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The Spring talisman's blessing is "Fulfillment"

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Shaman’s Net Journey #1 for Spring 2008 Season


Intention: Receive gifts, guidance and protections in relationship to the energy of "Fulfillment" for the Spring Shaman's Net and to the Net members.

This was a challenging journey.  I started this journey in an ancient and ruined city complex that is deep underground.  The buildings are grand, ornate and not human scaled.  Nor is the aesthetic human.  The culture that built place this is very other worldly.

I have been through this city ruin before and I am always amazed and impressed with the scale and beauty.  Visually this city combines buildings and tree root forms -- very organic and architectural at the same time.  And it is quite eerie.  Much of the city is deep underground in giant caverns.

I was following a avenue I have traveled before.  However, instead of following my usual path, which ascends up curving stairs, I was directed to turn left.  I traveled through a tunnel and encountered a Peter Pan character.  I told him why I was there.  He became my guide for this work.

Just as we were beginning our travel I encountered a powerful piece of distraction -- I was wandering through various thoughts and events of my day -- La la la...  I would catch myself, re-gather my focus and reform my intention.  This would bring me back to my guide, who was waiting patiently for me to return.

This happened multiple times -- to my great frustration though my guide was patient enough.

At last I held my intention powerfully enough that we could begin our journey.  We traveled through many avenues, passageways and tunnels.  The paths/tunnels reminded me of termite tracings in forest logs.  Finally we arrived at a path that was half a tunnel -- one side was a smooth, curved rock wall and the other half was open to a jungle where the vines and trees acted as the other tunnel side.

After traveling the half tunnel for quite a long time, we began to ascend.  After more underground, cave/cavern ruins we finally arrived in an outside world.  Looking around I realized that we were very tiny beings relative to the rest of this world -- about the size of ants.

Near us was a giant person.  I grew our size until we were equally as big.  Once we were fully inflated I saw that we were in a restaurant. 

We sat at a table waiting and waiting until I became bored and frustrated.  I decided that it was time to leave the restaurant and pursue this journey's intention. 

As I was leaving the restaurant, I realized that this was the first gift for the Net members -- the gift of actively seeking "Fulfillment". It is not enough to want fulfillment. It is not enough to openly wait for it to be delivered, like Lunch from Spirit. Fulfillment is an active process, an active way of being in your life with the intention of finding fulfillment around some aspect of your life.

Fulfillment is something that you have to seek, it is not something that is delivered.  I thanked Spirit for this important insight and package of energy.

We traveled through various landscapes until I found myself in the middle of a huge thunderstorm, roiling clouds, giant zags of lightning -- we were flying through this charged space.  As I looked ahead through the wind and lightning I saw columns of energy that connected upper "clouds" with the lower clouds.  The clouds were bright, highly charged and glowing in purples, reds and fuchsias.  This was no ordinary thunderstorm.  It was something out of a science fiction movie.  I was a bit reluctant about traveling into this chaos.  The charged columns of connecting energy were shifting and randomly (to my eye) moving like hundreds of bright and colorfully glowing tornadoes.

We paused for a moment while I sorted out my options.  Then I saw a current, a river of energy that was flowing through this storm.  It was pale blue streamers of energy that flowed easily and gracefully around the tornado columns of energy. 

The river of energy seemed to anticipate the movement of the tornado-like columns and adjusted itself to easily avoid them.  My Power Animals and I immediately attached ourselves to this energy flow.  It was much like riding a small boat down a fast moving river (with no whitewater rapids, thank you Spirit!) 

I realized as I was floating along that this was the second gift for Net members -- a powerful, graceful path of energy that will take us through the charged energies and perils of actively seeking fulfillment (as we all know, the issues and challenges around finding fulfillment can on occasion be discouraging).

Once out of the thunderstorm we traveled through many different places -- cities, geography, rooms, caves, etc.  Much of it lured me out of my intention and off into "Niff-niff" Land -- that is to say I got lost, I got distracted, I thought about what I wanted for lunch, I thought about what I had for lunch yesterday, blah, blah, blah.  These sorts of distractions, and thereby the number of times I had to realign my focus and reform my intention, were what made this journey so challenging.

