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The Winter talisman's blessing is "Illumination"

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Shaman’s Net Journey #1 for Winter Season


Intention: Receive gifts, guidance and protections in relationship to the energy of "Illumination" for the Winter Shaman's Net and to the Net members.

I started this journey in my Sacred Garden.  I was sitting within a circle of a different illuminating objects -- candles, flashlights, lasers, LEDs, campfires, volcanoes, stars, fireflies, street lamps, etc.

I gathered up these bright lights and wove them into a shaman's tree with the lights illuminating the branches much like a Christmas tree.  I climbed up the tree to launch myself into an Upper World journey -- which seemed appropriate given this season's talisman blessing.

Interestingly as I climbed I saw that each kind of illumination was separated by branch levels -- there was a branch level of flashlights, a branch level of volcanoes, a branch level of lasers, etc.  It seemed that a person could pick the level of illumination that they wished to explore and launch themselves into a journey of illumination at any "branch" level.  Hotter/brighter illuminations were higher in the tree.

I was informed that the first gift for this season's Shaman's Net members is the gift of access to many, many different kinds of illumination!  Not every illuminating experience has to be, nor should it be, the illumination of enlightenment.  We seek all flavors of illumination -- appropriate to our needs of the moment.

I continued climbing to the top of the tree and stepped out into a featureless white place.  There was white fog everywhere with zero visibility just inches from my hand.  I stood very still, listening and trying to discern where I was.  I did not want to move for fear of stepping out in front of who-knew-what and getting run over.  I could feel grass under my feet.

I gathered my Power Animals and with their help attempted to "clear the fog" -- which I found to be an interesting and ironic situation and a great metaphor for the talisman blessing of "Illumination"!

After much effort the fog cleared and I found myself in a big airport!  I was standing in the middle of some in-house landscaping of grass and trees that were, apparently, attempting to give the place a bit of nature.  I stepped off the display, to the stares of many, and looked around to realize that I was actually in a space port.

I found the elevator and rode it past space stations in high Earth orbit, on farther into space until I finally arrived at the Moon.

Standing on the Moon I realized that this is another form of illumination -- reflected illumination.  Not the illumination of "fire within" but rather the illumination of reflecting the brightness that comes to us.  We each have this capacity to not only be the source of illuminating energy but to also be reflecting of illuminating energy. 

This is the second gift to the Net members -- the awareness and capacity to reflect illumination to others. (I was delighted to realize that this journey was done on the Full Moon.)

I waited around on the Moon for quite a while looking for Spirit's gifts to appear.  I finally got bored and called my Dragons to take me to the next piece of this journey.  We flew into outer space and traveled a long way until I suddenly found myself in a bar.

At a table across from me was a woman in a slinky cocktail dress who asked me to light her cigarette.  I thought to myself, "Ah, here is another kind of illumination". (Both the illumination from the cigarette lighter and that of the "awareness" of someone's covert intentions.)

I politely declined and continued to walk through the bar.  Suddenly I was surrounded by thousands of these women.  I continued walking and they kept trying to get me to return to the bar.

After a lot of harassing I managed to push through their veil-like energy and found myself at the base of a pyramid temple.

Covering the steps leading to the temple proper were the women from the bar.  They are the guardians/priestesses of this temple.  It is their job to keep casual explorers away from and unaware of the temple's existence.

Because I was not affected by their first level of defense (physical attraction), they regrouped their defense of the temple by protecting the steps to keep me from climbing.

I looked at all the women and decided that I did not want to take the time and energy to solve all their riddles and tricks designed to trap the unwary/unworthy.  I also realized that one of the important and wonderful aspects of Illumination is the experience of "thinking outside the box".  The ability to manifest solutions and situations that are outside the rules and norms.

Thinking outside the box, I called my Power Animals to fly me high above the guardians and then lower me into the temple at the top. 

The high priestess was surprised at my novel arrival.  I asked her for the gifts that I was to bring back to the Shaman's Net members.  She stood there, hemming and hawing, until I realized that she was stalling for time.  Noticing that several of the guardians are running up the steps to, I assume, toss me from the temple, I froze the scene.

