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"Magic" is the energy of the Summer talismans.

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Shaman’s Net Journey #1 for Summer Season

July 5, 2005 -- Full Moon June 22, 2005

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance for the Summer Shaman's Net members.

This journey started in my Sacred Garden. I spent time with each of my Power Animals thanking them and appreciating them. When I turned to a young Dragon that I call "Little One" I noticed that, in addition to his usual flamboyant splendor of jewel coated scales, he had a saddlebag on his back. Because the chain holding the bag across his chest was too tight, he was having considerable difficulty breathing. This, naturally, concerned me and I turned all my attention to removing the saddlebag. It took several minutes of effort to get him freed.

It was clear that this situation was to get my attention about what he was carrying. I opened up the saddlebag and found three wooden vials of powder. Little One Dragon was eager to go on the Shaman's Net journey to find out what these powders were and how they were gifts for the Net members. I had to calm him down and finish my ritual with the other power animals. As I was finishing up, Eagle and Raven both requested to assist in the journey.

It was at this point in the journey that I realized that the first gift for the Shaman's Net members was the gift of being released from a restrictive/constrictive piece of energy in your life and discovering the gifts that the restrictions are hiding.

The vials of powder are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gifts.

We flew up out of my Sacred Garden to find out more information about the magic powders. We entered a beautiful realm of high, fiord-like cliffs. After a time we arrived in a backyard in a modern city. It was full of children playing and large gardens full of fruits and vegetables. The first vial of power was opened and sprinkled on the plants. They immediately grew bigger and healthier.

I spent time watching the children playing and the plants growing. Clearly the second gift to us all is the gift of connection to the plant world, growth, health, nourishment and perhaps "green thumbs" (?) (A green thumb for me will be magic since my gardening skills are limited to fretting -- about whether a particular plant needs water, is it getting enough sun, is it getting too much sun, is it getting too much moon, -- and Never picking something that I think is a weed, because invariably it is not a weed.)

Once I understood the first vial of magic powder, Little One Dragon, Eagle and Raven flew me to a dense jungle. I found myself facing hundreds of life-sized black statues that were similar to the Venus of Willendorf.

I traveled deeper into the jungle and came to a final statue. The second vial of magic powder was placed into a hole in the top of the statue's head. Then the statue opened up like an oven to reveal a cheesecake (??) being baked. I took the cheesecake out of the oven and this triggered a second level of the statue to open. Inside this deeper level was a spiral staircase that descended deep into the earth.

At the bottom of the staircase we arrived in a room/cave full of large and pregnant women. They were performing a birthing ritual for one of their group who was about to deliver her baby.

I was told that the third gift for Shaman's Net members is the energy of Creativity. In its most literal sense it could be taken as fertility -- so if anyone in the Shaman's Net is attempting to become pregnant this gift is magical and spiritual support for doing that.

For the rest of us we can take the more general use of the gift to enhance the places in our lives where powerful energies, to bring forth things that have never existed before, will support our life paths. This is deep creativity at its most fundamental level.

We followed the birthing ritual as they floated the woman on a stream into a beautiful sacred pool outside of the cave. She was preparing to do an underwater birth.

Once we were outside I was directed to travel across the pool to another cave/tunnel. We traveled into the tunnel. In front of us I saw a ferret who was guiding us. We followed him through the various twists and turns of this passage.

After a long, long time we arrived in a little room. Sitting hunched over a table was a wizened old man/woman. She/he was painting magical images on cards. The third vial of powder opened up and was poured into the pigments. Suddenly all the paintings changed from two-dimensional images into real, living, three-dimensional spaces -- you could literally walk into the paintings.

The fourth gift for the Shaman's Net members is the ability to manifest your visions into the real world; the magical ability to make your dreams become real.

With the final vial's purpose revealed, I asked my power animals if there was anything more for the Shaman's Net and I found myself flying on the back of Little One Dragon, with Eagle flying on one side and Raven on the other.

We flew for a long time over many beautiful, primordial landscapes, past waterfalls, giant trees, etc.

We arrived at a cave opening high in a cliff. It was guarded by two huge daemon-like creatures -- spiked armor, sharp swords, tusks, claws, etc. However, they either didn't notice us, or we had permission to pass.

We flew past them into a vast chamber where thousands of these beings were assembled. I looked down to the chamber floor and saw that among all these black armored daemons was a white robed individual being restrained and held down.

At first I was startled, thinking, "Oh no, they are about to sacrifice someone! What are we supposed to do now?" My first urge was to swoop down and rescue the "damsel in distress" from the daemon hoards.

