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"Success" is the energy of the Winter talismans.

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Shaman’s Net Journey #1 for Winter Season

January 18, 2006 -- Full Moon January 14, 2006

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance related to "Success" for the Winter Shaman's Net members.

This journey started with Seth Green, the actor who played "Oz" on the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Yes, my closet secret is out, I am a Buffy fan -- it is a campy, silly show that touches on shamanic and magical topics, inter-dimensional demons, and teenage angst about what to wear to the prom.) Seth/Oz is also a Werewolf (a good one who struggles with his dark side).

I had just read an article about Seth Green's success as an actor, writer, producer, director, voice over talent, etc. and my first response to his appearance in this journey was to assume that the article had contaminated my ability to journey.

Then I realized that the entire point of the article was to underline Seth's success. Success is the energy of this season's blessing for the Shaman's Net talismans. So I relaxed into the knowledge that I was going to have to expose my "Buffy" secret to the greater world, thanks to the internet, and let Seth guide the journey.

Seth guided us down a cliff face that I have been to in other journey work. It is made of smooth, jet black rock. There are narrow paths and rope ladders down the face of it. At the bottom of the cliff, in a narrow river channel is a path that leads to an undercut of the cliff wall. It is not quite a cave. People, and others, have created petroglyphs there over the eons.

Seth guided us up the river along black pebbles. We walk away from the petroglyph cliff wall. At this point Seth/Oz had transformed into a wolf. We walked for a long time into denser and denser forest. Finally we arrived at a narrow side channel. Sitting there was a Native American Elder. He was carving a branch. At the end of the branch was a carved wooden head that talked. The Elder handed me the Talking Stick and pointed us toward a cave.

The Talking Stick was a little strange -- a kind of body-less Charlie McCarthy doll. His mouth kept moving but I could not make out the details of what he was saying.

We arrived at the cave entrance where I placed the Talking Stick in the ground. He was our threshold guardian.

Wolf/Seth guided us inside the cave where I saw images of stars -- the five pointed "Hollywood Star" kind of star. I asked Wolf about these and I was told that this was the first gift for the Shaman's Net members -- a path of stars. And as I looked I saw the one star transform into a pathway of stars.

I was told that everyone has "stars" in their lives. People in their lives who represent the best example of the goals and hopes of that individual. So the gift is to recognize and find ways to emulate people whom you admire for their success. Let these people and their actions be your guiding pathway -- your guide to success.

We followed Wolf and the pathway of stars deeper into the cave. We arrived at a natural chimney that we began to climb, leaving Wolf behind.

At the top we were standing on a mesa overlooking a vast and lush landscape. As I was gazing about looking for where to go next, one of the stars turned into a shooting star flying up into the sky. It was clear that this was turning into an Upper World journey. I grabbed the tail of the shooting star and we were pulled up into the sky.

We flew for a long time past clouds, cities in the clouds, and glowing landscapes. Finally we arrived in an Upper World city that I have visited to before in other journeys. It is a Moroccan style walled city with minarets, lots of mosaic tile work, adobe style buildings, outdoor bazaars and spice markets. There were lots of people and animals about.

We flew up to the temple with the gold doors. I knocked on the doors. As I waited for someone to answer I noticed a postage stamp sized American flag sticker stuck on the door. This surprised me. Finally a beautiful woman opened the doors and welcomed us. She is either a high priestess or a Goddess of this temple. I asked her about the flag sticker and she told me that some people who visit this city need some kind of grounding reference point. Often one's nationalism will serve as this. So someone from France would see a French flag, etc. Also the size of the flag is an indicator of how important one's nationality is to one's sense of self.

I explained our intention and she takes us up several flights of stairs into an chamber filled with golden light. At a window/drawing board she drew, out of glowing gold/white light, several different glyphs -- one for each Shaman's Net member. She placed each glyph into the appropriate talisman vial. Each glyph was different and unique for that vial.

I was told that these glyphs are gateways or channels for drawing the energy of Success into your life. These glyphs are a kind of Reiki symbol to draw energy through. Visualize the presence of the glyph (or the actual form of the glyph, if it reveals itself to you) in the talisman vial and draw energy through it to generate success around any project or situation (like a headache you wish to clear, or a disagreement that you wish to resolve in a positive, win-win way) where you need assistance in manifesting success. This glyph the second gift.