As I examined the scene looking for Spirit's gifts, I noticed that the high priestess had been trying block my view of a tunnel opening back in the temple's corner.  I was uncertain of whether she was trying to hide the tunnel or lure me into it.

I decided to take the chance.  I released the frozen scene and dashed off down the tunnel.

I wound my way down the twists and turns until the tunnel opened to a cliff's edge.  It was a stormy dark night and I was hundreds of feet above an ocean.  It was quite spectacular.  I found that I was in two places at once -- I was on the cliff's edge and I was viewing myself from the distance outlined by the yellow illumination of the tunnel opening.

I called my Power Animals and they flew me across the ocean (long flight) until I was suddenly back in the featureless white fog!  I stood perplexed thinking, "Well, this is interesting...", when it suddenly dawned on me that this was the third gift for the Net members.  It is the gift of understanding that illumination is meant to clear the fog of confusion and limited thinking -- it is the gift of realizing that we all have the power and capacity to "clear the fog" to manifest what we choose to live into.  Illumination gives us the chance to connect to our authentic selves and from that place choose how we clear the fog -- to choose the story we are living.

With this awareness I was able to part the fog to reveal the landscape I had expected the first time I was in the fog.  I was on a beautiful grassy path up a mountain.  It was warm and sunny.  I arrived at the top and sat on a rock outcropping.  Off in the distance I saw lightning.  As I was enjoying the view a woman came up and sat beside me.  We both just sat and enjoyed the view and the day.

As I was sitting, I decided that since this was an Upper World journey I should go visit some of the Upper World cities that I know to find any final Net gifts.

I took leave of my nature-appreciating companion and rode my Dragons up past the Glass City -- it is made entirely from rainbow colored glass and light.  I continued flying to another city that resembles a Moroccan city of the 1940s -- lots of narrow winding streets, domed buildings, archways, stairs that seem to be part of the street route in spite of their passing through people's living spaces, etc.

I traveled to the city's center where stairs rise to a set of giant solid gold doors with elaborate designs carved in them. 

This time there was an enormous jewel (at least 30 inches in diameter) set into the gold doors.  It is brightly glowing (more illumination).  I pressed on the jewel and the doors opened.  I was greeted by a temple attendant who invited me in.  I told her the journey's intention and she invited me to sit and watch a play with lots of music and dancing.

I watched the dancing and acrobatics wondering what were the gifts I was to find when suddenly the entire audience was swept up into the play.  We were all twirling and dancing -- it was a Dervish dance -- a dance of illumination.

I understood, as I was dancing, that this was the last gift for the Net -- the gift of participating in illumination -- not just receiving it but playing in it, generating it by our actions, our involvement.  Illumination is not a spectator sport.  The gift is the opening to participating in all aspects of your life as though you are in an illuminated dance.

The degree of illumination is the degree to which you are willing to participate in the "dance".

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1.  The first gift is the gift of many, many different kinds of illumination.  Find the places in your life where you need illumination, need understanding beyond the limits of rational solution.  Illumination is a miracle moment where out-of-the-blue knowledge, wisdom, skill, ability arrives to open a new path with new solutions and new possibility.  "Climb the tree" to whatever branch level of illumination you need to move forward.

2.  The second gift is the awareness and capacity to reflect illumination to others. 

3.  The third gift is the understanding that illumination clears the fog that keeps us from accessing our power and capacity to manifest what we choose.  It is the gift of being able to choose the "dream" we wish to live into.

4  The final gift is the opening to participation, to playing in the dance of our lives from the place of illumination.  Our involvement in our life carries with it degrees of illuminated self discovery.  The greater our participation, the more conscious and awake in our involvement with our lives, the greater the illumination.  Illumination is not a spectator sport. 

Neither is life.


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Shaman’s Net Journey #2 for Winter Season

Intention: Receive gifts, guidance and protections in relationship to the energy of "Illumination" for the Winter Shaman's Net and to the Net members.

This was a curious, intense, and somewhat short journey.  I began the journey by spending a little time connecting with and basking in the presence of my Power Animals.  (I also spent a time taking care of several pieces of Side-time healing work for various people.)

