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The Spring talisman's blessing is "Creativity".

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Shaman’s Net Journey #1 for Spring Season

May 4, 2007 -- New Moon April 17, 2007

Intention: Gifts, protections, and guidance around "Creativity" for the Spring Shaman's Net members.

This New Moon journey had features that I have never experienced before.  One feature was that I frequently found myself facing a static scene as though the information and gifts from Spirit were being delivered against a backdrop of a verdant mountainside with lots of trees, ferns, moss, etc.  A very Northwest kind of place.

Another unusual feature was that most of gifts, etc. were not delivered in their usual visual way but came through "other" channels that I could not identify.  It was not quite aural, visual or via any of the other senses.  It had bits of these but the senses felt superfluous and disconnected with the information I was to bring back.

The journey started by traveling through an abstract collage of modern roads, houses, parks, etc. placed at odd angles and on top of each other. 

All at once I was confronted with a threshold -- a gate/barrier that I could not pass through until I solved a riddle/puzzle.

It was a Zen Koan/paradox kind of puzzle.  The source of the puzzle came from the fact that the actual date for doing this New Moon journey was after the New Moon.  This meant that I had to travel back in time to the date of the New Moon, do the journey is such a way that the gifts, etc. were delivered to each Net member back "then" to be projected forward through time and assisting in each member's life path.

The upshot of the riddle/paradox was, given that shamanic work is not bound by space or time, how did I know that by changing the past (by delivering the gifts, protections, and guidance back "then" at the New Moon date) that I wasn't going to change a Net member's life from something they were happy with, in the "Now", into something they might not want in the new and altered "Now" (altered because their past was changed.   This riddle in its extreme form is the classic time paradox of going back in time and preventing your father from meeting your mother, thereby preventing your birth.   If you were never born then how could you go back in time to prevent... It get quite sticky and confusing.)

This paradox/riddle stopped me.  The imagery, at this point, was of the static scene described above, shimmering as though it was behind heat waves.  Directly in front of me was a giant portal, shaped like an old fashioned key hole.  I could not pass through this portal, this threshold until I solved the conundrum.

I stood there puzzling out what to do.  (Pun intended, sorry.)

I could feel the presence of a threshold guardian awaiting my answer.  I hoped it wasn't a Sphinx waiting to strangle me if I could not answer correctly. 

I pondered the riddle for quite a while until the answers rose up through me. 

The first answer addresses the concern of, "Is this work potentially altering a Net member's current life in ways, that by comparison to a life lived without this work, that they might consider negative."

This answer has four aspects: 

1.  I trust Spirit 1000%.
2.  All this work is done in the highest good of everyone involved. 
3.  All this work is done as an offering to be accepted or rejected (freewill choice) by each Net member. 
4.  All people have a natural "spiritual immune system" that mostly keeps unwanted spiritual influences at bay.

The answer to the time koan is much more challenging to describe.   It is a complicated, trans-language, solution, that I doubt I am effectively communicating here (and in the journey I kept asking myself how exactly was I going to write this part up!)  It gets pretty muddy in this section so if you want to skip the technical philosophical details click here.

The concept is that the "Now", that each person is currently in, is the Now based on having done the New Moon journey on the date of the New Moon. 

The essence of the solution is based on the class of questions that have no provable answers.  Such as the question of, "How can you tell if the 'Now' you are living in is based on or built from your 'Now' of yesterday?" 

This is an un-provable question.  There is no test you can apply to prove or disprove this question because if the past was altered then your memories, etc.of your past would change to generate "continuity" of your Now. 

We all have to trust and live from the belief that the bulk of what we remember is actually what we experienced (or close to it -- given that memory has been shown to be quite malleable).  Most people do this automatically and believe their historical self as fact and unquestionable.  (People in my line of work are in the business of questioning and exploring all aspects of "reality" and especially "unquestionable facts" -- which is how we get entangled in paradoxes like this.)

I live into the personal mythology of multiple possible/parallel universes and that the power of being a human is the power of choice. (Talk about opportunities for 'Creativity'!)  The world we live into is the world created by the choices we make (which is all part of an educational process that souls are involved in -- but that's another rant.)

So the solution to the paradox riddle of the first threshold is that I choose to live into the universe/reality where the Shaman's Net members are benefiting from and powerfully, creatively, living into the life that they are because they either chose to accepts the gifts from Spirit or chose not to accept the gifts.  Either way what was received from a journey that had the intention of traveling back in time to deliver those gifts was received because each Net member made their choice back then.  So this reality is the reality that came from that action.

