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The Fall talisman's blessing is "Health".

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Shaman’s Net Journey #1 for Fall Season

October 18, 2006-- Full Moon Oct 7, 2006

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance related to "Health" for the Fall Shaman's Net members.

This journey was very challenging to bring into words. The process began with the setting of sacred space. I was called to acknowledge each of my Power Animals and to call forth the blessing / energy of "Health" for the Net members. I connected very powerfully to all the directions and especially to the direction of "Down" / "Great Mother" / "Earth / Gaia" -- as I was calling to Down / Great Mother, my legs and feet began to "vibrate" with ice-cold energy. This is a sensation I sometimes get when I perceive energy flowing through me. It is a very intense experience.

The journey began as I found myself following a spark of light as it floated across a "barrier" -- a transparent bubble -- into a fantastic fairy world / Garden of Eden scene (it was a place that was hundreds of miles big). I followed this light spark across a meadow covered with plants and flowers. It was stunningly beautiful and idyllic.

Then, just as I was relaxing in Wonderland, I saw thousands of different beings explosively rising up from the meadow, from the trees, from the nearby mountains and rivers, materializing out of thin air -- all were energy forms who were trying to devour this flying spark of light that was a seed of life -- a seed of life in pure and robust health.

I was stunned at the predatory nature of these energies. It was like watching the food chain in action -- it was pure survival energy seeking to feed off of pure life.

Then I was on the back of this Seed of Life / Fire Spark as we were zigzagging to dodge this snapping jaw and that set of teeth. Needless to say, I was becoming more and more invested in this Seed of Life staying ahead of the crowd and rising above it all.

The Seed of Life -- which by now had grown wings and metamorphosed into a Fire Dragon Seed of Life -- began to spiral higher and higher into the sky, quickly outpacing the hungry folks below and soaring far into outer space. I could see Earth's continents as I looked down.

I sat on the back of this evolving life force, the Fire Dragon Seed of Life -- and re-centered my intention to find gifts and protections for Shaman's Net members.

Once I had centered, we nose-dived toward the planet. We became a colossal beam of healing energy. This column of energy blasted down through me as I lay in my journey space and surged out through all the linking lines of Shaman's Net members and their family and friends. As it flowed over the Net members I could see their Power Animals being revealed by the energy glow -- like iridescent bronze statues. I shifted perspective to a position above the planet and watched as an Aurora Borealis of rainbow light / pure energy of "Health" washed over everyone and then over continents and the planet.

This column of health energy continued to flow (and continues to flow) from its source and through the Shaman's Net. To avoid being perceived, incorrectly, as the source of this flow, I stepped out of the column of energy so that it wasn't directly flowing though me.

(This is the first gift for the Shaman's Net -- access to a column of cosmic healing energy that is flowing through the Net, through the nodes of the Net to family and friends, etc. One way that Net members may experience this column of healing energy could take the form of holding the intention of pausing at different times during your day and "being in the moment" of the amazing beauty of the world around you. Feeling your place in such an awesome world and sending that appreciation of what you have in that moment out into the world, to family and to friends. This is the healing energy of "gratitude".)

I then returned to the Garden of Eden / Fairy World; walked past the predator energies, and stepped back into "this" reality. I watched as the above journey was sealed off into a bubble.

Spirit asked me if I would remember this particular Side-time healing journey. I declared that I would. As soon as I responded to Spirit's question, I was taken on a repeat tour of the entire journey described above -- though as I stepped back out from the Garden of Eden / Fairy World for the second time, I realized that my second experience was different in subtle ways from the first time through.

Already memory was transforming the journey experience.

As I returned to the room, I found myself being called back to the "very beginning of all reality" (whatever / wherever that is). I traveled through stunningly beautiful alien landscapes, primal worlds, and archetypal worlds to the very beginning of everything. I was there, riding on the Seed of Life / the Fire of Health, to plant the energy of perfect health / perfect life, into the very beginning of it all so that the possibility of life and health could never be denied because it is embedded into the matrix of everything!

This is the second gift -- the gift of health being inextricably woven into the fabric of life from the very beginning.