Finally I had sufficient focus and arrived in an Upper World.  It was a very curious place that was like being inside of a giant geared mechanism.  There were gears of all sizes for miles in all directions. 

I asked my Power Animals to explain this part of the journey (or warn me that I was back in Niff-niff Land!).  I was told that "Fulfillment" has two forms.  One is a state of being, a kind of bliss.  The other kind is an action that brings about a completion.  It is more related to a harvest. 

Some of the harvest-like completions, for which we might be seeking a fulfilling moment, are one shot events -- we start a project, we complete it and feel fulfillment.  But much of what we are involved in is cyclical.  We might complete and be fulfilled at one point in the process only to have it open on the next level -- this is how fulfillment and growth are linked together.

Also this landscape of gears was speaking to more than just the cyclic nature of some fulfillment processes. It was pointing out the interconnected nature of the events of our lives -- a completion in one arena often will affect many other places in our lives -- many times bringing about other completions/fulfillments as a bonus -- like interlocking gears where one gear's full rotation turns many other gears -- some turning through multiple cycles and others just a gear tooth or two.

This is the third gift -- this field of interlaced gears to help nurture along many different aspects of our lives helping to bring things (projects, dreams, etc.) to a fulfilling completion.

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1.  The first gift is the energetic support for actively seeking fulfillment in your life.  It is the gift of action.  Passively waiting for your dreams, etc. to be fulfilled is a ineffective strategy which will offer little chance for fulfillment.

2.  The second gift is a graceful and powerful energy "river" that we can ride through the perils, the fear, the charged energies that can often arise as we engage our lives by actively seeking fulfillment.

3.  The third gift is a meditative tool for use with the kind of "Fulfillment" that is associated with completion.  It can assist, in a nurturing way, by moving along the many different projects, dreams, etc. that we are working to bring to a fulfilling completion.  The tool is the field of interlaced gears.  It is used by visualizing this field and choosing the gear that represents something for which you are seeking fulfillment and then gently turning that gear one complete cycle.  As you do this, watch all the other gears that turn with it and then "absorb" the energies released by the completed cycle. 


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Shaman’s Net Journey #2 for Spring 2008 Season

Intention: Receive gifts, guidance and protections in relationship to the energy of "Fulfillment" for the Spring Shaman's Net and to the Net members.

This was an unusual journey in that it was mostly a journey of reminders and warnings.

This journey started with my Power Animals, the Shaman's Net members and myself standing outside of a big cave opening.  Outside were two women who were standing and chatting -- I watched them for awhile thinking that they might be threshold guardians. (I always approach these dudes with extreme caution -- "Remember the Sphinx!", is my rallying cry.**)  I finally decided that either they were not guardians or they were waiting for something / someone else and they were not going to stop us from proceeding.

I hopped onto the back of one of my Dragons and we flew over their heads and into the cave.  (I flew high over their heads just in case they were threshold guardians -- one can't be too careful around such -- Remember the Sphinx!)

As we were navigating the cave passages I was told that this was the decision to fly over their heads was the first gift for the Net members -- the reminder to "be in action in your life".  Fulfillment can only be attained by being in action, not by waiting around to see what is going to happen -- and "being in action" might involve some measure of risk!

We continued to travel through the cave.  Eventually it became a narrow canyon, the kind where you can almost touch both sides at the same time.  Up ahead I could see bits of blue sky and rolling green hills.

All of a sudden a flash flood came roaring through this narrow canyon.  The water surged at us and rose extremely fast.  We quickly flew above the flooding waters.  As we were lifting everyone out of the flood we were washed backwards into a forest.  I was gathering everyone together and was told that this was the second Shaman's Net gift -- the knowledge that the process of fulfillment is not always an inevitable march forward.  Sometimes we need to be "washed" backward to a regroup position in order to attain all that we need in order to manifest our fulfillments.