I had already done this journey, in the past, and now I was completing the circle by honoring my intention of doing the journey "Now" from the shamanic place of "Back Then".  It is a kind of ouroborous.

Clear as mud.  (I wonder how many Net members are going to shoot me an email with a giant "?".  Ah, well...)

I knew this was going to be very challenging to communicate.  These few paragraphs are the result of many hours of thinking, pacing, writing, rewriting, rewriting.  It is a Zen "truth" that Koans cannot and should not be explained in words.  Those who speak of the Tao do not know it and those who know it do not speak of it.

Suffice it to say that I solved the paradox riddle and moved through the threshold portal into another realm.

And I was immediately presented with another threshold -- the threshold of "Fear". Fear as in, "Did I solve the paradox puzzle correctly?  Am I doing the right thing by this journey?  Do I have the right/skill to mess around with time paradoxes?  Etc." 

Well the is only one thing to do with fear and thresholds based on fear.  You walk right through them and into the next realm.  There is nothing to "solve" around fear -- if you try to do this you will remain frozen at Fear's Threshold.

So I walked forward, through Fear and found myself facing the threshold of Doubt.  Doubt as in, "Is any of this stuff 'real'.  Is there any value to my work, the Shaman's Net, etc.?"  By now I am getting pretty tired of threshold barriers.  Yet I felt that I needed to stand at that threshold and find my answer to Doubt. 

After a time I came to the solution and threshold "key" to Doubt -- Trust.  And it happens that Trust is the first gift for Net members. Trusting your Creativity and your relationship to Source. 

I thanked Spirit for this gift.  (I am frequently faced with the Trust energy.  In doing this work I have to completely trust Spirit and trust that, as is the case with the Shaman's Net journeys, somewhere in this work, somewhere in these strange High Weirdness journeys that there is at least one nugget for each member of the Net that will open possibilities for them.  There may in fact be multiple nuggets, but my trust with Spirit is that if I do my part that Spirit will do Spirit's part.)

Once I had passed the threshold of Doubt into the energy of Trust I was confronted with a very toxic aspect of myself.   I paused for a moment trying to sort this one out and then, standing in the Trust of myself and my Creative abilities, I realized that I was completely tired of being confronted by this "Toxic David".  I was DONE with his negative self talk, his depressed and destructive view of the world, of my life.  I had had it with him.  Suddenly, in a burst of energy, he was wrapped in a bubble and surrounded by thousands of bubbles effervescing like a Guinness on tap (nod to my son who taught me to love Guinness).  His energy floated away; smaller and smaller, farther and farther away.  I sent some of my Power Animals to assist in taking this bubble so far away that he would never find his way back.  I sent him so far away that I almost forgot this part of the journey! 

(By the way, it is a very strange thing to be witnessing a journey scene, being totally present and conscious, and then to have all memory, etc. of the journey imagery, that you were JUST watching and making note of, simply disappear -- pop like a bubble.  This often happens to people who wake up from a great and vivid dream only to shift or turn over and have the dream just disappear.  Frustrating and strange.  It is even more frustrating and strange when this happens in the hyper-aware state of journey work.  After all, it is my job to remember this stuff in order to bring it back.)

It was a wonderful feeling to be freed from his toxic efforts of undermining my life. 

I could feel this bubbling energy moving through the entire net.  And I knew that this was the second gift -- the elimination of something toxic from each Net member.  The elimination of something that is holding you back or causing doubt or undermining you from Creatively manifesting your life in some way (health, happiness, the next novel, relationships, etc.).  It was the clearing of some destructive "tape loop" that you keep bumping up against.

I again found myself facing the static backdrop image of the Northwest mountain described above.

The third gift came from an image of a person sniffing a flower so closely that they got pollen on their nose.  I could see that there were two ways of mapping/interpreting what I was being shown -- a negative way and a positive way.  I could see how those two interpretations could play against each other and see that there was a way to map their interplay of opposites.

Because each interpretation was equally possible I was, with my usual approach of seeking the most positive mapping of any experience, able to map out the positive interpretation of the flower image all the while tracking the dark/shadow image.