Once I had delivered the Seed of Life / Health into the ultimate beginning of everything, I found myself traveling deep "underwater". I was called toward a beautiful glowing crystal -- it alternated between being a brilliant glowing blue and an intense bronze/red iridescence. As I got closer and closer to this crystal, I found myself becoming more and more fanatical in my beliefs that there should be health, life, free will and choice available to everyone. I became more and more zealous in my belief in Magic, Spirit and Transcendence. I could feel myself losing my tolerance and my normal perspective of "letting each person discover their own path in their own way".

Soon I was attached to this crystal with thousands of others who were filled with the zeal of healing and transformation. We were there to energize and heal reality. Our energies were helping to grow this crystal, build its energies and to launch it into outer space to manifest a new vision or reality. I attempted to get ahead of this rising "crystal of new reality" so that its impact would be gentle rather than a harsh explosion of transformation energy.

I was also acutely aware of my misgivings about the "fundamentalist-ic" certainty that I was feeling about this "true way that all must see and follow" that was connected to this crystal project.

I was concerned that my zeal was being exploited by "others" who did not hold the vision that I hold for a transformed, healthy, joyous, evolved, etc. humanity accessing their highest potential -- humanity that is free of interference of negative energies, entities, exploitation and loss of choice.

(One of the images that passed through this part of the journey was that of two "maps" of reality (the geography of the maps was seen from a few hundred feet above treetops). Each map was the "philosophical" opposite of the other. A set of clawed hands reached up through a hole and grabbed each map pulling them, like rugs, down the hole and merging them together into a single blended version of the philosophically opposed maps. I wondered if it was always a good thing to find the commonality of opposites, if it was always the correct path to seek to generate harmony in all situations. I wondered how could I tell if the work I have been doing to bring forth the new evolved human consciousness is really in our best interests as humans or if I am a pawn of some other forces -- forces that are perhaps inimical to humanity. Am I blinded by my zealous passion for the work I do and the transformations I seek to manifest?)

As I was feeling these conflicting energies, we (the thousands of us who were attached to this growing crystal) were still raising the crystal higher into outer space to launch / detonate the transformation energies of the crystal. I could hear the drums of the shamanic journey CD and hidden behind the drumming was a set of three musical chords rising in pitch before cycling back to the first chord again --repeated over and over and over. (These chords do not exist on the CD, by the way). This musical progression was the driving energy from the center of the crystal, like a heart beat. It kept the energy from each individual, like myself, focused on the raising of the crystal energy. I wondered if it was a kind of programming or propaganda.

My thoughts and conflicting emotions from this journey broke open a portal into the "dark night of the soul" where I began to doubt my work, my worth, my beliefs, my training, etc.

I was now at a crossroads. I could either stop my work until I developed some way to measure and test the degree to which I could be a "pawn to another's" energy and agenda. (In other words, do my self doubts have basis in reality or is this all just another shamanic test?)

Or I could do exactly that which I chose to do -- to trust that the Divine forces and energies of the Cosmos are sourced in Love and actually care about every life spark in creation, and care about those life sparks evolving toward the Godhead.

Once I took my step into "faith and trust" of Spirit I learned that this is the third gift for the Shaman's Net members -- the opportunity to look at your core questions. Seeking the answers to your core questions opens the path to find your true place in humanity and live from your true authentic self.

What are your core questions?

(My core questions are, "How to manifest Magic into our world?" And, "How to transcend Death?" (And how to do all of this while totally trusting of Spirit? How do I teach people the tools to manifest magic in their lives?)

My personal insights around these issues began to appear as I was emerging from my soul's "dark night" energy. I realized that I spend a large part of my time studying and exploring the edge of Death. This is not unusual for shamanic practitioners given that one of the major roles of the shaman is to interface with Spirit, which is, at least in part, the realm of the dead.