I asked how each member could learn what their glyph looked like. She told me that it might appear in a dream, in the shape of a cloud, a pattern of bark on a tree, shadows on a wall, or perhaps it would appear in an idle doodle on a piece of paper. She also said that the actual shape is less important than just knowing that the glyph exists and drawing its energy through the talisman vial into your life.

I thanked her for our glyphs and asked her if there were any other gifts or guidance that she had for the Shaman's Net members. She smiled at me and said nothing. I waited as patiently as I could.

Finally she said to me that the third gift was the gift of patience, the gift of pause. She told me that an integral part of success is taking time to be in the energy of a successful venture. It is taking the time to appreciate all the little successes along the way. It is also a review of the places in your life where things happened that at first appeared as failure or obstacles but later, in hindsight, you can see that they were the exact perfect set of events that generated a bigger success. It is the pause of appreciation that is like rests in music -- one has to have silence as well as notes in order for music make sense. We stood in appreciation of any and all the successes in our lives.

Then she took me to an upper balcony that overlooked a vast and stunningly beautiful river valley. I was admiring the glorious sunset when my power animals pulled me off the balcony and we flew up the river channel. The river became smaller and smaller as we flew to its source, the headwaters.

We arrived at a tiny Amazon Basin-style village. At the boat dock was a strange device. It was an elaborate mechanical valve that had a 5 foot metal rod with a spiral carved down it. A flat paddle was attached to it. A young man was given the sacred task of tending this device. The flat paddle in the "down" position would block a channel preventing the water from the sacred wellspring from flowing out into the main river.

This sacred well was the "Source". The young mans job was to raise the flat paddle up to the top of the spiral rod and let it slowly wind its way down. While this was happening the source water would pour into the river and revitalize it. When it reached the bottom it would block the flow, allowing the pool to refill -- allowing the source to revitalize itself.

I once again explained the intention of this journey and he took out a tiny dipper made of hand hammered silver . He dipped into the sacred well and poured a single drop of Source Water into each Shaman's Net talisman vial. This was the final gift for the net members. I thanked him.

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The first gift is a pathway of stars. People to emulate who you admire for their success. Let these people and their actions be your guiding pathway to success.

2. The second gift is the glyph of success. Use this glyph as a channel to draw the energy of success into your life.

3. The third gift is the gift of patience, the gift of "pause". An integral part of success is taking the time to appreciate the moment of success and all the little successes along the way. Success is not just about "push, push, push", it is also about taking a moment of pause to appreciate. The pause of appreciation is like rests in music -- the silence between the notes is necessary for music to be music.

4. The fourth gift is a single drop of from the sacred well of "Source" energy.

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Shaman’s Net Journey #2 for Winter Season

February 28, 2006-- Full Moon February 14, 2006

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance related to "Success" for the Winter Shaman's Net members.

This journey started in my Sacred Garden. I was surrounded by all of my Power Animals who were shielding me from very stormy weather. The winds were at hurricane levels and I was quite concerned for everyone and for my Sacred Garden. Once I had voiced my concern my Power Animals expanded their protective energy to include the garden. It felt like I was in a cave within a cave inside another cave.

I thanked everyone for the protection and I asked how this was related to the intention of this journey. I was told that the first gift for Shaman's Net members is the gift of protection and calm amidst a storm of bigger forces that are outside of anyone's influence. They were offering a calm and protected space to ride out the storm.

I watched the storm rage outside through a very small opening in the outer most cave -- branches, trees, rocks, snow, dirt and all sorts of other objects where hurling by at frightening speeds. I retreated back into the inner cave.

I sat next to a warm fire waiting for the next part of the journey. I realized that my body, in the physical world, was being very uncomfortable -- lots of aches, cramps, and itches. I kept shifting my body seeking comfort only to create a different pain. It became very distracting, almost to the point of my stopping the journey. I could hardly focus.

Suddenly I "got it". I realized that sometimes it is the little things that block our success. We spend lots of our time looking to overcome the big things that seem to be keeping us from success when sometimes it is a lot of little things that we allow to stop us. It is all the little places where we make a choice not to move toward our success -- because we are too tired, or it will take too much effort, or "I will start on .... tomorrow." Little aches, pains, and annoyances that give us an excuse to stop.

This was the second gift/guidance for the net members -- the awareness that in the quiet of protection from the bigger "storms" we need to spend time transforming the little places that undermine our path to success.

