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The Summer talisman's blessing is "Discovery".

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Shaman’s Net Journey #1 for Summer Season

July 19, 2006 -- Full Moon July 11, 2006

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance related to "Discovery" for the Summer Shaman's Net members.

I started this journey in my Sacred Garden connecting with each of my Power Animals. I told them the intention and they took me to a place that was completely black -- the kind of black where you only know that your eyes are open because they are drying out from not blinking.

I stayed in this black world for a long time. Finally the blackness gave way to a mottled gray and black environment -- it was not a natural world of plants and organic forms, but more abstract almost like traveling through an alternate dimension of outer space as it is depicted in the special effects of movies.

I kept a tight reign on my Power Animals so I would not get lost. After a long time we arrived at a snow covered fairy tale world. It was a mountainous world with deep snow everywhere. It was much like entering into a universe that was protected by a bubble.

As we glided into a landing I saw a cartoon-like Frosty the Snowman entity. He was gigantic -- 15 feet tall -- and he was pulling a large house mounted on skis. At this point I realized that this was not going to be a typical journey (though my wife, Annah, has noted that "typical" and "shamanic journey work" are two concepts that cannot be put together!)

Frosty the Snowman noted that my mental circuits were being blown by his presence and he "disappeared". From what I could see he camouflaged himself to look like the snowy background. The experience became even stranger for me as now the house-on-skis seemed to be moving up the hill by itself.

I centered myself, reconnected with my Power Animals and my intention. As we followed the ghostly moving ski houses we were taken through various scenes with more cartoon characters doing random activities (nothing of note was brought to my attention) and through scenes that looked like bad TV advertising being acted out in deep snow. I was on the verge of abandoning this particular attempt at doing the Full Moon journey when, after much persistence and insistence, we were guided out of the snow world and onto a university campus.

As I was adjusting to suddenly being in a summery, bright world of buildings in a park-like setting, I was taken into a classroom. The professor had a blackboard filled with symbols. I saw a young man sitting at one of the desks taking notes and thinking about what was being taught.

Suddenly I was taken above him and then dropped "into" him -- our consciousness' merged. When I "landed" into his consciousness field there was a pulse of energy that emanated from his mind. From an outside perspective I saw the pulse expand in all directions, like a ripple in a pond. As this pulse passed over and through the people and objects in the room, everything distorts as though the objects and people were just images reflected on the surface of a pool.

At the same time the objects and people reflected a wave of energy back toward the student whose mind I was experiencing. All the reflected waves, and the main pulse wave then rolled back into his mind with a powerful rush of feeling and emotion.

I was told that I was experiencing the "physics" of a new thought, a creative thought. I was experiencing and seeing what happened when something new is "discovered". This experience was, in a modern phrase, "Way cool!".

A slightly less mystical way of explaining this experience could be to say that when we are exploring a thought, seeking do discover something, we put this thought out into the world by talking to others about it. This new thought alters reality in various ways. The response of others to our thought is like a reflection of the thought, modified by others, back to us. We process this new waveform and, if it is significant relevant to our search to discover something, we have the "rush" of discovery.

This is the first gift for the Shaman's Net members -- A new way of seeing and working with the process and energy of "discovery". When you are seeking to discover some vital piece of information or guidance around a particular issue, visualize your question (your "questing") as propagating out into the world as a rolling wave rippling through the world, altering the world and then reflecting new information back to you. Your become the rock tossed into the pond of discovery, sending out ripples and being open to the new information being reflected back to you in the center of the energy of discovery.

Once the experience was complete I was pulled up to a higher place to see the various effects of his thought wave. From high above the university I saw that his thought wave had "magnetized" another student. This other student, being "in resonance" with the thought wave, now had his field sensitized and magnetized. Now other relevant thoughts, experiences and people will be attracted to him (and to others who are also on a similar "frequency" (magnetized) including the original student).

In effect this great thought-form acts as a community generating field. It will bring like minded people together in that they are "magnetically" attracted to each other relevant to the thought form.