Also, death is the edge of life and only by exploring where that edge is can I know what life is and how to embrace and enhance it. I realized that my goal in understanding life and death is to transcend them both. (Originally on the tape recording of this journey, I talked about conquering Death. But even on the tape I was uncomfortable with that phrasing -- I do not believe that Death is something to be conquered. I realized, too, that I am committed to transformation and transcendence. This means, to me, the evolutionary rising to the next level beyond life and death -- whatever that means.)

A rather radical way of working with the concept of transcendence is to see it as the highest and most powerful expression of health, the transcendence of death.)

Take a few moments to examine what your core questions are -- what are the questions that you are here to explore in this lifetime? These questions often show up around the lessons and challenges that you face in manifesting your ideal life (Health, wealth, relationship, success, love, joy, confidence, etc. are all examples of core questions.)

After this intense exploration of my core questions I returned to the crystal raising project. I realized that by trusting in Spirit / The Divine and trusting in my passionate drive toward transcendence, to reawakening magic, to generating health, and assisting human evolution that I could, in full integrity, launch the crystal energy as an offering of possibility for others to receive or reject as they choose.

I was told to return.

Many blessings


(In reviewing this journey I also came to realize that I am, at heart, a liberator. I am about free will and free choice. I am committed to each and every living entity to having the opportunity to live life as fully and as authentically as they choose. I am passionate about living life (which includes living in health), bringing magic back into our world, and transcending life and death. I also see that "health" is one of the forms of liberation -- it is that place of power from which you get to manifest the other dreams of your life.)

To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The first gift is access to a column of cosmic healing energy. Let it flow through the Net and through you into family and friends, etc. Take several moments during the day and pause to see the amazing beauty and creative complexity of the world around you. Feel the healing energy of "Gratitude". Let it flow through you and out to those you care about.

2. The second gift is the gift of health being inextricably woven into the fabric of life from the very beginning.

3. The third gift for the Shaman's Net members is the opportunity to explore your core questions. It is the opening to find your true place in humanity. Why are you here, on this planet, in this time? What are your core truths that you are committed to bringing into your life and thereby into the world? What are your passions that are truly your own and not the tool of someone else?

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Shaman’s Net Journey #2 for Fall Season

November 20, 2006 -- Full Moon November 5, 2006

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance related to "Health" for the Fall Shaman's Net members.

This journey was very challenging because I was traveling in a shamanic space that was filled with a hurricane of energy (or at least as I imagine a hurricane would feel, given that I have never, thankfully, been in a hurricane). The imagery was broken into little bits, pieces, and vignettes. There was almost no coherence to the "story" and I had a very difficult time holding the journey in place.

This journey rated high on the "gifts from Spirit" scale and low on the personally satisfying scale (my measure of how powerfully I felt I was connecting with the shamanic realms).

As with all work some days you feel more effective than others.

With that caveat...

The journey began in my Sacred Garden where I was meeting with my Power Animals. I was directed to my sacred healing pool that is fed by a waterfall. At the back of the pool, behind the waterfall, is a cave opening. Hanging above the cave opening is a skull of an Elk-like animal that has a very large antler rack. The points of the antlers are needle sharp and poisonous. It is my job to tend and polish this skull and poison antlers. Today was the day to do this. I spent several minutes carefully (!!) polishing the antlers and cleansing the skull to a brilliant white.

In addition to tending my garden chores, I suspect that the message for the Shaman's Net members is to remind everyone to make sure that you take care of details around your health.

When I was finished cleaning and polishing the skull I sat near my eternal bonfire and brought out all of the Shaman's Net talisman vials. I set them down on an oval, flat stone and arranged them into a circle -- a kind of mini-Stonehenge. Once this was done a glowing "star" design appeared on the stone with each point on the star touching a talisman vial -- 31 points in all. I watched as energy flowed through the star into each talisman.

I was told that this was the first gift -- a Star of Healing.

Once I was complete with the healing star I was preparing to leave my Sacred Garden in search of the other gifts when I was stopped by mountains of file folders and various stacks of paperwork. I was frustrated by this and after considerable effort to clear it up I finally declared to Spirit that, "This is ridiculous! I need to get on with the Full Moon journey and the finding of gifts." As soon as I said this all the obstructions disappeared.

