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The Winter talisman's blessing is "Celebration".

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Shaman’s Net Journey #1 for Winter Season

January 21, 2007 -- New Moon January 19, 2007

Intention: Gifts and opportunities of "Celebration" for the Winter Shaman's Net members.

This was a short and strange journey which started in a small hollow where one stick being (a small version of an "Ent" from Lord of the Rings.) was repeatedly dunking another stick being, head first, into a caldera of mud. It reminded me of movies where someone is trying to sober up a drunk by dunking them over and over in a vat of cold water.

I watched this strange ritual for several minutes trying to make sense of it all and trying to read the energy of it. (Was it an attack? A mating ritual? A dinner date?)

Finally I sensed that this was perhaps not a friendly encounter and I was instructed to break this up. So with the help of my Power Animals I tried to separate them or shift the energy around them to something calmer and friendlier. Then out of the mud caldera grew a giant Tree of Life.

This sudden arrival of a God-like being was met with considerable with awe and wonder. (It makes a kind of sense that stick beings would respond to a World Tree as a Divine entity -- after all, we are created in God's image!) The Tree's arrival also served to physically separate the combatants. (This tree eventually became the diameter of several football fields forming a borderlands of sacred space between the two.)

(I have to say that I never could quite make sense of their dunking ritual -- perhaps it was some sort of intense baptism or initiation ritual in a sacred "well". Their extreme alien nature made it quite difficult for me to comprehend the "rationality" of the action.)

The first gift was the realization that out of intense experiences sacred space can grow. Celebrate your connection to Spirit/The Divine (the "growth" of sacred space inside of you) that come from the intense experiences in your life.

From here I rode my Dragons into deep outer space, past galaxies. At the center of the universe we flew down a black hole into another reality. We arrived at a battle scene where several groups were trying to capture a beautiful jewel that was pulsing light and power. (The jewel reminded me of the Jewel of Judgment from Roger Zelazny's series, "The Chronicles of Amber". This is a swashbuckling fantasy series about the mythical center of all ordered reality (as opposed to chaotic reality) called Amber. All other realities (including ours) are but shadow realities that are cast to infinity. The Jewel of Judgment is a tool which can (and does) carve new Amber-like "source" realities. In other words, the user can create (paradoxically) a new source reality -- a new ultimate reality. His books are fun reading if you like this kind of fiction.)

Various groups were vying for the jewel because it could create entire universes, entire new "ultimate" realities.

I watched the battle rage for some time when suddenly the woman who had the jewel tossed it in my direction. As I reached to grab it my Dragon reared up and caught it. This precipitated a massive attack on us. I am thinking, "Uh-oh!"

Suddenly a Goddess appeared, glowing with a bright blue-white light. Instantly all the fighting stopped and complete calm blanketed the battlefield and beyond.

The Goddess floated to us and my Dragon gave her the jewel. Then she gave the jewel to me to take away. Somehow her intercession legitimized me as the guardian of this reality-generating jewel. All battle ceased.

We flew away and arrived at a house where a person was being dunked in a vat of water much like the stick people earlier. Suddenly the person stood up and pushed everyone away. Finally he was able to stand on his own. He shook the water from himself, like a dog shakes water from his fur. His head was clear and sober. I asked my power animals what this was about and I was told that in order to celebrate we have to be cleared of our "drunken" perspective. In a sense I was being told that "celebrating" by being "drunk" is confused celebration. This was the second gift -- a clearing of confusion allowing for true celebration.

Next I was handed a small silver bowl/tray that was filled with a liquid for the Goddess. I placed it on a table. Then I picked it up again to move it to another location. However, the tray/bowl was now made of flimsy plastic (instead of silver metal) and it bent in the middle causing me to spill several drops of this precious liquid. I was again thinking, "Uh-Oh!!! (actually my words were a bit stronger) -- I have just spilled the gift for the Goddess" (this was NOT a good moment for me in the journey!)

As I was struggling to deliver the Goddess offering to the altar I was told that spilling the offering was a libation. It was part of the ritual. I looked down and hundreds of ants were swarming over the spilled drops and taking them back to their nest. These sacred drops were gifting the beings who received them new awareness, new knowledge, new powers, etc. I learned to recognize that one person's "accident" can, with proper perspective, be seen as a Divine gift to everyone involved -- a gift worthy of celebration.