My power animals held me back and I soon saw that the white robed individual was just as much a daemon as the others and may or may not have been female. I also realized that I had no clue as to the customs, laws, rituals, etc. of these beings. Obviously, I was just as strange and daemon looking to them as they were to me.

I was struggling to understand what I was seeing, what I was to do there, and what all this had to do with gifts, guidance and protection for Shaman's Net members.

I flew down to the main floor and learned, through creative communications with them, that there was a conflict of power and needs between two different groups of these beings. I was then directed by my power animals to use the magic powders to generate an object / "gathering of energies" that was of powerful use and extreme interest to both groups. However, the only way that this "object" could be cultivated and used was by creative cooperation between both groups. One group alone did not have the skill, knowledge, magic or power to access the energies I was generating. It required cooperation and teamwork.

This is the fifth gift to the Shaman's Net members -- the gift of transcendence, the gift of bringing together polar opposites to generate new possibilities. It is the gift of synergy, cooperation, and community.

This was the journey's end and I returned home.

Many blessings.


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections:

1. The first gift is the gift of being released from a restrictive/constrictive piece of energy in your life to discover and recover the gifts that those restrictions were hiding. This is a good meditation for Shaman's Net members -- to look for the places in your life where you have felt restricted from being your authentic self and examine those places for hidden gifts.

2. The second gift of Magic Powder is to augment the places in your life where you need extra nourishment. Magic as a nurturing resource.

3.The third gift is the energy of creativity at its most deep and fundamental level. Magic as a creative resource.

4. The fourth gift is the ability to manifest your visions into the real world. The magical ability to make your dreams become real.

5. The final gift is the abilities to bring synergy, community, and cooperation into polar opposite places to generate new possibilities.

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Shaman's Net Journey #2 for Summer Season

July 22, 2005-- Full Moon July 21, 2005

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance for the Summer Shaman's Net members.

This rather intense journey started in my sacred garden. I spent time there connecting with each member of the Summer Shaman's Net.

Once this ritual was completed, my power animals carried me to a dense, lush jungle. I was hovering above a scene that confused me. It looked like a group of Latino people, including lots of children, who were sitting or laying down and tending each other as though there had been a big accident. At the same time it looked and felt like people were getting made-up to attend a costume party.

I lingered for a short while trying to decide what kind of reality I was looking at -- accident or pre-party dress up. Before I could collapse quantum reality (another way of describing an act of magic) into one scene or the other I was pulled by Spirit to follow one of the children, a young boy, out of the jungle. We entered into a big meadow that was set up for a large festival -- a Renaissance Fair or a rendezvous of travelers and traders.

Then the boy disappeared and I found myself following a long-haired man.

Once we were deep into the fair grounds I saw two beautiful young women, dressed in medieval clothing, laughing and talking. I walked over to them to ask for directions -- telling them that I was there to find gifts, guidance and protection for the Summer Shaman's Net members. As soon as I approached them and started to talk to them they transformed into hideous monsters with huge fangs and burned out eyes.

This caused me to pull up sharply. My power animals told me that they were actually threshold guardians. I looked around to determine what they were trying to keep me from. In the middle of the fair was a big tent. As I watched this tent transformed itself into a giant creature with a huge maw filled with slimy tongues and hundreds of sharp ugly teeth.

I was tempted to return to my sacred garden when the feelings of "keep going forward" and urgency filled me. I could see a glowing ruby colored light deep inside the maw. A "knowing" from Spirit filled every cell in my body -- it was essential for me to fearlessly travel into this cave-like maw. To turn back now would be to waste all the effort and work that I had already done.

This is the first gift / guidance for the Shaman's Net members -- to "stay the course". That you are closer than you realize to completing a very important piece of work and to give up now would mean losing all of the work done to date. It might feel like you have miles to go and years of effort ahead of you but by persisting you will arrive much sooner. (It is interesting to note, given these political times, how the phrase, "stay the course", now has considerable negative charge. I stumbled over that phrase, both in the journey and in this write up. However, it was the phrase Spirit used.)

So despite my considerable misgivings, I marched into the maw. I propped it open with tree limbs and bones and anything else I could find to keep it from snapping shut. I pushed my way past slime, smoke, and toxic fumes. In a word, it was nasty.

Finally, deep in the throat I reached out and pulled out a protuberance that seemed to contain the ruby glow that had called me in the first place. At the end of this stalk was a crystal ball object about the size of a soccer ball. It was now glowing a blue white color. As I looked at it I saw shades of gold -- like the iris in the eye of a cat. Then it returned to the blue white clear crystal with milky threads of energy swirling through it linking sparkling dots of light -- stars.