I was told that this was the second gift -- the clearing of "bureaucratic" BS that keeps us from finding and accessing our full health.

Now that the way was cleared, we flew to a realm that had Native American energy. We flew into a teepee. Once inside the teepee I realized that this was not an authentic place but more like a tourist attraction. In fact the teepee turned out to be made of cement.

Upon questioning Spirit as to why we were there a tour guide appeared and escorted us to the back of the teepee. He pulled back a cloth to reveal a portal into an incredibly barren wasteland. It looked like a war zone -- barren hills, burned up sticks that were once trees. The air was harsh, the sun was scorching.

As we were exploring this realm I realized that we were at a shooting range and people were blasting away with various sized weapons at different targets.

I flew back to the teepee and I was told that this was the third gift -- the ability to recognize the unhealthy places (both internal and external).

I thanked Spirit for this gift and then asked if there were any more gifts. We were taken on a long flight to some city. We arrived in a store and I was handed a miniature, high tech, high resolution camera -- about the size of a baby aspirin. I was told that this was the fourth gift -- the ability to see the details.

Then I turned a corner and found myself in a big house. My Power Animals were busy clearing out the refrigerator. At first I thought I was watching a snack raid but then I saw them pouring gallons of spoiled milk down the drain, tossing containers of moldy food and generally making sure that all that was spoiled was cleared.

My Power Animals saw my perplexed expression and told me that this was the fifth gift -- a powerful clearing / cleansing to remove old things that should have been nurturing and healing but were past their ability to do anything good. In fact were occupying space that needed to be filled with things that offer true health.

Once the pantry was cleared my Power Animals opened a box and brought out a pumpkin pie. This they divided up for everyone to share. (Thanksgiving must be on my mind!).

I was told that this gift of pie was the last gift -- the gift of fresh and sacred food given in thanks for all the blessings that we have in our lives.

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The first gift is the Star of Healing energy that transmits clearing and healing to each Shaman's Net member. It is a network of energies linking the Net members to each other and to health via the star pattern.

2. The second gift is the clearing of the arbitrary stories and rules that we tell ourselves (or are told) that keep us from accessing our true healing energies.

3. The third gift is the ability to recognize the unhealthy and toxic places that we may find ourselves in. This applies to both our internal and our external worlds.

4. The fourth gift is a Spirit based tool (the miniature, pill sized camera) that gives us the ability to see the important details in our lives that may be enhancing or inhibiting our full health.

5. The fifth gift was a powerful clearing that removed spoiled things that should have been nurturing and healing but were past their "pull date".

6. The last gift was the sacrament of Thanksgiving pie -- fresh and sacred food given in thanks and appreciation for all the blessings that we have in our lives. A good reminder to bless, as a sacrament, the food we eat. It is a thanking of Spirit for nurturing our lives.


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Shaman’s Net Journey #3 for Fall Season

December 20, 2006 -- New Moon December 20, 2006

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance related to "Health" for the Fall Shaman's Net members.

I switched this journey from the usual Full Moon journey to a New Moon journey because I liked the symbolism of "harnessing" the moon's energy as she grows to fullness and full light and aligning it with the fact that we are on the cusp of the Winter Solstice (December 22, 2006) after which daylight also begins to grow to full light. I also liked the idea of connecting the male and female energies to assist us all in "growing" to the lightness of full health.

This journey was very fragmented. I would make a little progress following the imagery, then find myself lost in my own thoughts and images. I would then have to refocus and return to "where I left off" in the journey. This was frustrating and it also surprised me that I could so easily pick up the journey. (The reader can get a sense of this experience by getting up between each paragraph below and going into another room to take care of some chore and then returning to read the next paragraph. As I said, it was a disjointed journey and yet it held together, somehow, for me to keep traveling it.)

This journey started in a backyard with a high wooden fence. A beautiful dog was alert and ready to go. As soon as she saw me she bounded toward the fence and leap over it with grace and ease. The sky in front of her was an orange, pink and blue sunset -- quite glorious.