We traveled through the forest / jungle for a long time until we finally arrived at a city in India -- bustling streets, bazaars, beggars and yogis.  I found myself standing in front of a temple with a beautiful ornate and arched doorway.  It was covered with an elaborate Indian tapestry.  I waited to see if there was more guidance until I finally decided that it was time to use gift #1 and "be in action!"

We passed through the doorway and into the temple.  The inner room of the temple was cool, dark and quite relaxing.  A woman, who seemed to be a priestess of this temple, came up and offered me a cup filled with some kind of liquid.  Before I could take it she switched cups to one that had a different kind of liquid. At first I was puzzled by this until I was told that this was the third gift -- a warning / reminder that there will be times when those around us will offer us something different than what we are seeking in our quest for fulfillment.  The message was "Do not compromise."

I thanked Spirit for this warning gift.

I left the temple and passed through another set of curtains.  I was standing in front of an altar when a person came out and handed me a golden trophy cup -- an award cup.  This was the last gift for the Net members -- the "Gift of Recognition" for all that all that it took to arrive at a place of fulfillment; the place of accomplishment, of fulfilling all the requirements around the task at hand. 

This, of course, an opportunity to be reminded of the distinction between "Fulfillment" as a state of being, and "Fulfillment" as a statement of accomplishment, as in fulfilling a task.  However, it felt to me that Spirit was saying that reward and recognition should be offered for either case -- recognition for finding in one's inner self the place of feeling fulfilled and recognition for having fulfilled the expectations of a given task.

So reward yourself in any case.

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1.  The first gift is the reminder / admonishment to "Be in Action".  Waiting for the perfect moment can turn into waiting forever.  Take action in the important areas of your life -- with awareness, confidence and appropriate caution.  Remember the Sphinx! and Manifest Your Life!

2.  The second gift is the knowledge that the process of Fulfillment is not always an inevitable march forward.  Sometimes we need to be "washed" backward to a regroup, new perspective position in order to attain all that we need to manifest our fulfillments.  In fact, sometimes going backwards is a leap forward, though, in the moment, it might look like a setback.

3.  The third gift is a warning / reminder that there will be times when those around us will offer something different than what we are seeking in our quest for fulfillment.  Remain true to your authentic self.  Do not get distracted.  Do not settle for something else.

4.  The last gift is the "Golden Trophy Cup of Recognition" for all that it takes to arrive at "Fulfillment" place -- regardless of which definition you are using to connect to the energy of "Fulfillment".


** I have received several inquiries about my, rather obscure and oblique, remark, "Remember the Sphinx".

The Sphinx was a kind of threshold guardian in Greek Mythology who would eat people if they could not answer her riddle correctly. Oedipus (of oedipus complex fame) successfully answered it and, tragically, traveled on to become the king of the city that the Sphinx was guarding.

My reference was really a reminder to be very cautious when approaching a threshold guardian as you never know what they will do -- as I write in my glossary definition of threshold guardians "... approach them with caution, confidence, and an escape strategy!"

From my glossary:

Threshold guardians -- These folks are often quite fierce and scary. This is on purpose. Their job is to make sure that you don't enter areas that you do not have the knowledge, skill, or power to travel there safely. The most famous threshold guardian is the Greek Sphinx. She had a riddle that if answered correctly would allow you to proceed. Answer it wrongly and you were lunch. So know what you know, and approach them with caution, confidence, and an escape strategy!

From the internet:

THE SPHINX (or Phix) was a female monster with the body of a lion, the breast and head of a woman, eagle's wings and, according to some, a serpent-headed tail.

She was sent by the gods to plague the town of Thebes as punishment for some ancient crime. There she preyed on the youths of the land, devouring all those who failed to solve her riddle. Kreon, the then regent of Thebes, offered the kingship to any man who could destroy her.

Oedipus accepted the challenge, and when he solved the Sphinx's riddle, she cast herself off a mountainside in despair and in accordance with an oracle declaring the terms of her demise.

Here is a family portrait: Oedipus
and Sphinx, chatting.

I hope this clarifies my elliptical writing style.

May your Spring be wonderful and magic filled.

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