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The Summer talisman's blessing is "Ecstasy"

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Shaman’s Net Journey #1 for Summer Season

July 24, 2007

Intention: Experience and transmit the energy of "Ecstasy" through the Summer Shaman's Net and to the Net members.

Ecstasy, the visionary state of the shaman.  How to communicate visionary experiences?  How to communicate Ecstasy?  It is an experience understood only through experience.  All other attempts are just the telling of a story, a great story perhaps, but just a story, a report from the traveler into such states -- be he/she be a shaman, a poet, an artist, a musician, a new mother. 

Ecstasy is traveling through the realms of Spirit -- sometimes we travel the borderlands and sometimes, the mind blowing times, we travel deep into the barely mapped territories.

Literature is filled with attempts to communicate and map the deep travels -- William Blake, Jakob Böhme, Emanuel Swedenborg, William Butler Yeats -- to name a few. 

What is written here is the story of my attempts at charging the Shaman's Net with the energy of Ecstasy so that each Net member can tap into that energy at whatever level they choose, at whatever level serves them most.


Setting intention

Expanding deep into the geography of Spirit


Time lost -- time expanded to impossible moments of seconds lasting hours

Atoms of self always linked

Always paired

Always talking

sharing the stories of the soul

Their soul

My soul

Atoms flowing into every corner of the universe

Every corner of every universe

Flowing into each other to listen as each atom soul shares their story

Images flow

Sparkling and glowing

Rainbow hues


One into another

Glass-like gem-like

Flowing down from...?

Rising up from...?



Fog and mist

Dust motes in a sunlit breeze

All stories

I stand confounded by all the stories

by all the soul-atoms eagerly talking

Their stories filling me so I cannot breathe

Am I dying? 

Am I dead? 

Does it matter?  I am alive with atoms and their stories

Filled with story

Atoms in ecstasy and joy

Atoms in conversations shared

Eager to share

I cannot breathe...



and then a surge

a rushing pulse of Poet's breath expands me

Gratefully filling me with air

filling me with the promise and asking for the promise in return

Poet's breath pulses into me

a surge that thrusts my chest, heart full, toward the sky, heaven, up there somewhere, here

My soul, my Self expands even as the air fills my lungs in this Poet's surge

Expands me like fireworks -- sparks flaming colors arch through the night tracing their stories through me.

I am a giant so huge that I am everywhere

I am atoms of everything





I visit places I cannot describe -- I cry about this

I ache to share every detail but there are no words for such visions --

and the visions that find a way to be painted by words blend one into another

blurring words into sentences

into books

into libraries and I am gloriously lost in this kaleidoscope

Each place is alive

Each sings their life songs

their lives as train horns and laughter

loud talk and the cracks and pops and creaks

the flow and splash of what, in our world, would be a raging roaring soaring river

but there


there, there are no rivers

or maybe there are but not such as we can know them


Pictures all collapse into something beyond

something transcendental

And, at last, I sing all those atoms home

feeling their stories in my bones

feeling them singing me home and whole

Touching every single atom

linking them through my soul


Quantum pairing

A world in a grain of sand

Heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And eternity in an hour **

I have been there

I have touched it -- Have I touched it?

I don't know and yet I do know

The atoms of the universe's soul still sing their story songs

Flaming rainbow sparkles

Glass bubbles rising?   Falling?

Still sing their story songs and my soul-atoms listen

And look for ways to sing along



Many blessings.


** William Blake, "Auguries of Innocence"


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Shaman’s Net Journey #2 for Summer Season

August 30, 2007

Intention: To receive guidance, gifts and protections for the Summer Shaman's Net especially focused on the energy of "Ecstasy".

Of late, for some reason that I am working to discover, the energies of Shamanic Space have been turbulent, noisy, difficult to enter and challenging to traverse.  This particular journey took me three separate attempts and while the "content" of this final journey is laudable, the journey experiences for the dude in the Dragon seat (me) were very unsatisfactory.

I entered shamanic space via a desert portal.  There was an old man sitting by the side of the road working on some project that I could not see.  I walked up to him and told him the intention of this journey.  Without even bothering to look up, he pointed me toward a big earth mound, like Silbury Hill in England.  He told me that there was a door on the other side of the mound.

I flew to the backside of the mound and found another (?) old man sitting in front of the door at the very base of the mound.  He required that I buy a ticket from him.  It cost me $0.25 (a reasonable fee I thought).  He looked at my Power Animal crowd who were following along (as were Shaman's Net Members) and decided that everyone could enter on a "family-rate plan".

He opened the door and we entered.

I found myself at an observation point overlooking a vast, sunny landscape of rolling hills.  Blocking much of my view were several clusters of tourists.  I kept waiting for them to finish and move on.  However, no one was moving.  It was a diorama of statues.

I waited impatiently for something to happen.  After a while the imagery began to shift and I found myself touring scenes from my childhood. 

