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The Summer talisman's blessing is "Knowledge"

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Shaman’s Net Journey #1 for Summer 2008 Season


Intention: Receive gifts, guidance and protections in relationship to the energy of "Knowledge" for the Summer Shaman's Net and to the Net members.

This journey was quite unusual for me in that it had very little visual content.  It was mostly a journey of short verbal insights.  It was also divided by time -- happening in segments over several days.

The first journey segment was very frustrating until I grokked that this Net journey was not going to be usual visual and thematically coherent traveling through shamanic space.  In fact, after an hour of drumming and struggling to stay focused on my intention, fighting to keep from drifting into sleep, and grasping at any scrap of visual input, I finally gave up, sat up and "looked" Spirit right in the eye and said, "What the heck was that all about?"

At that point the first gift was revealed to me: Knowledge is not always (and in fact is not usually) obtained directly, coherently or completely.  Knowledge frequently comes in surprising and disconnected segments. 

The frustration contained in my first journey attempt was also demonstrating that just because I was pushing (quite hard, in fact) to obtain a particular piece of knowledge (i.e. the gifts, etc. for the Shaman's Net) that Knowledge has its own path and its own timing.  There is often a high degree of patience needed to allow the full depth of knowledge to reveal itself.

The next gift arrived when I was doing some Side-time Healing to clear a very nasty piece of energy that was causing a Net member a lot of grief. 

At one point during that Side-time work I was shown a new tool / technique for neutralizing negative energies -- the description of this tool borders on the ridiculous, unless you were there.  As I was facing down the negative entities, I found myself standing behind a large piece of rice paper.  A human-sized printing stamp, carved with magical characters, was inked with bright orange ink.  It imprinted the magic characters, in orange ink, onto the rice paper.  The attacking entity was flattened into 2 dimensions the moment it touched the rice paper.

(The closest analogy I can offer is from first Superman movie.  Three super villains (General Zod, Ursa and Non) are sentenced to the Phantom Zone -- a non-dimension where criminals are trapped in 2 dimensions -- they were "flattened" into a mirror-like space.  I am sure you are all impressed with my deep knowledge of comic trivia.  Actually, once again, the Internet is the "brains" behind the curtain.)

The gift is the Knowledge of a tool / technique for "shifting perspective" (shifting dimensions) that leaves negative energies / entities behind.  They cannot follow you into the 3 dimensions of your life any more than a mirror's reflection can step out of the mirror into our world -- Alice, Through the Looking Glass not withstanding.

Now, this is a weird tool even for me.  I am, of course, studying this tool and all of its implications.  In the meantime, my understanding of how Shaman's Net members might utilize this tool is by writing a description about any piece of energy that is causing challenges onto a piece of rice paper.  This should be written in orange ink, naturally. 

This description could be images, it could describe how you are feeling around a challenging issue, etc. -- the main thing is to hold the intention of "imprinting" the energy / feelings onto the paper.  This act of imprinting the "story" of your issue will place you outside of the energies, giving you more "freedom of movement" around your issue.

The rice paper of imprinted energies could then be burned, flushed, buried, etc. -- your choice after all, given that you have a new level of "movement" around all of this.

I hope this makes some kind of sense, in a high weirdness way!

With the 3rd journey around this intention, I was hoping that it would be visual and have a cohesive storyline.  However, I was again given little insights and sound bites of Knowledge.

The first insight was the "realization" that there is a difference between knowledge and information.  Information is facts.  Knowledge is the soul of information.  It is taking the odds and ends facts and pulling them together to obtain a deeper and more functional relationship with that information.  Knowledge teaches us how to use information in new ways.  Knowledge is "what to do" with information bits.

As I was processing this gift, I found myself traveling deep underground.  I followed a tunnel until we arrived at vault-like door that opened into a bunker.  Inside was a huge library.  As I was walking around admiring all the books, the door burst open and a person on the back of a bucking bronco (hanging on for dear life) came galloping through.  As he raced by, the rider grabbed a book on bronco riding and was trying to read about it as he was being tossed this way and that. 

I laughed because, while someone might learn some basic pointers on the subject, the real knowledge about bronco riding was really only going to come from experiencing it, which this person was already doing. 