I thanked Spirit (and noticed that I now had "found" a position of comfort) and asked if there was more for me to do.

I heard a rustle and saw a small imp-like elf girl. She was peeking out from behind a giant Crow. Then I saw what can only be described as a "tunnel of Crows". Many giant Crows were facing each other, beak to beak, chest to chest, forming a "tunnel" in the space between their chests and beaks. The elf girl motioned for us to follow her up through the tunnel.

Cautiously we walked up the tunnel. At the other end was a set of stone stairs roughly cut into a wall, deep in the cave. We mounted the stairs and climbed out a small opening into the storm! We were forcing our way up a narrow path -- a kind of rock channel about as wide as two people. There were violent winds and much snow. Ahead of us I saw a young elf man who seemed to be the elf girl's brother. He was wrapped in a heavy, wolf-fur coat. He was guiding us and holding onto his sister. They kept trying to hurry us along, but I was being cautious and alert. I motioned them to move on ahead, which they finally did.

Once they were gone I sent out a pulse of energy to clear the weather. This calmed the winds some and the snow disappeared. Now I could easily follow the path. After a long climb we arrived at the top of a mountain. The weather was calm and pleasant. We were above the storm. Sitting on the peak was a small, wizened old man. Behind him, fanning out like peacock feathers, was a fan of rainbow colors. (To myself, I referred to him as the "Rainbow Gnome".)

I talked with him, telling him the intention of the journey. He smiled and placed his thumb and forefinger of his right hand together to form an "O". He held it so that it was flat like a pool of water. With the forefinger of his other hand he stroked the "O". As he did so little sparkles of light, like firework's sparkles in slow motion, formed around the rim of the "O". I watched quite mesmerized by the beauty of what he was creating.

After a time he rolled up the sparkling "O" into a little ball of sparkles -- a pearl of sparkles. He handed me this sparkle pearl telling me that it is to be used to illuminate the source of the little things that stop us from success. Little things need to be illuminated by a little flare (a big flare would hide it in the big glare). When you identify a little "success stopper", this sparkle pearl is used to illuminate the root source, revealing the cause of how that little thing is stopping you. This is a powerful way to transform things by knowing their source, their name. Knowledge is power. This is the third gift.

I was told to continue on. After a long climb we arrived at the top of a mountain. Miles of clouds were below us. I sat on the back of one of my Dragons and we watched as the clouds and storm cleared. I could see hundreds of miles of beautiful landscape in all directions.

My Power Animals told me that somewhere hidden deep in the vast landscape were all the paths that members of the Shaman's Net were choosing to travel toward their goals of success. From this great height it was easy to see the goals, but the paths to those goals were quite hidden. Some paths, obviously, would be an easier route than others but from this height (and, notably, from ground level too) it was impossible to determine the best paths.

I thanked my Power Animals for this information, though I noted to them that this was not a new thought -- that it is possible to find a place to see the "big picture".

Once I voiced this thought, all the Talisman vials appeared. Each vial was illuminated by the sparkling pearl from the Rainbow Gnome. I found myself flying high above the vast landscape, in amongst the Talisman vials. At random times one of the vials would float down to that person's path to success. I was told that the gift was not the big picture view, but the realization that when one is in a place where the path choices are unclear, or seem to be of equal worth, that one needs to be fearless in choice and to allow Spirit to speak to them through "random" chance. Randomness, the "chance" appearance of some piece of knowledge, or guidance, or opportunity, etc. needs to be honored and "looked for" least our intense focus on the goal act as blinders that prevents us from seeing a better path.

This fourth gift is the guidance that we need to allow Spirit into our process, our drive to success, and be open to the random possibilities and opportunities that Spirit is offering.

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The first gift is the gift of protection and calm amidst the storms that are outside of anyone's influence. It is an offering of a calm and protected space to take a break from the storm of all the pressures and stresses surrounding us.

2. The second gift/guidance is the realization/awareness that, in the quiet of being away from the bigger "storms", we need to spend time transforming the little places that we use (or use us) to stop ourselves from achieving a success.

3. The third gift is the pearl of sparkles used to illuminate and name the root source of the little, hidden things that stop us from achieving our success.

4. The fourth gift is the opening to Spirit's input through random and unexpected opportunities, surprises, and input. It is the gift of a seemingly random placement of our guiding talismans upon our path that actually opens up new and more powerful paths to our goals.