The third gift is the ability to see where the negative aspects of ourselves hide -- to locate for transformation the aspects of our lives that do not serve us.  This is, naturally, a opportunity to bring the talisman energy of Creativity into play for transforming the places that do not serve us.

These aspects of ourselves have hidden too long and drained too much of our vital energy.  Creative transformation of shadow aspects of ourselves generates healing and returns vital energy to be used in positive and Creative ways.

At this point I passed through a final veil.  Remember that this entire journey was done via the intention of traveling back in time to the date of the New Moon and doing the journey "then" -- delivered then and letting the gifts project forward. (Journey on May 4, 2007 to the New Moon on April 17, 2007)

The journey returned me, via passing through the veil, to the static mountainside image.  There I "heard" drumbeats.  Yet behind the drumming I began to hear complex and beautiful music -- a chanting, repeating phrases.  This music was somehow being created from within the drumming.  (Tough to describe clearly as this was an experiential moment quite beyond words.)

As I listened to this beautiful music I was told that this was the last gift for the Shaman's Net members -- the gift of finding something new out of something unexpected. 

I was told to return.

Many blessings.


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The first gift is the threshold "passkey" to Doubt -- Trust.  Creative actions in many ways depend on trust -- trusting that the tools, ideas, solutions, etc. will present themselves to you exactly at the perfect time.  A good metaphor for Creativity is musical improvisation.  Each note reveals itself at the perfect time for the composition being performed.  Trust that in all the places of your life where you are engaged in Creative acts that Spirit is standing next to you ready to provide.  Remember, too, that there is the element of Creativity in every aspect of your life, should you choose to live from that perspective.

2.  The second gift is the effervescent clearing and the elimination of something toxic that blocks your success and creativity in any aspect of your life.  The elimination of something that is holding you back or causing doubt or undermining you from Creatively manifesting your life in some way.  It was the clearing of some destructive tape loop that you keep bumping up against.

3.  The third gift for the Shaman's Net members ability to find something new, to be able to "Create" with resources that come from an unexpected place.  In the same way that one would not expect music to be heard inside of pure drumming.  That is the essence of Creativity -- pulling new things from unexpected places.  Open to the energy of something powerfully creative coming into your life via an unexpected, out-of-the blue source.

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Shaman’s Net Journey #2 for Spring Season

June 10, 2007 -- Full Moon June 1, 2007

Intention: Gifts, protections, and guidance around "Creativity" for the Spring Shaman's Net members.

This journey started high above the Earth.  A Dragon Power Animal had taken me up there, in part I suspect, to gift me a beautiful view of our planet from outer space.  Once I told Dragon this journey's intention I was quickly flown down to the surface to walk along a brick, stone and gravel path.

I stopped at one of the stones and pried it out of the ground.  Underneath the stone was a coffee can-sized safe, with a combination lock dial, buried deep into the ground.  Since I had no clue what the combination to this lock was I decided to let Spirit pick the lock -- this I did by randomly spinning the dial until it popped open.

I lifted the safe door to reveal a portal into a cavern world.  I descend into the cavern world (shrinking to fit as is only possible in magical spaces such as this).  A short ways along the path branched.  The right path went deeper into the cavern world and left hand path the opened into a daylight, surface world. 

I started to follow the right hand path. However as soon as I looked to the left a huge burst of energy rushed through by body -- so intense that I was almost thrown out of journey space.  Naturally I took this as the sign that I was supposed to exit the caverns into the daylight world.

I stepped out to see a young girl standing unattended at an airport loading zone.  A large, white, stretch limo, with another little girl in it, was pulling away leaving the first girl behind.  I watched them wave forlornly to each other as though fate had cursed them to be apart.

Spirit called upon me to stop this separation.  I quickly "rewound" the scene causing the limo to drive backwards and unload the second little girl, who turned out to be the twin of the first girl.  There was a joyous reunion.

I was told that this is the first gift for Shaman's Net members -- the return of important twin energy.  Some important aspect of ourselves that is a mirror match had returned to its proper place -- a piece of our self that we need to "pair up" with to activate and enhance our "Creative" selves.

We continued on, walking through a small, quiet little town (where the sidewalks and streets are the same width -- clearly a town meant for human traffic, not vehicular traffic).  We strolled up the street towards a church -- a small, brick church with white painted wood columns at the top of some steps.  It was called the Church of the Nativity.  It was all very old fashioned -- something out of the 1940's.