(I am reminded of the story of the great bard, Taliesin. Born Gwion Bach, as a servant he was given the task of stirring the Goddess Ceridwen's cauldron of wisdom for a year and a day. This potion was to be a gift of wisdom and knowledge for her very ugly son (since his ugliness could not be cured). Taliesin had strict instructions not to taste the potion (talk about a setup!). As he stirred, three drops of the hot liquid splashed him (apparently these three drops contained the wisdom bit and the rest was poison). To sooth the burning he put his hand into his mouth thereby tasting the Goddess soup and gaining the wisdom meant for Ceridwen's son. This causes the cauldron to break, spilling everything on the ground. The Goddess is now enraged and chases Taliesin. Here follows a long series of shapeshiftings as Taliesin seeks to escape the Goddess (he becomes a rabbit, she a dog, next he becomes a fish, she an otter, etc.) Finally he becomes a grain of corn in a pile of corn. Ceridwen becomes a hen and eats him. This makes her pregnant and he is born. Further adventures lead him into becoming the famous bard. The story is, among other things, an example of a "disaster" actually being a great gift for humanity and, presumably, Taliesin.)

I was reminded that libations are gifts to the Divine.

I next saw that one of the spilled drops had fallen into a pool of water. I watched the ripples spread out across a small pond. However, this drop did not blend with the rest of the water but instead traveled across the top of the pond to a wall, up the wall (like a transparent bug) avoiding many dangerous-to-water obstacles (such as a towel reaching out to mop it up). This adventuresome drop came to rest on a small ledge near the ceiling of a room. There it shapeshifted into a tiny, beautiful hummingbird.

The bird began to build a nest. I spent the next several minutes of the journey helping this bird build its nest by giving it tiny twigs, feathers, moss, etc. I also combed animals to get soft fur for padding. Then I gave the hummingbird the pulsing jewel, that I had received earlier, for her to safeguard in the bottom of her nest.

I was told that she was going to lay eggs in her nest and that each egg would hatch into a gift of celebration for each member of the Shaman's Net -- a gift that will provide opportunities for celebration.

I thanked Hummingbird.

Next was a tour of multiple examples of garbage and toxins, etc. being cleared -- buckets of worms being removed from people. Burials, buildings being torn down, etc. etc. My power animals told me that this was more clearings to remove junk, old baggage, etc. from Shaman's Net members. It was removing the things that limit our abilities and opportunities to celebrate. We all became lighter, in both senses of that word. (Boy was I glad to be finished with the clearing section of the journey -- unpleasant in the extreme.)

Finally I was taken to a rock outcropping in a forest. It had a triangular opening into the earth. It was some kind of sacred well. People were gathered around this well and celebrating by pouring libations into it (with song and laughter as well as reverence). I was told to conclude this journey by dipping one of my wands into the master vial (from which I generate each season's talismans -- this is pictured on the main page for the Shaman's Net) and bless and release the directions/Spirit by shaking drops of the "Celebration" blessed water to each direction.

I was told to return.

Many blessings. Remember, when opportunities for celebration appear in your life, find the appropriate way to honor them in your own form of celebrating (keeping in mind the dunking ritual that was used to clear confused celebrating).


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The first gift is that out of intense experiences sacred space can grow. Remember to create time to celebrate the "growth" of sacred space inside of you (your connection to Spirit/The Divine ) that comes from the intense experiences in your life.

2. The second gift is the clearing of confusion which allows us to access "true" celebration.

3. The third gift is the recognition that one person's "accident" can, with proper perspective, be seen as a Divine gift to everyone involved -- a gift worthy of celebration.

4. The fourth gift is a jewel toned "hummingbird" eggs that hatch into opportunities to celebrate for each member of the Shaman's Net.

5. The fifth gift is a clearing of old useless baggage and garbage that limits our ability to celebrate.


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Shaman’s Net Journey #2 for Winter Season

February 18, 2007 -- New Moon February 17, 2007

Intention: Gifts, guidance, protection, and opportunities of "Celebration" for the Winter Shaman's Net members.

This was a strange, "static" filled and simple little journey. We began this journey in outer space. I was meeting with my Power Animals to set the intention when a gigantic burst of energy rushed through me and traveled in ripples across multiple dimensions of space, time and shamanic geography. It was such a burst that I staggered in the journey and had trouble tracking all the places this energy wave went to and all that it did.

I watched it travel through many different places and then it came around full circle and slammed back into me. It took me a few minutes to recover.

I was told that this was the first gift for Shaman's Net members -- the gift of recharging and of bringing our energies full circle after they have traveled infinitely large distances and "learned" from a myriad of new experiences. This energy flow is connected to cycles; to yearly seasonal cycles; to the concept of "what goes around, comes around"; what you feed into the world comes back to you, etc.

I thanked Spirit for this gift and was sent onward.

I took the opportunity to spend time with individual Shaman's Net members doing clearing, releasing and healing work as was required by Spirit.

When I finished with this bit of Side-time healing I continued on. However, it was very tough going -- I seemed to be pushing my way through a very intense storm of energy. It was much like traveling through a whiteout snowstorm or traveling through the "snow" static that appears on TVs when nothing is being broadcast.