This insight became the fourth gift -- the insight that there is an important difference between head knowledge -- knowledge that can end up in a book -- and knowledge from experience.  Both are valuable, but they are different.  In fact, there are many subjects for which the written part is the least part. This is why it is important to learn certain things from a master of that craft -- the knowledge that the master imparts to their apprentice is all the stuff that cannot be written down -- it transcends language.

The next verbal insight was that not all knowledge can be approached / gained by direct means.  Some knowledge is very delicate, like an early morning dream where if you move, or focus directly on the dream, the knowledge of the dream fades away.  The core of the knowledge often sits in the center of a lot of other events and information -- which creates the container to hold that knowledge.

As I was carefully holding this piece of knowledge, I was reminded that I have a "mantra" that I use to guide my approach to life, shamanism, power, and, of course, Knowledge. 

The intention of that mantra is that I will receive Wisdom, Imagination, Knowledge, Skill, Magic, Power, Vibrant Good Health, Perfect Abundance, Fun, and Love -- in that order.  In many ways this mantra is the container used in my quest to access, work with, and understand the nature of reality. 

By connecting my mantra "circuit" in that sequence I feel that I have the greatest chance of appropriately and safely traveling the places I need to go.  If I were seeking enlightenment or other "goals" I would use a different "mantra" or rearrange this one -- i.e. if I were battling a dangerous and powerful entity I might start my mantra circuit with Love, Power, Magic, Skill, etc.

I visualize this circuit as I work in these realms.  By activating them in this order it gives me the right structure / environment within which I can contain the work and do it in the highest good of everyone involved.  It also creates the container within which the delicate Knowledge from Spirit can be held.

I, naturally, encourage everyone reading this to develop their own "circuit activating mantra", or feel free to borrow mine -- it has served me very well.

A somewhat philosophical side note is that this hierarchy places Wisdom and Imagination above Knowledge.  Love is at the bottom of the stack, not because it is less important, but because Love is the foundation of every spiritual action.  Wisdom really "knows" how to manage all the other forces / energies. 

Imagination is where new Knowledge comes from.  Often knowledge is the container of the past activities of the imagination.  I encourage you to explore the other structures within this mantra circuit.  One interesting exploration is to divide the words into two sets of five words and then pair the mantra circuit parts -- Wisdom pairs with Power; Imagination pairs with Vibrant Good Health, etc.  This kind of pairing of the circuit components offers additional ways of working these energies.  In a word, use your Imagination to work with this Knowledge.

In the final moments of this last journey, as I was laying there pushing on my intention hoping for some visuals or some coherent storyline to write about, I was reflecting on how difficult this particular journey was to accomplish.  It took several days and several tries to get even this much and it "arrived" in the less than satisfactory manner of verbal sentences and knowings (Knowledge in yet another form) rather than the normal, vividly visual journeys. 

In that reflection I realized that Knowledge comes in many different ways.  It does not always come from direct seeking.  It does not necessarily come from the sources or directions we expect, or believe it should come from.  Knowledge is sometimes illusive.  And this illusive nature can serve to draw us deeper into the knowledge's "field" -- which, of course, takes more than just a simple effort to gain the Knowledge we may be seeking.

These journeys offered insights into the nature of Knowledge, its forms, its sometimes obvious and sometimes illusive nature.  Insights offering ways of looking at the different forms and the best ways to connect to the powerful energy structure that we call Knowledge.

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1.  The first gift is the knowledge that Knowledge comes in many forms and often comes in segments that need to be assembled over time.  This segmented approach is meant to allow Spirit to "fill in the gaps between segments" with illustrative examples and opportunities to test if we really "got" the bit of knowledge that was delivered.  The gift, of course, is the perspective, the understanding that any piece of knowledge will often be demonstrated, tested, and need more "information" to be complete.

2.  The second gift is the orange ink "flattening" tool.  By printing, onto rice paper in orange ink, the "story" of the issue that you are seeking the "Knowledge" to transform it will help you get outside of the issues (stepping from a "2-D perspective" into the "3-D perspective") which helps you gain power over and perspective of the challenges at hand.

3. The third gift is the distinction between "information" and "knowledge".  Knowledge is the "soul" of information that gives us a deeper understanding of all the information bits and allows us to solve problems and create new things.  Information is just facts.  Knowledge is what to do with those facts.  Knowledge requires the human component.  Computers hold information and facts, not knowledge.

