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The Fall talisman's blessing is "Breakthrough"

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Shaman’s Net Journey #1 for Fall 2008 Season


Intention: Receive gifts, guidance and protections in relationship to the energy of "Breakthrough" for the Fall Shaman's Net and to the Net members.

This journey started with us walking toward a beautiful forest -- sunny day, bright fall colors.  Strangely, to get to the forest we had to walk passed "news media" kinds of scenes -- places which were taped off with police crime scene tape, places with vandalism, etc.  The message of these images seemed to say that in order to arrive at a breakthrough place we often have to get passed the day to day challenges -- some of it quite harsh, some of it mundane and trivial.

We continued following a path deeper into the woods.  Far ahead I could see a crone sitting on a throne that was built from and among foliage and tree roots.  She embodied the Wise Crone energy and the Goddess/Queen of the Forest energy.  I walked up to her and told her what I was looking for.  Without a word she pointed for us to travel deeper into the forest.

After walking awhile I climbed a rise to find myself standing on the edge of a vast chasm -- so deep that it took my breath away.  The far cliffs were shrouded in mists and the two sides were connected by a long suspension bridge -- the really narrow, nasty, rickety, scary kind made with frayed ropes and boards (some rotting, of course) that always shows up in the movies.  Far below there was the obligatory "roiling river of certain death".  Now, I don't like heights (especially those equipped with rivers of death) so I was all for hopping onto a Power Animal and flying across.  But no, I was warned that this was a test and if I tried to fly across I would not find the other side.  I was required to cross, Indiana Jones style, on foot.

This was the first piece of guidance for the Shaman's Net members -- that Breakthrough has many sources but it all comes back to your own effort.  Breakthroughs do not come to you, you go to them.  Sometimes the work we must do to arrive at a breakthrough is tough and scary and dangerous yet we must push forward.  (And sometimes it is as easy as a sudden realization, a new perspective, a surprise thought that pulls it all together and allows you to launch ahead!)

So gathering my courage and my super speed I raced across the bridge as quickly as I could.

On the other side was a small community.  Something out of the idealized 50's America.  In among the more modern houses was an old run down "haunted" mansion.  Naturally that was what attracted my attention -- and where attention goes energy flows so I found myself walking up to it. Attached to one side of this crumbling mansion was an overgrown greenhouse. 

I entered the greenhouse and discovered that it was a portal that took me to a vast and well kept park.  At the upper end of the park was a set of stairs that led to oversized, iron bound, wooden cathedral doors -- very ornate.  Above the doors was a beautiful and large stained glass window -- a circular "rose" window.  I have seen this window in other journeys or dream work.

As I was studying this scene, all of the Shaman's Net talisman vials flew passed me and plugged themselves into various places on the circular window.  As soon as each vial dropped into place it began to glow.  When all were in place the window began to turn -- it was a giant locking mechanism and the Net vials were the tumblers in the lock!

Once it had completed the turn the window opened up like a vault door.  I was told that this was the second gift for Net members -- that there are many ways that breakthroughs can be achieved AND they are often accomplished with the aid of our personal community (Net members, family, friends, co-workers, etc.) -- in this case it took all of the Shaman's Net talisman vials "working" together to open the vault door.

We stepped into the vault.  Inside it was a combination of a giant library of ancient and modern knowledge -- rows and rows of books shelved floor to ceiling (a very high ceiling!) -- and a bank vault with wall after wall of safe deposit boxes.

This is the third gift -- access to this library of knowledge and this vault of personal storage in your own safe deposit box -- the place where you keep the information, tools, guidance, cheat sheets, etc. that you have acquired through all your lifetimes.  Your Net talisman vial plugs into the box's lock acting as a special key.

I opened my safe deposit box and found papers and passports, talismans, books, etc.  But the most interesting thing I discovered was that the box is a portal -- I could journey into the box -- which I did.

I found myself in a beautiful Fall day walking a path passed arched columns.  The path walked me passed a courtyard.  There was a gentle breeze and bright colored leaves were dancing about the stone floor.  I continued on and found myself walking passed more "news media scenes" as well passed and through more abstract spaces, i.e. random collections of pill bottles.  This got me to wondering if some Net member(s) are looking for breakthrough energy around too many AMA medications in their life, or addictions, etc.  Further on I passed a very overweight person which led me to wonder if some Net member is looking for a breakthrough around weight loss.  Basically, it felt like I was passing examples of the kinds of breakthroughs that different Net members were seeking.

I continued on into another building.  The ceiling was several stories high and along the upper areas were more stained glass windows and on the ground floor were restaurant style booths.  Sitting down were monks or scholars.  It was apparent that someone could sit down with one of these scholars and they would instruct you in the uses of various tools to assist in the breakthrough process.

This was the final gift for the Net members.

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1.  The first gift is the truth that while breakthrough is supported by many sources, ultimately it is your own effort that pulls all the threads together.  Breakthroughs do not come to you, you go to them.

2.  The second gift is the understanding that there are many resources available to assist in our breakthroughs and that one of them is our personal community -- however you define it.  Any time that we engage our community we open the possibility for a breakthrough.

3.  The third gift is access to a library of knowledge and the vault of personal storage.  It is access to the place where you keep the information, tools, guidance, cheat sheets, etc. that you have acquired through all your lifetimes to assist your breakthroughs.  Meditation, dream work, journey work, etc. are excellent ways to travel to this place and open your safe deposit box -- and renew your library card.

4.  The last gift is access to various experts (spiritual and secular who may or may not appear in physical form) to teach and guide you in the various tools needed to achieve your desired breakthrough(s).

Many blessings.



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