Once I was complete with that work I was taken to a small square space like an elevator shaft.  I could not tell if I was enclosed in the space or standing outside of it. 

It had the feel of an optical illusion where if you look at it one way it looks like it is receding from you, then if you shift your perspective (an illuminating action!) it looks like it is extending toward you. 

The picture below was snagged, naturally, from the internet.  I did not paint this image.  I don't know who did  nor do I know the title of the picture, but will happily add those credits if someone will email me this information. 

This is an example of the kind of illusion I was experiencing but it is not a picture of what I saw in the journey.  For that you will have to use your imagination. (Great mind-bending image, though!)

In / Out optical illusion

Back to the journey:

I was standing in the optical illusion elevator shaft / tower.   A square column of light was shooting up into a night sky.  I called my Power Animals and we rode this shaft of light into the Upper World.

As we approached the top of this shaft / tower it morphed into a city skyline against a beautiful orange-yellow sunset.  The buildings were architecturally similar to the English parliament buildings.

Westminster English Parliament buildings -- (another great internet image snag) 
Just add a beautiful orange-yellow sunset.

We landed on a path and were immediately confronted by several highwaymen on horseback.  They were demanding that we pay a "tax" in order to pass on the path to illumination. 

I have very little patience for intimidation and shakedowns.  With a gesture (and some assistance from my Power Animals) I swept them away from the area.  I then asked several spirit beings and some divisions of a faery army to guard the path so that everyone could follow their path to illumination without being harassed or robbed ("taxed").  I then realized that this was the first gift for the Shaman's Net members -- unencumbered access to your own path to illumination.

In the distance I saw a cathedral.  We continued up the tree lined, park-like path toward this building.  We arrived and I looked up to see a tower with a circular stained glass window with a beautiful mandala pattern.  I was again within the in / out optical illusion space with this tower being both receding away from me and surrounding me.

The stained glass window was huge and very beautiful -- lots of bright colored glass patterns glowing as the light streamed through.

All of the Shaman's Net nodes (your link to the Net) were glowing blue white spheres (about the size of marbles) and held together in a net of delicate filaments.  I took this net and swung it round and round my head and tossed it, like a fishing net, up toward the stained glass window.

The net spread out and stuck to the stained glass window as a perfect circle and exactly matching the pattern of the stained glass.  There it "melted" into the window!

I was told that this was the second gift to the Shaman's Net members -- the gift of being "placed" into the matrix of illumination.  The illuminating energies coming through the window are now energizing the Net members.

I flew up for a closer look at this "mandala matrix window of illumination".  I spent a lot of time immersed in the energy of this window which seemed to take me in and out of additional pieces of Side-time work for Net members and other clients.  It felt that this window was gifting the Side-time work with illuminating energies.

The more I studied the window the more I saw that it was a hologram in that every part of it (every Net member) contains the whole of it!  The entire matrix of Divine energies exists in every Net member -- every being for that matter -- and every being, every Net member, is in the matrix.

As I continued to explore this window / matrix, I realized that it was a complex combination lock.  I turned different parts of the window until "Click" the pattern locked into a new position and the window opened as a portal into a beautiful place of glowing light.

I started to pass through the window but I was stopped by my Power Animals -- not because this was the white light seen at the moment of death (the light that psychopomps take the souls into) but rather that I had not given sufficient thought as to what level of illumination I was seeking -- there are degrees of illumination! 

This was the final gift for Net members -- the ability and tools to open your own portal to give you access to whatever degree of illumination you are seeking.  What level are you seeking?

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1.  The first gift is a clearing of the way (your way, defined by each individual) to move unimpeded toward illumination.  It is the gift of defining your own ways of seeking higher knowledge and wisdom. And you know that your path is open and protected.

2.  The second gift is being "placed" into the matrix of illumination.  The illuminating energies coming through the mandala window are now energizing the Net members.  A merging into the mandala matrix of illumination.

3.  The final gift for Net members is the ability and tools to solve the combination lock of your own matrix window, opening the portal to give you access to whatever degree of illumination you are seeking.


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