We followed the dog and landed in a wide brick or stone plaza. It was deserted except a bearded young man jogging. I looked across the plaza to the north. There was a river and a long brick bridge with arching spans.

It was a winter day. We followed the jogging man as he ran toward a long set of brick row houses. He ran up to one door and disappeared behind it.

I opened the door and stepped through into another place. It seemed to be a foreign country. The street was made of hard packed dirt. One story buildings surrounded another empty plaza. In the center of this plaza was a tall, square-sided obelisk. It was about 20 feet tall and covered with intricately carved designs.

I went up to it, closed my eyes and stood there tracing the lower designs with my hands.

All at once the plaza was filled with hundreds of brightly dressed people dancing, singing and celebrating. They were dancing around the obelisk. I asked Spirit what this was all about.

Suddenly the sky, which up to that moment was clear and sunny, lit up with flashes of lightning. A bolt hit the top of the obelisk. As the electricity coursed down the obelisk., it lit up the carved designs like circuitry. Then the transformed energy -- healing energy -- was broadcast to everyone in the plaza. I felt a rush of healing energy flow through me. Then I saw miniature obelisks, about 12 inches tall, being given to everyone. I was told that this is the first gift -- a personal obelisk. that channels healing energy through the stone circuits carved into the sides.

Next Eagle appeared and we flew across snow covered mountains. Eagle was searching for something. We crossed the area several times until Eagle flew up a gap between the trees and we landed in a city that was buried in snow (at least 3 feet deep). Eagle plowed through the snow. He seemed to be looking for eggs. I was not called to follow him, however.

I pushed my way through the snow and entered a small cafe. There was a couple sitting at a small round table. I joined them and told them the intention of my journey. The man set up several tins of powders and herbs. He took the Shaman's Net talisman vials and put a small, pearl-like ball into each of them. He resealed them and gave them back to me.

I asked him what he had gifted us with and he told me that the "pearls" were little white flowers -- they were the "Snow Flowers of Hope". These little flowers generate hope and, he said, "Hope is essential to health".

Once he was complete, I thanked him and stepped outside to see millions of these little flowers (once they opened they were about three inches across) pushing up through the snow drifts and floating up into the sky. It was like a snowstorm in reverse!

Everyone in the city was standing in awe and joy as these flowers took flight. (Perhaps these flowers were what Eagle was looking for or that Eagle somehow initiated their growth and blooming.)

Once I had witnessed the flower flight, my Power Animals and I flew out of the city and over a scene of extreme devastation. It looked like a war zone or the aftermath of a forest fire. The lands and trees were all burned up and black. I watched as several small groups of people struggled across the land. They were worn down and exhausted, barely able to keep moving. I was concerned and wondering what I could do to help. I was also curious as to what this scene had to do with the blessing of "Health" for this season.

Then Dragons appeared in pairs. They were flying through the scene dragging giant nets (hundreds of yards wide) between them. These nets were somehow being carried high in the sky and at the same time they were flowing deep through the earth. I saw that as the nets flew by they passed though everything and everyone. I could also see that the nets were collecting huge amounts of black, sticky muck. When the nets were full they were carried far away and another set of Dragon-propelled nets would come through.

I was told that these were healing nets that pass through objects and beings leaving behind all that is good and healthy and netting all the toxins, waste and disease. It was a cleansing of the poisons that had damaged the health of the land and the people.

I could now see that the lands, sky and people were all brighter, lighter and no longer struggling. Everyone was smiling, healthy and relieved.

I was told that this was the final gift for this season -- a cleansing / clearing of toxins for each member of the Shaman's Net. I thanked the Dragons.

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The first gift is the personal obelisk. Its role is to channel healing energy through the stone circuits that are carved into the four sides. This could be used as a meditation / visualization tool -- visualize cosmic energy pouring down the obelisk., transforming into healing energy by the circuit designs, and radiating healing energy into yourself and family.

2. The second gift is the "Snow Flowers of Hope" whose energy was placed into the talisman vials.

3. The final gift for this season is a cleansing / clearing of each member of the Shaman's Net to remove the toxins from their bodies and assist in becoming and staying healthy.


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