Once I understood this process of magnetizing community I gathered the energy and redistributed it through the Shaman's Net for each member to use.

This is the second gift -- the gift of community generating ability connected with your "quest for discovery". A magnetizing of like-minded people bonding together to manifest discovery.

I spent a long time in the magnetized field of Shaman's Net sensing the various nodes and watching the waveforms rolling through. I could see that there is a gestalt in any community, that the sum is greater than the parts. For any activity where "discovery" is going to play an important part, you can call upon the Shaman's Net energy field (by simply visualizing the flow of the energy field coming to you to assist your work).

I thanked Spirit for the gifts.

I was then taken through a series of scenes that were guiding me into a movie theater. I watched some movie that was all about bar magnets being arranged in a mandala pattern. I was struggling to retain everything that had already happened and I was losing the journey at this point. I suddenly found myself outside the theater with the word "attraction" in my mind -- as though I had somehow condensed the entire movie into one word.

I was puzzling over what this meant when a woman's voice from Spirit very clearly said, "But that's not the right answer!!"

Ouch! Did I screw up the entire journey or was "attraction" the wrong message from the movie?

I found myself floating in a gray amorphous fog. I struggled to hold onto the journey as I called upon my Power Animals to assist me. Emotionally I felt like someone whose train had just dropped him off at an abandoned station in the middle of the desert.

This was not good.

After some time the gray fog was replaced by blobs of gray black ink. As the ink moved through the fog it "colored" scenes behind it making them visible to me again. I could see the images from the earlier portions of this journey. I was told that everything prior to entering the theater was correct. This was a huge relief!

I continued to wait in the fog/ink blobs seeking for the next piece of the journey -- waiting to learn what the "right" answer was supposed to be.

I found myself standing at the side of a large, gray, stone Victorian mansion. I walked around to the front of this building only to discover that it was a corner building attached to a huge "U" shaped set of stone buildings that surrounded a large, grassy plaza. It had the feeling of a university campus, or boarding school. The buildings were several stories tall and the plaza was hundreds of feet long and proportionally wide.

As I was standing looking at this place I was overwhelmed by a powerful deja vu -- I have been to this place before. I do not know when or how (Dreams?; Other life times?).

I stood at the base of the steps to the Victorian building. The door burst open and several children come boisterously out, laughing and shouting. It seemed to be some kind of children's boarding school. They saw me and all turned around and re-entered the building except one young boy. He turned toward me. He was dressed in an English schoolboy's outfit. I was still vibrating from the powerful feelings of having been there before. Seeing him magnified the energy I was feeling by 1000 fold.

I realized that an important piece of energy was coming home to me. (Soul part?; Knowledge from another life?; A download, from a parallel universe, of information that I need now?)

The overall feeling was that I was being reprogrammed. Waves of energy continued to wash over me.

In amidst all of this intensity I realized that this was the third gift for Net members -- the gift of the return of a very important piece of energy. It could be a soul part coming home. Or an ancestor could be arriving to assist you in your life. It could be a lost talent reawakening or a download of knowledge you need from an alternate self residing in some parallel universe.

Whatever it is, it is very potent.

Finally things settled down. I thanked Spirit for the great experience. I asked if there was anything else I was supposed to bring back.

Suddenly I was floating, on an inner tube, down a very fast moving river. The river's flow increased until the banks and canyon walls were a blur as they rushed by. I was hanging on for the wild ride when I shot out of the narrow canyon into a free fall over a titanic waterfall (it was thousands of feet high).

I was holding onto my inner tube trying to strategize the best way for me to land in the water below (would I be better off with my arms wrapped around the tube, riding the tube like a horse, or standing?) Lots of physics was going through my mind as I was free falling thousands of feet into a roiling cloud of water vapor. It was quite disconcerting not to see what I was about to land upon.

With a surprise I landed not on water but on wet rocks in a jungle. Then the rocks changed into desert rocks, then fields. I bounced about, quite gently, for a few moments before resting.