I extracted this star globe. I was told that this is a collection of possible universes / possible realities. This is the second gift for the net members -- a sphere of possible realities to choose to live into / a sphere of magic. One way of doing magic is to choose the universe / reality that already has the aspects that you want to manifest in your life and "step into" that reality.

I was told to return later to replace this Star Globe of Possible Realities with a seed globe. This creature is like a giant oyster -- it takes a seed crystal and coats it with access to possible realities. (Toward the journey's end I did return with a small, marble sized crystal ball and placed it in the maw so that it could grow another large star globe.)

Now that I had the star globe of possible realities, I wondered how one would choose which reality "star" to move into -- how to map the choices.

Before I could discover the answer to the map question, Spirit took me into a room. There was clutter and chaos everywhere. At a desk was a boss or bureaucrat or king -- someone with authority -- ordering people about. As soon as I arrived with the star globe all his orders were neutralized. I was told that this is the third gift -- the ability to neutralize outside authority / artificial authority that is interfering with your progress on your "work" / project. This is further support (the clearing of unwanted interferences) for the "stay the course" gift #1.

Once the pseudo authority was cleared I was taken back to the initial scene of the children. There seemed to be one little girl that needed healing so I used the star globe to generate a reality in which she was unhurt.

Then my power animals directed me to the underground pub that I had been to in journey #3 of the Winter, 2004, Shaman's Net. There the bartender took me to a back room. He pulled back a hide that was covering the opening to a small closet. I briefly glimpsed what looked like a map on the back of the hide. I entered the closet and looked up to see an opening in the roof that led to a beautiful, sunny meadow. I climbed out and was enjoying the fresh air and sun when I was suddenly surrounded by hundreds of thousands of racing animals. At first they seemed to be wolves, then they were deer, then wild boar, etc.

I rose above the chaos of the charging animals to see in the distance a destroyed landscape. It was as though a bomb had exploded, or a huge fire had burned all the trees, rocks, buildings and mountains. There was smoke, haze and dust everywhere. It looked like a war zone. I watched as the herds of animal energy poured into this wounded land. Then a magical transformation occurred. The smoke and haze cleared and I saw that all the destruction had been replaced with vibrant trees and plants. The animals had "poured" themselves into the land and restored it.

This is the third gift -- the ability to call upon the energies of Nature to bring about powerful healing of badly wounded landscapes. This gift can be used for external landscapes or internal landscapes.

After the transformation was complete I floated down into the new lands and was admiring the beauty up close when, from out of nowhere, I was hit in the head by a large pewter beer stein. The message was that this magical ability (to transform wounded landscapes) is very powerful and "heady" -- it is easy to get "drunk" on the power of such magic. This is a piece of guidance for net members -- use such magic cautiously and don't get drunk on such power.

I returned to the pub. Everyone was surprised to see me. It seems that I had come from an initiation rite that they did not expect me to complete.

I was drinking a beer and talking with a huge mountain man -- a hairy figure who resembled Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies. I was telling him my concern that I still did not have a way to map the Star Globe of Possible Realities. He showed me that the globe had lines that connected different stars creating Zodiac figures. He told me that each Shaman's Net member can use the astrological guidance of their sign as a mapping system into realities of choice.

I would encourage each net member to use astrology as a guidance system. One way of doing this would be to have an astrological reading to provide guidance and information around a given issue that you are working to transform. At the very least, I encourage each net member to work with a poetic astrological system such as Brezsny's Free Will astrology. He is excellent and has a great sense of humor, poetry, and the transformative power of intention and language.

This was the end of the journey

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections:

1. The first gift / guidance for the Shaman's Net members is Spirit's support and encouragement to "stay the course". You are closer than you realize to completing a very important piece of work. To give up now would mean losing all of the work done to date. You might feel like there are miles to go and years of effort ahead but by persisting you will arrive much sooner.

2. The second gift is a Star Globe of Possible Realities to choose to live into.

3. The third gift is the ability to call upon the energies of Nature to generate powerful healing of badly wounded landscapes -- Internal and external.

4. The fourth gift is an important piece of guidance for net members in regards to #3 above -- use such magic cautiously and don't get "drunk" on the incredible power.

5. The final gift is the astrological mapping system as a guide to help you choose which reality to manifest into via the Star Globe of Possible Realities.


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Shaman's Net Journey #3 for Summer Season

August 28,2005 -- Full Moon August 19, 2005

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance for the Summer Shaman's Net members.