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Shaman’s Net Journey #3 for Winter Season

March 17, 2006 -- Full Moon March 14, 2006

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance related to "Success" for the Winter Shaman's Net members.

This journey started in a large conference hall. I was standing in line with my Power Animals. It seemed that we were in line to attend something like a Boy Scout Jamboree. The ticket taker was a balding tall man with glasses. He looked like a stereotypical nerd. He was also dressed in a crudely made Eagle costume. (The cloth was a pale brown, and the wings were rough cut and unraveling "feather" shaped strips of cloth. The whole costume had the feel of a first grader's project.)

When we arrived at the gate, I attempted to catch the Eagle Nerd's eye to tell him our intention and see what guidance he had for us. As soon as I had his attention he tried to break the contact but I would not let go. He began to shape shift, faster and faster, until he was a blur of many different animals and other forms.

I was surprised but kept my focus and intention on him. The imagery became more frenetic and crazy. At one point in the chaos I was reminded of the myths where the protagonist captures a magical being and has to hold tightly onto it no matter what animal, or monster it turns into.

This was a very exhausting process. At a certain point I constructed a bubble in Side-time to place him into while he went on and on becoming different forms. This bubble allowed me to relax my active attention and focus by shifting it to Side-time attention and focus -- sort of like how people drive cars, a level of autopilot takes over tending the details of car driving, leaving other aspects free to talk with passengers, notice the scenery, think about work, etc.

Side-time also has the advantage of being in a different time stream so years and centuries can go by in Side-time, while only a few minutes have passed in this time stream. After several minutes of this time stream had passed, I checked in on the Eagle Nerd. He was finally exhausted and had settled down into his original form -- Eagle Nerd. (This Side-time bubble approach is a powerful tool for dealing with a phenomena that frequently appears in the Spirit Realms -- the phenomena of infinity.

Events can take an infinite amount of time, or distances can be infinitely great, etc. One of the roles of the shaman is to find ways to "cut to the chase", to arrive at the place or time of infinity instantly without having to go the long way, i.e. travel for an infinity of years to "arrive". It is a paradox, and much of the work centers on "intentionally choosing to be complete". It is a kind of "arriving", by choice, intention and declaration, at the infinite point in space and time where the infinite process is complete. -- For an interesting exploration of the mathematics of infinities and how to get at them, study the field of Transfinite Mathematics.)

Now that he was back to "normal", I asked him for an explanation of why he did the "infinity of animal forms". What was the information that I needed to glean from his chaos? At this point he seemed to ignore my questions.

Eagle Nerd then opened the gates and declared that everyone could enter the Jamboree for free.

He led us away from the Jamboree. We glided just above the surface of a large, deep blue, river. Eagle Nerd floated up to the edge of a giant waterfall. We arrived at the edge and looked down into an infinitely deep waterfall chasm. It was beautiful and breathtaking!

Eagle Nerd then stepped over the waterfall edge and started riding down the water's face as though he was in an elevator. We followed, gliding down the waterfall for miles and light years and eons and forever. .

While this ride was fun, exciting, and interesting as we passed multiple reality layers and landscapes that somehow intersected with this waterfall portal, it was not getting us any closer, that I could tell, to the gifts, guidance and protections I was seeking for the Shaman's Net members. Again this was a place that I could have journeyed endlessly and never arrived at the bottom of the waterfall Once more I had to cut to the chase and declare the descent over by "stepping outside" of the infinity and arriving.

I reminded our guide that he was taking us to find gifts and I requested that he remain in his "Eagle Nerd" form so that I could more easily track him through shamanic space.

We floated above a river. On either side was cartoon-like realities -- landscapes, machines, cities, and beings that looked like they were from cartoon shows. I observed this weirdness flowing by while maintaining my intention on the purpose of this journey, and my attention on Eagle Nerd -- tracking his guidance, and holding onto him in that specific form so we would not lose our way. (It felt to me that he was trying to break my hold on him so he could get away. I told him that I really wasn't trying to keep him a prisoner, I just needed him to guide us to the Shaman's Net gifts for Full Moon journey #3.)

Finally he answered my question about his frenetic shape shifting. He told me that the first gift for the Shaman's Net members is the knowledge that most things around us change shape very fast. It is often difficult to "see" the true form of things, situations, lessons, experiences, etc. The gift is the courage and tenacity of holding onto the things and events in our lives in such a way that we see past the temporary forms and shape shifts and see into the true and authentic core of that situation.