As I was looking about the gray ink blobs returned to wash over the entire scene blocking out portions of the imagery. I understood that this was the fourth and fifth gifts for the Shaman's Net.

The fourth gift was the gentle landing after an amazing fall. Symbolically, of course, this suggests that Net members will "land" in unexpected and gentle ways as they are "free falling into discovery".

The fifth gift was the tool -- the "revealing" ink blobs -- to help the Net members recognize when a particular idea, path, etc. is "not the right answer".

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The first gift is a new tool for seeing and working with the process and energy of "discovery". Visualize your questing/seeking energy as propagating out into the world as a rolling wave rippling through the world, altering the world and then reflecting new information back to you. As you live into your day carrying this rolling wave image listen carefully to the reflections of important information coming back to you.

2. The second gift the magnetization of a community connected with your "quest for discovery". The "calling" together of like-minded people bonding together for discovery.

3. The third gift is the return of a very important piece of personal energy. A soul part coming home; an ancestor could be arriving to help; a lost talent reawakening; a download of knowledge from an alternate self from some parallel universe; etc. Whatever it is, it is potent.

4. The fourth gift is a gentle landing after an amazing fall. The symbolism suggests the idea that as we "dive into discovery", we can expect that Spirit will guide us to "land" in unexpected and gentle ways.

5. The fifth gift is a tool (in my case, the "revealing" ink blobs) to help the Net members recognize when a particular idea, path, etc. is "not the right answer". To apply this tool to your own "paths of discovery", I suggest that, as you are casting about to discover your way, you pay attention to how things related to your work are blocked (the ink blobs). For example, perhaps too many steps separate you from your goal, or the details keep getting scrambled or changed, or important pieces that you thought were in place suddenly disappear. All of these things could be examples of Spirit showing you that it is time to regroup; that your approach is "not the right answer".

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Shaman’s Net Journey #2 for Summer Season

August 9, 2006 -- Full Moon August 9, 2006

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance related to "Discovery" for the Summer Shaman's Net members.

This journey was what I would call an "extended" journey. I had begun the journey on August 9th and then partway through the journey it abruptly stopped and I was suddenly back in "normal" reality. The journey was not complete but, for reasons that Spirit knows, it was prematurely stopped and I could not re-enter it. It was several days later before I had the opportunity to return to this journey and complete it.

The journey began by traveling with my Power Animals through intense "static" -- chaotic and incomprehensible images roiling through my path. It was a "blizzard of shamanic spaces" blasting though my consciousness as I traveled.

Finally we arrived at a skyscraper-sized movie screen. An old, 1950's black and white movie was playing. I watched the movie, seeing mostly flights over mountains, oceans and cities. Then I noticed that near the bottom, on my side of the movie screen, there was a spirit being who was busy sanding a hole into the screen. I realized that he was creating a portal to enter into the realities that were being projected onto the movie screen.

I realized that I needed to stall his portal making project. It was very important for me to be able to choose when he succeeded opening the portal -- I did not want the portal to open up right when the "movie" was flying 10,000 feet above an ocean or mountain (long !! drop). I wanted to time the portal opening with a "scene" that was appropriate for us to step through and into.

I took "control" of the movie imagery guiding it lower and toward an island. We descended to the island, gliding low over forests and headed for a graceful landing on a desert. (I had already watched the movie pass through several crash landings so I was being very careful in my timing.)

As we dropped closer and closer to the ground, I carefully opened the portal and we stepped through into a jungle (not the desert as I was expecting!).

Once we had arrived the imagery around me became very surreal and strange -- the plants resembled Dr. Seuss plants or exotic underwater plants -- strange shapes, colors and textures.

Now that we had arrived I began my usual intention litany -- "Why are we here? What are the gifts and guidance of "Discovery" for the Summer Shaman's Net members?"

We continued walking through the forest when suddenly we were at the edge of a vast Grand Canyon -- one more step and I would have fallen into the abyss! The transition was instantaneous and quite startling.