4.  The fourth gift is clarity about the distinctions between the Knowledge from the "past" -- the knowledge that has been recorded in some way (which by virtue of being recorded is now information and facts) -- and the Knowledge that comes from doing -- the knowledge from experience.

5.  The fifth gift is in the insight that some knowledge is very delicate and if not carefully pursued it can fade away.  It often sits in the center of a lot of other events, information and other knowledge -- which creates the container to hold that knowledge long enough to "know" it.

6.  The sixth gift is the mantra circuit -- Wisdom, Imagination, Knowledge, Skill, Magic, Power, Vibrant Good Health, Perfect Abundance, Fun, and Love -- be activated in that order.  Or create your own mantra circuit -- just pay careful attention to the wording and to the order of the activations.

7.  The last gift is the insight that Knowledge does not always come from direct seeking nor from the sources or directions we expect.  Knowledge is sometimes illusive as a way of drawing us deeper into the knowledge's "field".   It often takes more than just a simple effort to gain the Knowledge we seek.

I hope this "journey" opens insights and possibilities for you and is not just a bunch of platitudes.  As noted, getting the knowledge from this journey was, in itself, a good example of the places the pursuit of knowledge can take you. It is sometimes a frustrating adventure.

Many blessings.


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Shaman’s Net Journey #2 for Summer 2008 Season

Intention: Receive gifts, guidance and protections in relationship to the energy of "Knowledge" for the Summer Shaman's Net and to the Net members.

It has been my experience (and others have reported this to me as well) that traveling in shamanic space is being very challenging and intense lately -- lots of noise, distractions, loss of focus and some rather nasty energies marauding about.  It makes me think of the strange weather patterns that are creating chaos in different parts of our planet.  I have been finding myself resistant to doing journey work because of it all -- journeys are noisy and exhausting (like walking uphill against a strong headwind).  The resultant journeys difficult to comprehend and unfulfilling -- the journeys seem to be as powerful as ever, just hard to accomplish.

And this second Summer journey was in this vein.

So after several false starts where I was distracted, where I fell asleep, where I forgot my intention, I was finally able to focus and extract (without Novocain I might add) a journey for the Shaman's Net.

This journey started with a young red haired woman who, once I told her the intention for this journey, became our guide.  She walked through a house where suddenly the wall opened up into a modern city -- lots of people, cars, and shops.  Then she sat down at a sidewalk cafe and ordered herself a cup of coffee and settled back to watch the scene around her.

I sat down beside her and looked around.  I waited impatiently for her to say or do something.  Finally I reminded her of why I was on this journey and she looked at me and said, "Well, look around you."  I responded by describing the people, the plants, the activities, the shops, etc. that were all around me.

I said, "Okay, I am still looking for the Knowledge gifts for the Shaman's Net members."  She responded, in a Zen-like way, saying that it was all gifts.  I finally got her to explain.  The gift, she said, was the knowledge that Knowledge is based on focused attention.  Any place that we focus our attention has the potential to gift us with a piece of Knowledge.  Knowledge can come from unusual and unexpected sources.  Focused attention opens the channel for information to come in and be converted into Knowledge.  Knowledge is an attention focusing device and focused attention is a Knowledge acquiring tool.

I thanked her for this rather enigmatic piece of knowledge and sat at the cafe wishing I was enjoying a mocha. (I have not yet developed my shamanic skills to be able to taste things in shamanic space.)

I decided to play with this gift to see if I actually understood this gift. 

Where did I wish to focus my attention? 

What knowledge would I find when I focused on one activity or person? 

Did I have to focus on what was happening in front of me?  With this thought I focused my attention on a mental image of a densely forested place and instantly we were transported to a verdant rain forest.  We were walking along a path that was practically a tunnel -- the leaves overhead were thick and dark, dark green.  We pushed our way past vines and long strands of moss.  I thought this was pretty cool.   I also realized that without an "intention for my attention" I was going to be hard pressed to pull out a specific piece of Knowledge.

Then my playful brain, ignoring my "attention + intention = knowledge" insight AND ignoring the realization that I needed to restate my intention, decided to think about a nightclub -- POOF! we were instantly in a New York club. 