I kept working to push through the static and to understand if there was some information or gift somehow contained in it.

After much effort I was finally able to dissipate this fog of static and I found myself standing in front of a giant, bank style vault door. I told my power animals, "Well, this has promise!"

Now I was confronted with the challenge of "cracking" the safe. More time was spent trying different techniques to get the door to open. Once I had finally opened it, I took a talisman vial and wedged it into the door's locking mechanism -- essentially I reprogrammed the door's combination to allow anyone who has a Shaman's Net talisman vial to be able to easily open this door by "using" their vial as the combination.

The vault behind the door is filled with "Treasures of Celebration". As with any large bank vault there were public sections and private "safe deposit boxes". In essence, the gift to the Shaman's Net members is access to general opportunities for celebrating and private, individual opportunities. Your talisman vial will open your individual, private "safe deposit box of celebration".

Once I understood the nature of this place, I attempted to enter the Vault of Celebrations. However, each time I attempted to enter I found myself seeing and being in the energies and scenes of my day-to-day life. I returned to the vault several times only to be returned "home" each time I tried to enter it.

"This is strange", I said to myself and my power animals. After several more attempts I simply accepted that this is where this Shaman's Net journey was supposed to take me. So I started looking around for what I was sent there to find.

I spent time looking at a new art project I creating. (I am playing with the intention of scrying, and then drawing, "future technology" -- after all a modern computer circuit diagram, viewed in 1807, would look like some kind of unusual art to the people of that time.)

From my "art review" I then was taken for a walk in a beautiful forest and then on to other places. It was scene after scene of visiting the people and places and projects that fill my day-to-day life.

All at once I understood what the gift was -- Celebrate the wonders of your daily life. I was touring the places and events where I personally find opportunities to celebrate -- My creativity, my family, my friends, my living on such an amazing, beautiful, strange world, etc.

Celebrate the special times in your life and celebrate the daily wonders as well (more opportunity to celebrate!)

Make everyday an opportunity to celebrate -- the "mundane" things and events in our world are actually awesome miracles -- certainly worth of celebrating.

I thanked Spirit for the gifts and then "pushed" on the journey to see if there was anything more for the Shaman's Net members.

I found myself traveling up a freeway at a high rate of speed. Suddenly the freeway before me disappeared leaving a wide and deep chasm (fifty feet deep and hundreds of feet wide) filled with mud and rocks. At the speed I was driving (I am certain that I was traveling the legal speed limit :) ) there was no way to stop. As I reached the chasm's edge instead of falling in I found myself soaring high over the hole and landing safely on the other side.

This was the last gift to the Shaman's Net -- the gift that comes from celebrating our daily lives which will assist us in "flying over" the inevitable challenges that present themselves in our day-to-day life.

I was told to return.

Many blessings. Again I remind everyone to seek, find and create opportunities for celebration.


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The first gift is that of recharging and of bringing our energies full circle. In its "traveling" these energies carry with them many valuable lessons, information and opportunities to manifest transformation.

2. The second gift is access to the Vault of Celebration. Contained in it are more general reasons to celebrate and personal, individualized reasons to celebrate. Ways to use this gift are through visualizations/meditations seeing yourself opening the Vault of Celebration and finding what celebrations you have "saved" there -- general and individual. Dream incubations based on the intention of traveling to the vault and retrieving a celebration could be another way to use this gift.

3. The third gift is the call to celebrate the wonders of your daily life -- your interests, creativity, family and friends, the activities you participate in for experiencing and transforming our amazing, and beautiful, world, etc. Celebrate your special times and celebrate the daily wonders as well.

4. The final gift comes from practicing celebration our daily lives. The attitude of celebration, which is also the "attitude of gratitude", will give us the skills and tools with which we will fly over life's inevitable challenges.

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Shaman’s Net Journey #3 for Winter Season

March 25, 2007-- New Moon March 18, 2007

Intention: Gifts, guidance, protection, and opportunities of "Celebration" for the Winter Shaman's Net members.

I had to come to this New Moon journey twice. The first attempt was filled with detours, chaos, loss of focus, strange adventures, etc. none of which I was able to hold in memory to bring back for this writing. Except that at the end of the journey I had an illuminating and powerful moment where I learned that there was one single gift to be found for the Winter Shaman's Net members.

One gift -- A Big Gift.

When I was done with this first journey, I had the feeling that I had ridden out of shamanic space on the crest of a wave or the back of a black stallion (not one of my power animals). It was as though the illuminating moment launched me back into the daily "dream" of my life.

It was several days later before I was ready to journey again.