My power animals lifted me up and we rose higher and higher until, after a very long time, I realized that this great canyon was so huge that the planet Jupiter would easily fit inside of it with room to spare. Once I understood the dimensions of this place I was returned to the canyon edge.

Not being one to do things half way I decided that my next move was to jump into the canyon. My leap took me to an iced path (frozen river?) that descended into the canyon. I was having a great time skating (very!! fast) along the ice trail into the depths of this canyon. I kept coming to places where the ice path split into a light path and a dark path. (In an interesting symbolic twist, the light paths all veered to the left and the dark paths all veered to the right.)

I kept making the choice to travel left on the light paths (mostly out of a desire to see where I was going rather than out of some moral judgment about dark and light).

Suddenly the path widened and went dark -- there was no place to change paths. Then I was free falling in the dark until I landed, with a whoosh, onto a lake/ocean, deep in this immense canyon. I thought to myself that that was quite the wild ride with amazing imagery AND what did it have to do with the intention of this journey?

I waited and waited. Finally I realized that I could change my scale and I grew bigger and bigger until the lake/ocean became a puddle and I stepped ashore.

We continued into the new landscape, growing or shrinking in size as needed to in order to pass effectively through it. I entered a vast grassy plain where I was stung multiple times by something. At first I thought I had disturbed a bee's nest. I looked down and saw multiple thorns stuck in my thumb. I immediately called on my power animals to remove these thorns.

Once they were removed, my power animals placed us in a protective sphere so that we could float through this grassland without being attacked by these vicious plants. As we continued to travel I realized that the thorns had a venom in them that heightened my senses -- the colors became brighter, the sounds clearer, etc.

I then understood that this experience was the first gift for the Shaman's Net members. Heightened awareness and the guidance that "discoveries" can sometimes be a little bit (or a lot) thorny -- sometimes the things we discover can be hard to look at. After all the word, "Discovery", is an experientially ambiguous word -- discoveries can be uplifting and they can be very challenging, depending on what we discover.

As a blessing on the Shaman's Net talisman it simply opens the energy field to 'discovery' for the purposes of growth and transformation but there are no guarantees that the discoveries needed for such growth are going to be great glorious good fun. Sometimes discoveries need to be challenging in order for them to assist in our transformations. Discoveries come in all flavors (think of the "all flavors" jellybeans in the Harry Potter books).

The first gift for the Shaman's Net members then is being held within a protective bubble to allow us to travel safely through our "fields of discovery" with a heightened awareness and a means of minimizing the "sting" associated with our more challenging discoveries. It is also the recognition that discovery comes in all flavors and we are being guided by Spirit through our discoveries for the purpose of assisting us along our spiritual evolution.

Then this portion of the journey ended and I was abruptly back in my journey space. After several attempts to return to the journey, it was clear to me that I was going to have to come back later to re-enter this Full Moon journey.

(Several days had passed before I was able to complete this journey.)

This second part began with my traveling through amazingly beautiful and strange worlds all of which were indescribable -- quite literally.

I was flying through these worlds struggling to hold onto the imagery, wondering how I was going to share this experience with the Shaman's Net members. The worlds that were a combination of Hieronymus Bosch meets René Magritte meets Salvador Dali meets cartoons and impossibly ridiculous scenes such as a giant puffer fish (with a punk style, spiked leather dog collar strapped around its belly) casually floating by, upside down.

Other chimeras came and went. This strangeness went on and on. I almost abandoned this second journey attempt. However, my belief and trust that Spirit's "package" for Shaman's Net members was being delivered, even if I could not make cognitive sense of it, kept me going.

Finally I arrived at a natural history museum. It was a relief to land in this very modern building with high vaulted ceilings -- it was a design that Buckminster Fuller might have created.

There were thousands of rooms filled with thousands of exhibits. I was told that each tableau was a moment in someone's or something's life. It was a place where each tableau was a portal that I could "step into" and become a part of that moment with all its story and drama; its joys and fears; the adventures of the moment.