We continued our travels along varied cartoon worlds and realistic worlds. Finally we traveled into a realm that looked like a picture from a mathematics graph book. It was a combination of realistic landscapes overlaid with contour graph lines.

Our guide took us deep into this strange math world. Ahead I could see that the landscapes "poured" into oblivion. They disappeared down large black openings scattered about the terrain. These black holes were reality "tunnels" (perspectives on how the universe works -- which, of course, limit our experiences to what is possible within a given perspective) that pulled extremely powerfully, trying to suck us into a specific (and limiting) reality paradigm.

There was a silver, glowing thread that meandered between the multitude of black holes of reality. By focusing on this thread we could stay centered on our path, staying true to our path. This, I was informed, was the second Shaman's Net gift -- the guiding thread to keep us from going astray and falling into a belief system that is "off course" for us. (This path guided by a centered thread speaks strongly to the energy of the upcoming Spring Equinox which is about balance between extremes.)

As soon as I understood the second gift I was whisked away to a sunny mountain top. An Otter was there to greet me though he seemed as surprised by my arrival as I was. I no longer had my intention holding Eagle Nerd's presence and form. Suddenly he was gone from the journey. However, I had the sense that we were complete with him.

As I looked around I realized that I was standing at one of my goals -- I was standing at a place of great success in my life. The problem was that I had arrived by a short cut. Since I had not tracked my arrival (by the long way) I had no idea where I was. That is to say that I had no idea what goal/success I had arrived at. I just knew I had arrived and I had to "figure it out".

I realized that this was the third gift for the Shaman's Net members -- the gift of short cutting to a place of success, a goal. However the trick of this gift is to use gift #1 (seeing into the true core, the true nature of things) to understand and recognize what goal you have succeeded with.

And it may be that the goal you thought you needed or were going toward is not the goal you have arrived at -- it may be the goal that you really needed -- the hidden goal. You just have to look around and recognize it.

Remember too that such an unexpected arrival from a different route will often contain many, many important lessons and new perspectives that can prove immeasurably useful.

Next I was taken to a beautiful deciduous forest. Near a riverbank I saw a tiny opening into a hill. Out front was a tiny being, a kind of faery standing on a leaf. We shrank down to her size (about the size of a carpenter ant). I approached her, as she was clearly the threshold guardian, and told her the intention of this journey. She directed me deeper into the cave/tunnels.

Finally deep in this dark tunnel I saw a glow up ahead. We arrived to find several faeries working by tending objects deep in a mud-like river that were attached with strings.

After a while they would pull up one of the strings to see how this "matrix of earth" process was going. Attached to one string was a white pearl that was being converted into a black or iridescent pearl. Later I saw them bring up other valuable gem stones.

At the end of this earth coating process they had small, ordinary looking rocks with very valuable gems hidden inside.

This was the fourth gift -- a piece of guidance to remind us to look in the mundane places, the "plain" places, the over-looked places to discover the hidden gems of success in our lives.

The "Easter Egg" quality of this process suggests to me that members of the Shaman's Net may want to participate to some degree in a treasure / Easter Egg hunt. Or decorate eggs. The idea is to ground the energy of "hidden treasures that may be in plain sight" by doing things in this reality that reflect the gifts and guidance from the Spirit Realms. (This is a great and powerful thing to do with dream imagery as well. Any time you can ground Spirit energy into this world you are working magic.)

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The first gift is the gift of courage and tenacity to hold onto our life experiences in such a way that we see past the temporary forms and access the true and authentic core.

2. The second gift is the guiding thread to keep us from going astray and falling into a belief system that is "off course" for us.

3. The third gift is the gift of short cutting to success. Remember the trick of this gift is to use gift #1 -- seeing into the true nature of things -- so that you understand and recognize what goal you have succeeded with. Also remember that it may be a different success/goal than you set out toward but is instead a deeper, more important success. You just have to look around and recognize it.

4. The fourth gift is a piece of guidance to remind us to look for the hidden gems of success in our lives. The places to look are in the mundane places, the "plain" places, the over-looked places.

You may want to participate to some degree in a treasure hunt / Easter Egg hunt, or decorate eggs as a way to ground the energy of "hidden treasures that may be in plain sight". Any time you can ground Spirit energy into this world you are working powerful magic.


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