectangular window out of which brilliant white light was pouring. She was sitting on the window sill. When we arrived she stood up and I saw that she was protecting ostrich eggs. She is the Protector of Ostrich. We watched as one of the eggs hatched and a wobbly baby ostrich struggled to stand up.

(Here is what Ted Andrews, author of "Animal Speak" has to say about ostrich medicine: "...The ostrich is a bird that can help you to take new knowledge out of that ethereal mental realm and apply it practically....The ostrich can still help us link to those realms (ethereal, transcendental realms) and prevent us from getting lost in them....If an ostrich shows up as a totem ask yourself some pertinent questions. Are you not staying grounded? Are you afraid to use your knowledge and fl7y to new heights and reams? Are you using your knowledge to move forward? Are you not using your knowledge? Are you getting (sic) becoming flighty, or are others around you becoming so?...The ostrich has a healthy appetite -- reflecting an appetite for greater knowledge. They often swallow stones to help assist in the digestive process. This is very significant. Any bird that does this usually indicates a need for you to assimilate knowledge before acting on it. It has to be digested and assimilated or you are likely to become flighty and use it inappropriately The ostrich is a bird that can help us in assimilating new knowledge and in staying grounded as we open to it as well." pp 171-172)

The Ostrich Woman told us to go on through the window portal into the white light. Inside the room was completely white, blank, and very peaceful. I was told that this is the third gift -- the ability to manifest our dreams out of pure essence -- we were standing in pure essence, quantum foam.

As we were standing in pure essence I saw areas of white coalesce into people and places. The area then opened up into an old man's room. Again I was told that this was another gift -- the gift of longevity and endurance. The room was a study filled with old books, magical objects, scientific instruments, treasure chests, etc. The room had the energy and smell of a Grandfather. It was an alchemist's room. As I walked into the room I saw an old cane with an intricately carved handle.

The Alchemist was busy with his work of transformation. I watched him as he took a small knife and pricked his finger, placing a few drops of his blood into the mixture he was creating. He then formed then mixture into a putty. Next he had a magic wand that had a long groove in the side. He pressed the putty into the grove and closed the wand around it (the wand was wrapped in leather?). The end of the wand had three feathers, much like an arrow fleche except that the feathers were whole. Each feather was black and painted in bright geometric designs -- circles, squares, lines, etc.

The Alchemist told me that I could continue the journey but that if I did I risked losing track of the gifts already given. I decided to return with the gifts. I thanked him. He said that the members of the Shaman's Net were welcome to come visit him any time in their dreams. He would instruct them on whatever piece of transformation he was working on in the moment.

The last two gifts for Shaman's Net members are the feathered magic wand (obviously designed to assist in transformations of any type) and the invitation for dream visits to the Alchemist for lessons on transformation and perhaps guidance on how to use the feathered magic wand.

I returned from the journey.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts of this third journey:

1. The gift of returning to our true home -- at whatever level that has meaning for each of us.

2. The gift of dreaming into big dreams.

3. Ostrich medicine.

4. The gift of manifesting our dreams from pure essence.

5. The gift of longevity and endurance.

6. The feathered magic wand of transformation.

7. The invitation to return to the Alchemist, in our dreams, for lessons in transformation.


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