As I stepped into one of the tableau portals, I saw, too, that traveling through my day to day life could be viewed as the same as stepping into different tableaus of someone's/something's life (and my life too given that I am also present in the tableau moment). I was experiencing the intersections of different lives and events with my own life. Each event continues on (without me) telling its "story" to the next person it interacts with.

I found myself experiencing a kaleidoscope of events/stories/experiences. I had a strong exciting emotional response to an image of an old craftsman style house on a large lot filled with big trees. It was as though I had stepped into someone else's memory of their grandmother's house. I shifted from event to event, experiencing emotions and stories of hundreds of people and things. It was very strange and powerful. It felt as though I was passing through people's minds as they experienced different moments in their lives.

And I saw too that my experience of their experiences created a new story -- the story that I "told" myself about what I was experiencing. I became the continuity for all the separate and unrelated (except by me to myself) stories/experiences. (I am reminded of movies, like "Mind the Gap" (great film!), where several, seemingly unrelated, story lines are woven together into a cohesive whole that you the viewer, not the characters of the movie, see as a whole related story.)

In addition to traveling through other people's minds/stories-of-themselves-to-themselves, I had the opportunity to see many of my own stories -- to discover the places where I have been successful; places where I have been out of integrity; places where I made a difference and places where I failed to show up. It was a personal "tour of discovery" that revealed both wonderful and challenging (thorns in my thumb) tableaus from my life.

I was told that this was the final gift of guidance and discovery for this journey of the Shaman's Net. It is the gift of choosing the perspective of seeing your life, with everyone and everything in it, as a series of interactive tableaus from a natural history museum that you can choose to step into and experience and step out of when you are complete. You are guided to see your day to day experience as the intersection of many, many different stories. Your awareness/awake-ness creates a continuity, the thread that connects a series of stories -- and that continuity/thread/story is totally unique because you are unique.

Tableaus are also informational/educational. Each day to day experience, each tableau that you are interacting with is also informing you, teaching you, guiding you.

I continued stepping into and out of tableaus to experience the stories being told. One of the last tableaus that I stepped into was that of being a leaf as it floated back and forth in the air, descending to an icy cold mountain stream. I was the leaf floating on the water down the stream. It was wonderful.

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The first gift is being in a bubble of protection which allows us to travel through our "fields of discovery" with a means of minimizing the "sting" associated with our more challenging discoveries. The heightened awareness and bubble's clarity also allows us to see, without distortion, the things we need to discover. The guidance from Spirit reminds us that discovery comes in all flavors. Spirit is guiding us through our discoveries with the purpose of assisting us in our spiritual evolution.

2. The second and last gift for this journey is the natural history museum of your life. It is the guidance and discovery of choosing the perspective of seeing your life, with everyone and everything in it, as a series of interactive tableaus in a natural history museum. You are guided to see your day to day experience as the intersection of many, many different stories.

Remember that the tableaus of your life are informational and educational. Each day to day experience, each tableau that you are interacting with is also informing you, teaching you, guiding you -- providing you with opportunities for "Discovery" -- self discovery through your natural history museum.

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Shaman’s Net Journey #3 for Summer Season

September 19, 2006 -- Full Moon September 7, 2006

Intention: Gifts, protection, and guidance related to "Discovery" for the Summer Shaman's Net members.

This journey started at a place I have been to many times in other shamanic journeys. It is a rock ledge at the bottom of a cliff. It is undercut so that it is invisible from above. Nearby there is a stream and the canyon is very narrow. I was walking along the ledge past petroglyphs and wall paintings.

The farther I walked along the ledge the shorter the height became and we (my Power Animals and I) had to shrink down to continue. The ledge also became a bright metal (gold or platinum) that seemed to glow from an internal light.

Finally we could no longer shrink and we arrived at the end of the rock ledge. I looked out through a portal into a big city scene with tall buildings, lots of traffic and noise. I found myself watching a black couple having an intense discussion as they were standing next to gasoline pumps -- apparently this particular portal opened out into a gas station somewhere. (I am telling you, shamanism is High Weirdness!)