This journey started in my Sacred Garden. I was guided to travel up the stream that runs through my garden. This stream runs along a short basalt cliff. I followed a winding path that runs through dense forest and boulders on the other side of the stream opposite the cliff. One hundred yards upstream is a place where gold and silver "flow" out of the cliff and into the streambed. The water is purified and energized as it rushes over these metals into my Sacred Garden.

I was instructed to take a pinch of gold and a pinch of silver. These I shaped into two ribbons of metal. I then formed a ring where, for one half of the ring's circumference, the gold and silver are separate and for the other half they are braided together to form Electrum -- an amalgam of gold and silver.

I was told that this ring is the first gift for the Shaman's Net members. It is to enhance the coming energies of Fall. The gold represents the Sun and Male energies and the Silver represents the Moon and Female energies. The Fall is the time where Sun and Moon, Male and Female have equal power -- The balance of the Fall Equinox.

Once the ring was completed, a Faun appeared and directed me to an oddly shaped tunnel in the cliff wall. I followed him into the tunnel and was surprised to see that it led up a giant spire of rock. The Faun was climbing up the spire. Part way up he stepped aside onto a platform / way-station. Then another Faun appeared for me to follow.

We arrived at a second way-station. The Faun asked me for the Shaman's Net talisman vials, which I gave to him. To my surprise and shock he casually tossed them into the void next to the spire -- it was hundreds of feet to the earth below! I was relieved to see that they did not fall. The talisman vials gently floated up and down like dandelion seeds, floating on air currents and sparkling in the sunlight. After verifying that there was enough "lightness" in the Shaman's Net, he deftly caught the vials in his hand and gave them back to me.

We continued our climb until we reached the top. At the top is an old hut that is created out of a giant tree. It reminded me of the "Baba Yaga" hut from the Fall 2004 Shaman's Net journey. (I am almost certain it was the same place with the same old woman -- Click here for that journey)

In the hut an ancient woman greeted me. She was a very happy and friendly person -- and she was a bit strange. She was giggling as she showed me her "hobby" of weaving beautiful designs onto the wings of beetles so that when they fly they are works of art.

She then took the Shaman's Net talisman vials and attached wings to them. This is the second gift for the net members -- "wings of art" to soar high with.

I thanked her. We, who were now winged art pieces, all flew off her spire-top house and up a beautiful river valley. On either side of the river were steep mountainsides covered in forest. Far away, shrouded in golden mists, was a giant waterfall -- thousands of feet high. It is a very beautiful Fairyland.

As we approached the waterfall I saw that it was also a large building. We flew up the side until we arrived at a passageway. Inside it is a library. I looked around for any obvious gifts of books, etc. for the net members but no particular book, among the thousands of books, stood out.

I wandered about the library for a while, reminding Spirit that I was looking for gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members. I was taken to a commons area. There I saw a young woman with tattoos, brightly dyed hair and facial piercings. She was putting up a poster on a bulletin board. Along the bottom of the poster, where one would usually find a row of tear-off phone numbers, were four pictures of young people. One of the pictures was of this woman. It looked like there was another woman and two men -- again a balance of male/female energies.

The poster described how these young women and men were available to help people.

I was told that this was the third gift for net members -- help from unusual and unexpected sources.

This was the end of the journey

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections:

1. The first gift for the Shaman's Net members is the balance and enhancement of the polar energies -- male / female; positive / negative; Yin / Yang; etc. This is symbolized by the ring of gold, silver and braided electrum. Balance of energies to assist you in preparing for the coming Fall season.

2.The second gift is "wings of art" to fly with. The message seems to be to "soar high and soar beautifully" for you have the support of Spirit.

3. The third gift is help from unusual, underrated, and unexpected sources. Look to the unexpected, the magical for assistance in your life. Look to places you might never have looked before.

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Shaman's Net Journey #4 for Summer Season

September 20, 2005 -- Full Moon September 18, 2005

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance for the Summer Shaman's Net members.

This was a transition journey, being on the cusp of the Fall Equinox.

I was greeted in this journey by a new Power Animal, Hummingbird. He was humming around my Black Smoke Dragon -- zipping this way and that. Black Smoke Dragon was quite taken by Hummingbird and having a hard time twisting his head back and forth trying to watch Hummingbird.

Finally Hummingbird landed on Black Smoke Dragon's nose and settled in. It was almost too cute -- too "Disney".

It was obvious that Hummingbird was to guide the last Shaman's Net journey for this season. Hummingbird was flitting up and down, left and right, over and under -- it was quite a wild ride trying to follow his movements on the back of a dragon.