The second journey began with scene after scene of ludicrous imagery -- cartoon images, outrageous (in any way you might use that word) scenes, crazy juxtapositions (crazy even measured against the normal "craziness" of shamanic High Weirdness), etc. All were racing past in rapid succession -- too fast for me to track or makes any sense of.

So I traveled very carefully through that shamanic space being cautious that I did not get pulled into any of those mind boggling places.

Finally I navigated to a more "stable" shamanic space only to find myself confronted by "cowboys".

Now for a piece of personal revelation necessary to explain the single big gift from Spirit to the Winter Shaman's Net.

I am originally from Wyoming.

I was (and am) a very liberal person from a very conservative state. The "cowboy click" in my high school was my nemesis. They were clearly there to teach me compassion in the face of brutal, irrational intolerance for all things different from them. Naturally, as is true for all traumatic experiences that happen (especially) during formative years, it took me many years to sort that one out.

In fact, for many years after high school I had dreams where the cowboys would attack me. When I tried to escape from them it became the classic "legs trapped in molasses" dream where running was impossible -- which is to say I could not escape them no matter how hard I tried -- except by waking up, which really wasn't "escape" but rather "delay until next time".

After years of these dreams, in my early 20's, I was very fortunate to discover the Stepping Off the Karmic Wheel meditation (a powerful tool that can assist in healing our relationships to traumatic interactions). Over several months I practiced it specifically to heal my internal relationship to the cowboys. Then one night I had a dream where the cowboys appeared while I was in the middle of another dangerous situation.

I thought, "Well my goose is totally cooked". I was expecting them to join forces with the other "bad guys" and squash me like a bug in molasses.

To my complete amazement, they rushed in to rescue me. I was stunned! The cowboys had become my allies and still are -- at least in my dream work. I had stepped off the Karmic Wheel, at least in relationship to them.

This elaborate side story is necessary to set the stage for the quality of the single big gift from Spirit for the Winter Shaman's Net members.

As I was standing in a glen face-to-face with the cowboys from my high school daze (misspelling intended) I again experienced the illuminating energy of the first journey attempt. This told me that somehow the "cowboys" were the Big Gift.

It took me several moments to understand what this meant.

Spirit's Big Gift is the opportunity to release and transform a piece of energy, past experience, a "you fill in the blank" aspect in your life that is holding you back, that causes you pain, or fear, or anger, or the piece that blocks you from your true path, etc. You have the opportunity to give it to Spirit and have it be transformed into an ally.

It is Spirit helping you to celebrate your life by taking some limiting aspect and releasing it by transforming it into helping and supporting energy.

This is done by sincerely offering it (much as I did with the cowboys mentioned above using, for example, the Karmic Wheel meditation) to Spirit. Remember that you have given this piece over to Spirit to transform. Live into the gift of allies coming into your life.

When this piece is released and transformed you will experience a whole raft of energy (healing, motivating, celebrating, etc.) returning as an ally.

A couple of possible rituals to do this process could be to write what you want transformed on a piece of paper and then burn that paper, releasing that to Spirit via the fire and wind. Or you could tell it to a small bowl of salt (which absorbs energy) and then dissolve the salt in water. (I especially like to use rock salt -- it is visually appealing to me and feels like it is designed to do big work.) Then pour that charged water down the drain or give it to the ocean to transform. Or design a ritual that speaks to you!

By the way, you can do this process for any unnamed energy that you want to release -- basically let Spirit figure out which is the best one to transform.

Once I understood the "Gift of Past Challenge Transformed into an Ally", I thanked Spirit and, being the sort of person who occasionally pushes boundaries, I decided to see if Spirit had any other gifts for Shaman's Net members (even though I was clearly told that there was only the one big gift).

I was immediately taken to a beautiful fairyland where uncountable numbers of people were gardening. As I gazed about, I saw an incredible array of diverse human beings -- from all walks of life, all ethnic sources, all perspectives and personal beliefs, etc.

From this perspective of the broad spectrum of diversity and differences, I also saw that everyone was just tending their own garden and that their "gardens" were all linked together in a vast web of commonality. It was a wonderful gift to experience that "amidst our differences we are linked by a net of our similarities".

I was told to return (and to stop being so "gift greedy" -- just kidding. Spirit simply told me to return.)

Many blessings.


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The One Single Big Gift is to actively (with meditation, dream work, prayer, chanting, fire/salt rituals, etc.) give to Spirit some old piece of your personal history that is getting in your way and have it returned transformed into an ally. (You may need to "give" it several times, depending on how deep your hooks are into that past experience.) Having a new Ally crafted from old, limiting energy is truly cause for Celebration!

2. The second "gift" from Spirit is to bask in our similarities and our differences -- connect to the Shaman's Net, connect to the world "net" (the universe net?) as a resource for celebration and to discover our "points of relatedness" amongst diversity.


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