I was told not to go through the portal but to turn left and travel down a tunnel deeper into the cliff wall.

After diving down this tunnel I arrived at a well lit cave room. Imbedded in the floor was a large crystal ball. In the crystal ball was an image of a giant hurricane. This ball was similar to a snow globe where there is a scene at the bottom and you shake the globe to generate a "snowfall". Except that what was inside was an actual hurricane.

I could look into the eye of the hurricane and see the calm space in its center.

I was told that this was the first gift for the Shaman's Net members -- the ability, with the help of this hurricane globe, to locate and then step into the eye of the hurricane, the place of calm among any intense chaos swirling around one's life and the world.

So that is what we did. We arrived at a beautiful beach. It was sunny and warm with a gentle breeze. There were cabins deeper on the beach, lawn chairs and beach umbrellas all about -- it was a classic "perfect vacation" spot.

I was standing on the beach enjoying the view when the hurricane hit. The trees were ripped up, cabins destroyed, sand, wind, water and lawn chairs flew past me at incredible speeds. I was surprised at the arrival of the hurricane -- it seemed to come from nowhere. And yet I was completely unaffected, except emotionally, by the destruction around me. I was still in the "eye".

Then the storm passed and the beautiful beach returned except that it was a completely different beach. In fact it was not a beach at all but a vast alien desert. The sky was a series of psychedelic colors and the landscape was filled with giant rock arches and "sky tickling" spires of multicolored rock. (In my comic book reading days -- which might not be that long ago -- there were ads for some crystals that you would put in a fishbowl of water and they would grow a miniature alien landscape of multicolored "crystal" spires. This was how this landscape looked.)

We walked deeper and deeper into this world looking for further gifts and guidance for Net members. Eventually I climbed onto the back of one of my Dragons and we flew high and far. Off in the distance I saw a "Grand Canyon" of the rock spires. It was night and the canyons were filled with fog. It was a fabulous scene and its energy felt very dark -- like a scene out of Mordor from Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" movie.

We continued our flight and the fog cleared revealing a giant city at the canyon's floor. I could see little lights from houses. In the center of the city was a huge, star-shaped complex (5 pointed star). I was told to "find the old woman". My Dragon descended and landed at the upper left point of the star.

I found myself in a crystal room. The walls, floors, furniture, etc. seemed to be made of semi transparent black cubic crystals (somewhat like galena). The old woman arrived with a cork screw and proceeded to screw it into the point of the star.

She began to pull out a cylinder, like a cork in a wine bottle except it kept coming and coming. I looked closely at what she was pulling out and it was a combination of clear plastic, organic substance (veins, muscle, etc.) and electronic circuitry. After about four feet the final section of this weird cylinder came out. Then the old woman capped off the opening and covered it with wax. Then she asked me for the three seals that I had brought.

This request surprised me. I was completely unaware that I was carrying any seals and yet I knew she was right. (I was so caught up in my surprise that I almost lost the journey as I searched my memory for where and when I had acquired the seals she was requesting.)

I located the seals and she placed them in the wax that was on the star's point.

She told me that this was the second gift for the Shaman's Net members -- a gift of clearing / extracting negative programming from the circuitry of our being.

Then she took the extracted cylinder and fed it into a grinding machine (like a large, hand cranked coffee mill). She turned the handle and out the bottom poured various foods filling a large shopping cart. This was the third gift -- the gift of taking that which was toxic to us and transforming it into nutritious food (the "cradle to cradle" concept of consumerism).

Once she finished I found myself wandering through a house (her house?). I walked into a kitchen and saw a young boy who was raiding the refrigerator. He looked back at me, shape-shifted into a Jackal and quickly ran away.

I continued through the house until I found my way into a modern two car garage filled with garage things. The garage door opened and I was looking out onto a sunny, California suburban scene -- palm trees, manicured lawns, etc.

I once again repeated the intention of this journey and asked my Power Animals if there were any more gifts that I needed to locate for the Net members.