At first I thought I had lost my journey focus.  Then one set of images touched on an ecstatic memory.  I saw scenes from a vacation where we visited a lookout point that was built of stone and looked, to a small child, remarkably like a castle turret with slits to align the viewer with various mountains in the distance.

As a child I remember being completely entranced with the castle-ness and engaged in the ecstatic play of defending "my" castle.  This imagery bonded deeply into my child mind.  Curiously, as I got older no one in my family could ever remember visiting a castle on any vacation and eventually the experience was assigned to the file drawer in my brain labeled "I have no idea where these images came from.  Aren't kid's memories weird?"

Years later I happened to take a scenic road through some seriously intense lava beds and suddenly found myself at my childhood castle.  This was an amazing and ecstatic moment of recognition and memory!  (Click here to see some pictures of my castle!)

Another tour stop was at a "perfect moment in time" -- I was 8 or 9 years old.  It was the first day of Summer vacation; it was 6:30 in the morning on a crisp Wyoming morning.  I was up, riding my bike in lazy circles at an intersection in my neighborhood.  There was no one else about, no cars, no city noise.  As I rode the slow circle I looked up each of the four streets (the four directions!).  Before me was perfect stillness as far as I could see.  I was at the center of a perfect, gloriously beautiful universe, all my own, where time had stopped.

I had uncovered this memory years ago and re-experienced the ecstasy of that moment.  In this journey I was again gifted the experience of that ecstasy.  This was the first gift for the Shaman's Net members -- the gift of reconnecting to places, big and small, that brought peak moments in our lives.

I continued on the journey, repeating my intention to my Power Animals.  Again the imagery seemed to freeze with very little happening.  As I was waiting I checked on the nodes of the Shaman's Net; charged the Net with Ecstasy energy; and generally did Net "housekeeping" and Side-time work.  The Net itself was a web of golden glowing lines and connections.

As I was doing this piece of work I realized that Ecstasy is actually the extreme end of a spectrum of different feeling tones -- Joy, Love, Excitement, Success, Fulfillment, etc.  There are many feeling tones that when pushed to their extreme become ecstatic states.

The imagery that accompanied this realization was of a roulette wheel, with Ecstasy in the center and an array of other feelings encircling it.  (I tend to bet on the red emotions...)

This is the second gift to Net members -- a roulette wheel of emotions that can be amplified into Ecstasy.  One way to work with this gift is to "spin" (by stating your intention to Spirit or your Power Animals) the wheel in the morning and see what ecstasy based emotion appears and then "push" on it during the day to amplify it toward the upper, ecstatic end of the spectrum ( for example, where you encounter joy "move" into it with being even more joyous, etc.).

A different way of saying this is to look for the gift of energy from Spirit for that day and see if you can connect to its ecstatic version.  (As a spiritual discipline and exercise, you could create a spinner/roulette wheel with different positive emotional states around the edge and then play with the random choice to see if you can amplify it to Ecstasy.)

I thanked Spirit for this gift.

Then the journey returned to its vague and static state.  I reminded my Power Animals that I was there to receive gifts, guidance, etc. from Spirit, and that not a lot was happening.

I watched a child climb onto a giant arrow placed in a siege engine sized cross bow.  The trigger was pulled and I got to watch the ecstatic joy of this child as he/she flew through the air, riding the arrow like a horse -- the Ecstasy of flight.

I watched random images flow by, none of which I could get Spirit to explain to me as to how they related to my intention.  (It mostly felt like noise and distraction energy.)

I returned to tending the Net and kept pressuring my Dragons to guide this journey.  Finally I got frustrated and I flew back to the door at the base of the earth mound.  I confronted the old man and complained, "Hey, we paid our quarter and the return on our investment seems sparse.  I want my money back."

Instead of returning my money, he took me "out back" to show me a medicine wheel with 12 spokes radiating from the center (shades of roulette wheel energy again).  He offered it to the Shaman's Net.  Apparently there is some treasure that is contained in the 12 structure (12 months, 12 hour clock, etc.).

The treasures are available to each Net member twelve times. It is the chance for Spirit to gift ecstatic states 12 times -- so watch for them -- so live for them!

I was told to return.

Many blessings.


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1. The first gift is the opportunity to re-experience the peak moments, big and small, in our lives.

2.  The second gift is the roulette wheel of emotional amplification.  Look for a positive emotional tone that Spirit gives you for the day and then let it carry you to its ecstatic form as a way of fully opening to Spirit and Spirit's gift to you.

3.  The third gift is the Medicine Wheel of the Twelve Treasures of Ecstasy.  ("On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...well maybe not, though it would be an interesting exercise to re-frame the symbolism of this deeply Christian song into one that is more inclusive -- such is the power of symbolism.)  Spirit is looking to gift you the experience of ecstatic moments at least twelve times -- but it is a treasure hunt, so to speak so you have to open to receiving it and then discover how it arrives in your life.


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