We entered the church to find the book that recorded the events of the town -- births, deaths, etc.  Our purpose was to locate the birth record of the twins to "verify" them.  I was told that this is the second gift -- the official spiritual verification and sanction of our creative energies coming together in the form of the return of the twin energies.

This twin energy seems to be an essential piece, an essential coming together of separated aspects of ourselves that heretofore were diminished.  It is more than just doubling ourselves in relationship to our Creative self, it is a synergy that is more than the sum of the parts.

The visit to the church was the official Spirit-based sanction of the truth of this returning.  These "twins" belong together and should not be separated.

After this scene I was taken to a living room.  On a table was stacks of folded handkerchiefs of various patterns, colors and designs.  These were being handed around, examined, refolded and returned to the stacks.  I watched this ritual for a while.  I finally asked Spirit what was this about and I was told that this was the third gift for Net members -- a brightly colored handkerchief.  (As always, I recommend that Net members obtain a beautiful handkerchief-sized piece of cloth and place it on an altar.  By taking Spirit-based imagery/energy and "creating" it in the physical world is a powerful honoring of the gifts from Spirit.  It "grounds" the magic from the spiritual realms into the physical reality.  It is a way of bringing new magic into the world.)

This gift has to do with covering (while not hiding) your creative energies/projects/ideas.  The concept is that there is powerful magic that is grown via any creative project.  Yet everything has its growth cycle.  By which I mean that creativity in the early days is tender and fragile.  It needs protection.  The bright handkerchief "covering" young creativity energies says, "Hey, I am working on something wonderful and amazing AND it is not yet ready to be seen."  If things are revealed too soon or too often then the magic dissipates and drains away.  This often leads to abandoning that piece of creativity because "It no longer hold the interest and excitement it once did."

This third gift is the gift of "protection with attention".  Other people's interest and curiosity without their involvement and (often well intentioned) input.  It is the covering of a sculpture or painting that "hides" it until it is time to unveil it.  It keeps the mystery alive until the perfect moment.  If something is unveiled too soon it loses its power.

We took a stack (!!!) of these magic cloths.

Then we went outside and climbed into a car which drove us to a driveway where we hopped out of the car.  In front of where the car was parked a small, silver leafed plant was growing.  I watched as this plant proceeded to rapidly grow up all around the car -- effectively surrounding and camouflaging where we were.  It felt like a movie chase scene where the good guys are trying to escape the chasing bad guys.  They turn off onto a side road, hop out and cover the car and the turn-off road with branches, etc. to hide as the bad guys race by on the main road.

This was the last gift for the Shaman's Net members -- the ability camouflage, to cover until it is the appropriate time to reveal -- be it a project, a piece of art, a new idea, a better parenting tactic, etc.  Creativity is a very delicate and sacred process that needs to be protected until the time is perfect to reveal it.

The gift is about creating a "safe harbor" to allow you to explore, work on, etc. without the pressure of the critical world -- i.e. "Are you done yet?;  I think that a rose really needs to be painted there, don't you?;  Have you thought about this...?;  Ooo, that's ugly.;  And how is this going to make money?  You should have gone to law school like I told you......"

This gift is the "twin" energy to the "Magic Cloths of Protection with Attention".  It is "Protection without Attention".  There are times to shout about a piece of creativity in progress and there are times to spring it on the world.  These twinned gifts create a complete toolkit for handling Creativity and the world's interest in what we are up to.

I was told to return.

Many blessings.


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1.  The first gift is the return of important "mirror matching" twin energy that has been returned to its proper place to activate and enhance our "Creative" selves. 

2.  The second gift is the official spiritual verification and Spirit sanction of your creative energies and their coming together as the synergistic power of matched/paired twin energies.

3.  The third gift is the gift of "protection while keeping attention".  A brightly colored handkerchief, a magic cloth, to keep the young magic of any creative project protected without hiding it.  Keep your young creative energies/magics close to the vest.  Put a beautiful square of cloth on your altar.

4.  The last gift is the "twin to gift #3".  It is "protection by hiding", the ability to keep hidden, to camouflage until it is the appropriate time to reveal the Creative energies that you have been manifesting.  Creativity is a delicate, sacred process.  Sometimes it needs protection with attention (#3) and sometimes it needs the protection of camouflage until the time is perfect to reveal it with fanfare.

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Shaman’s Net Journey #3 for Spring Season

-- New Moon June 15, 2007


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