Suddenly the scene across the street changed and the quality of the journey shifted to become very, very tactile and visual -- even more "present and real" than it had been. This, naturally, got my attention. The scene changed from being a suburban scene to a primordial forest. I walked across the street and followed the path deep into a beautiful forest.

I was admiring the intense beauty when I crested the path to find trashy houses with beat up cyclone fences and backyards filled with junk (old plastic toys, auto parts, garbage, etc.) that were bordering on the primordial forest. This was very disturbing to see.

As I continued I encountered more trashy houses and more people. Then I arrived at a huge "eco fair" in the forest. Thousands of people, booths, sound stages, etc. were tucked among giant trees and rocks. I was told that we were "loving our wilderness to death".

I kept walking, pushing my way through crowds until I found myself walking through a bazaar, a open booth mall of stuff for sale. Then my walk took me into a souvenir store filled with chatchkies and kitsch.

I asked myself where were the gifts for the Shaman's Net members and then I laughed out loud in the journey -- Spirit was having fun with me -- If I was looking for "gifts" then I must want to go to a gift store!

I continued walking as I was appreciating the irony and humor of Spirit. The souvenir shop continued to evolve and change. As I approached the end of the store I saw a large, oriental man dressed like Attila the Hun. He was closing large, thick wooden and iron clad doors. I rushed to the doors and attempted to push my way through. He was trying to prevent me from traveling any further.

After a struggle, with the help of my Dragons, I was able to push through into the next section of the "store". There was a brief confrontation of Dragon energy (Dragons were everywhere present in this new section) and my Dragons "out alpha'd" the others and we were permitted to continue, though the atmosphere was very intense.

This new place was something from a travel movie -- it was a place from high in the Himalayas with large rough hewn timbers, yak pelts covering the walls, fancy carved staves in racks along the walls, a hole in the ceiling to help ventilate the dense smoke of the room, etc.

My Dragons and I decided it would be prudent for us to leave so we flew up and out of this "store". We flew high into multicolored skies.

At this point I was still wondering if there was anything else for Net members or had Spirit taken us on this tour just to have fun with us.

Suddenly I was placed, with my Power Animals, onto a jewelry display case in a high-end store (fancy clothes, accessories, shoes, canes, etc. all around). In front of me was a beautiful necklace. It is a bright silver/platinum chain that rests about 3 inches below the hollow of the throat. At the lowest point on the necklace are three stone "beads". The two outer beads are about as long and as thick as an amber colored agate domino and about half as wide. The middle stone is purple, like a dark amethyst. It is an inch longer and an inch thick and wide.

I was in awe of the beauty of this necklace. As I examined this necklace I could feel that it was radiating power and energy. It was also transforming into different stones and shapes. I was told that each member of the Shaman's Net was being gifted with such a necklace and I was witnessing the different versions for each person. I was also told that it was a powerful talisman and each member would need to discover, on their own, what the talisman was for and how it worked -- a final gift of "Discovery" for the Net members!

As I placed this necklace about my throat I could feel its power meld into me. It was a wonderful feeling. I also had the sense that as I placed it around my throat a duplicate was being placed around the throat of one of my Dragons.

The journey concluded with all the Shaman's Net members arriving in this fancy department store. Everyone was barefooted. It was as though we were all on a field trip and this store was where we had gathered to go on the trip and it was now time to go home. Everyone was gathering their shoes in order to board the bus to go home. (Journeys are so weird sometimes.)

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The first gift is a hurricane globe with the ability to help each Shaman's Net member to locate and step into the eye of the hurricane, the place of calm among the intense chaos swirling around one's life and the world.

2. The second gift was a clearing and extracting of negative energies and programming from the circuitry of our being. This gift also helps set the energies for next season's talisman blessing of "Health".

3. The third gift is the transformation of that which was toxic to us into a basket of nutritious food.

4. The final gift is the three stone talisman necklace that each Net member gets to discover the purpose and power of in their lives.

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