After flying over miles of beautiful countryside -- mountains, valleys and forests -- Hummingbird did a "fold the wings" high speed dive into a tiny tunnel. Black Smoke Dragon and I had to quickly shape shift into a small, hummingbird sized form in order to fit into the tunnel. Our new size made it much (!!) easier to follow.

At the end of the tunnel we all came to an abrupt stop in front of a gray stone / metal wall. There was a strange disk-like lock mechanism in the center of the wall. Hummingbird turned this lock which revealed a doorway in the wall.

Suddenly a small gnome appeared -- he looked like a Jim Henson Muppet from the movie "Labyrinth". The door had hinges on both sides -- right side opened to a fairyland and the left side opened to a broom closet (again this was a scene from the movie). He asked us what we were after and I told him the intention of the journey. He said, "Oh, you want the broom closet then."

He opened the door and we entered the broom closet. At first it was all clutter and junk but at the back of the closet there was an opening that led to a beautiful old growth forest. It was a picture book land with giant trees, hazy sunlight filtering to the mossy floor, etc.

We walked into the forest. Scattered among the trees were houses. I noticed that we were giant beings compared to the houses so as we were walking we reduced our size so that we were "to scale". Ahead of us was a small, modern house -- split level ranch-style house with window boxes of flowers and a picket fence -- Very (!!) out of place in the fairyland.

I tried to enter the house but was told not to. Leading us through the forest village (there were several of these ranch / forest houses) was a small animal that at times appeared to be a small black, brown and white spotted dog, then a spotted goat or a spotted pig. Most of the time it shifted between goat and pig.

Eventually the goat / pig delivered us at a house. A person came out and gave us a drink. We were to drink some of the liquid ourselves and take some of it to someone named "Sarah". Because no one in the Summer Shaman's Net is named Sarah, I asked for directions to where we were to go.

With directions, we took the glass of the liquid and continued, with the goat / pig, up the forest path until we arrived at another house. A young / old fairy woman came out (her appearance was very paradoxical -- I could not get a fix on her age). We gave "Sarah" the glass. She thanked us and drank it. After drinking the drink she began making magical / ritualistic gestures over the goat / pig.

She explained that she was giving the Summer Shaman's Net members the gift of shields. We thanked her and she sent us on our way to find the other gifts, etc. for the Net members.

After traveling deeper into the forest, the imagery changed and I was in a room where things were being rearranged -- furniture was being moved around, objects were being boxed up, etc. I was told that the second gift for the Net members is the gift of cleansing. A ritual cleaning and clearing of energies to make a clear channel for the coming flow of new Fall energy.

Once the room was cleansed I was returned to the forest. I was shown an amazingly beautiful pathway the led through a "tunnel" of trees and up moss / flower covered marble stairs. Then the path disappeared. By force of will I found it again, only to have it disappear again. The appearing / disappearing path kept teasing me and I was really interested in following it.

I tried to travel the path but I was stopped. I was told that this path was for the Fall season. I explained that:

1. It was almost Fall.

2. That I really wanted to find as many gifts as I could for the last journey of the Summer Season Shaman's Net.

3. That this journey was really a transition journey between Summer and Fall -- AND

4. That I really wanted to follow this path.

My persistence paid off and I was finally able to hold the pathway in a solid form. I traveled the path deeper into the forest. It led me to a place that looked like the path should fork. I could not locate any path along the left handed fork (I suspect that the left fork path was there but that I could not push my agenda, about traveling this path, in that directions.)

I followed the right "fork" to a meadow in the center of a grove of trees. As I approached the grove the meadow burst into a "dance" of flaming beings. A flaming "Wizard of Oz" like head floated up above the ring of dancers and demanded to know why I was there. He roared and flamed and was very adamant that I shouldn't be there because it was not the Fall season.

I apologized for my disturbance of his fire dance and again stated my four reasons for pursuing the path. His energy increased, the flames grew bigger and the meadow turned black. I stood respectfully while he processed my presence.

Finally the energy settled down. The Fire being looked at me and said, "Ok. I can give you the gift of an early harvest of one small thing." He then handed me an object that was the combination of a small feather and the head of a shaft of wheat. I thanked him and returned.

This was the end of the journey

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. First is the gift of shields, the gift of protections.

2. The second gift is a ritual cleaning and clearing of energies to open a channel for the coming of new Fall energy. I encourage each Net member to actualize this in the physical world -- a ritual cleaning of your "space" to make way for new energy.

3. The third gift is the "early harvest of one small thing", symbolized by the combined small feather and the head of a wheat shaft. It is the opportunity to find / create completion of some project earlier than expected.

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