I was surrounded by hundreds of people dancing and drinking.  This is not my scene, as you might guess -- too much random energy crashing about for someone whose job/talent it is to track energy and how it shapes our lives.  I have a very hard time separating out individual patterns amidst such cacophony. (Heck, having Thanksgiving with friends is almost more than I can manage, energy sorting-wise.)  Needless to say I was quick to put my attention on seeing and being at a nice quiet place -- a beautiful mountain meadow.

Basically the gift was the experience of the intricate relationship between knowledge and attention.  By focusing our attention in a particular "direction" we "go" there.

I once again thanked our guide.

I restated my intention of finding gifts, guidance and protections for the Summer Shaman's Net members.  I focused my attention on what seemed like a natural place to look for Knowledge related gifts -- the Upper Worlds, a place where teachers and guides are often found.

POOF! We were at the beautifully carved and ornate front door of the large, red stone mansion that belongs to my Upper World teacher. 

Now, I have visited this place many times and I have yet to meet my teacher!  I knocked on the door and it was answered, as it always is, by a woman who greeted me and invited us inside. 

I followed my usual path through halls that are narrowed by stacks and stacks of books on either side.  I then raced up a spiral staircase that is always on fire.  Years ago I learned that this fire is the fire-of-life and that the spiral is one half of a DNA helix.  Today I learned that when I ascend that staircase I am acting like RNA -- that climbing the stairs is like reading the DNA to encode life enhancing proteins (which is a function of RNA -- it "reads" the information of the DNA; it gains the "Knowledge" from DNA needed to create the proteins required by the cell). 

It also happens, I was told, that each time someone climbs the fiery staircase that they are energizing and altering their own DNA (presumably for the better! -- at least thus far I have not grown an extra arm).

In any event I gained some new Knowledge as I raced up the stairs ahead of the fire.

At the top of the stairs are several rooms.  One of them is a large study filled with books, scientific and magical instruments, a cozy fire place, big overstuffed chairs and a large desk.  It also has large windows that open into different realities -- the scene is always different each time I look out of one -- handy portals.

Never has my teacher been present in his study (and he was not there this time either), so I have spent my visits browsing about the bookshelves and curious instruments, lenses, beakers and bottles of who-knows-what alchemical substances until I am guided to leave.

As I was poking about I had an insight, a piece of Knowledge, that perhaps the reason I have never met anyone here is that I am supposed to understand that ultimately we are our own teachers.  Of course there are people, situations, events, etc. that can and do teach us many important things and it is important for us to seek them out as is appropriate but the main piece of knowledge here is that ultimately it is our own experiencing that brings the Knowledge home to us.  This insight, I was told, is the second gift.

As I was wandering about the study I noticed that our young woman guide had left (out one of the portal windows?) to go about her own business.  I realized that this journey must be close to being complete.  As I was leaving I realized that I have never properly thanked or gifted the woman who opens the door.

I found her at the door. (I have never here via the front door before and she was, I think, a bit surprised to see me!)  I told her that I wanted to thank her and I was searching my pockets to find a gift for her.  She smiled at this and asked me to give her a coin. (I was glad that she wasn't standing in a boat -- see Charon.)

She took my coin and started to roll it across her fingers the way stage magicians do -- back and forth faster and faster.  Soon the coin became a blur and seemed to be curling up into a cylinder.  Then she was, in fact, rolling a cylinder across her fingers.  I was quite impressed with this.

Next the cylinder became a stack of coins, which she was still manipulating across her fingers.  Then she stopped and handed me the stack -- having turned my single coin into 20 or so coins.  Now I was really impressed.  She told me that this was the last gift for Net members -- the Knowledge of taking one thing and turning it into more things -- knowledge builds Knowledge.  Knowledge is the expansion of who we are.

I looked at here and asked here if she was actually my Upper World teacher.  She smiled a Zen smile and closed the door.

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1.  The first gift is the knowledge that Knowledge is based on focused attention.  Any place that we focus our attention has the potential to gift us with a piece of Knowledge.  Knowledge can come from unusual and unexpected sources.  Focused attention opens the channel for information to come in and be converted into Knowledge.  Knowledge comes form intention being focused by attention and attention is a knowledge attaining tool.

2.  The second gift is the Knowledge that ultimately we are our own teachers -- it is our experiences and our openness to experiences that opens us to our source of Knowledge.

3.  The last gift for Net members is the knowledge of taking one thing and turning it into more things -- knowledge builds Knowledge.  We are expanded by Knowledge and that expansion is exponential.

Many blessings


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