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The Spring talisman's blessing is "Balance"

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Shaman’s Net Journey #1 for Spring 2009 Season


Intention: Receive gifts, guidance and protections in relationship to the energy of "Balance" for the Spring Shaman's Net and to the Net members.

I balance rocks as a meditation and as a way of grounding, pun intended, any particular piece of magic that I wish to assist in manifesting in this realm.

To energize and activate the Spring 2009 Shaman's Net talismans I set sacred space, put the vessel that holds the blessed water for the talisman vials on an altar, and then, while holding the intention of bringing balance energy into the talisman vessel and into the Shaman's Net (and thereby into Net members), I balanced this particular rock:

The balancing act took about 45 minutes of focus, patience, and back strain (rocks are heavy -- and, I might mention, hard -- especially when they smack together with my fingers between).  As always, it finally locked magnet-like into place to bring the energy of balance into the Net. 

This balance lasted about 30 minutes which apparently was the most the talisman vessel could hold. (I have had some rock balances hold for more than a year.  I suspect that some of them would have lasted longer except sometimes I do need to dust and re-energize my altars which, trust me, is a dangerous affair to attempt around a balance.  People often question whether the rocks are actually glued together -- they are not, except by gravity.)


My journey started on the back of Eagle, which is unusual for me.  I asked all my power animals if we could spend a few moments connecting to my sacred garden -- expecting that we would land and roam about.  Instead Eagle flew higher and I got the chance to view my garden from above, something I have never done before, amazingly enough, after 19 years of doing shamanic work.

As I flew circles around the garden I could see the landscape and feel how different sections radiated different energies.  I could also see that the edges of my sacred garden were hazy as though they were shrouded in fog (which perhaps they were).  I understood that I can expand the boundaries of my garden in any direction whenever I might feel the need. 

There was also a place where I could sense where my garden borders upon Annah's sacred garden or rather I could sense the portal that opens into her garden.

I finished my tour by connecting with some members of my Spirit family -- something I don't do often enough.  However they know me and, fortunately, cut me some slack about not visiting more.  All relatives should be so relaxed!

When this was complete Eagle flew us across rolling hills and up river valleys until, far in the distance, I saw a mountain that, I was told, is called the "Emerald Mountain".   I learned that it is so named because the entire mountain (we are talking Mt. Everest-sized mountain) is actually one gigantic emerald crystal!  (And no, I did not see Dorothea, Tin Man, Lion, or Scarecrow so the Emerald City must be located somewhere else in the Spirit Realms -- but definitely not in Kansas, I am told.)

As we approached this amazing mountain I could see powerful energy streams roiling in the air around the top of this mountain.  It reminded me of sun flares or the streamers of light that you see when you wave a sparkler about in the dark.

I gathered all my power animals and the members of the Shaman's Net.  We circled the mountain top and surfed the waves of energy.  Interestingly, the Emerald Mountain was that milky green some emeralds have but as the waves of energies shot off the mountain it became a clear green crystal.

Eventually the light show calmed down and I learned that the energies we were bathing in were retuning our own energies into a more balanced form.  This was the first gift to the Shaman's Net -- a retuning of your energy field on some fundamental level -- a part of which was the balancing between clarity and cloudiness.  Or you could think of it as the balance between understanding, where things become clear, and mystery, where things are hidden -- cloudy -- and are waiting to be discovered -- clarified.

This, by the way, seemed to be the general theme of this journey -- seeing and experiencing different kinds of balance that was being processed through various forms or guises.

After we completed our "retuning", the top of the mountain opened up like a small caldera. This allowed us to descend into the mountain.  Down inside we encountered two sisters (twins?) who were both quite ill.  We spent some time doing a bit of Side-time healing for them. 

When the Side-time healing was complete, one of the sisters sat up and her boyfriend came over to talk with her.  He was very happy that her illness was past and leaned over to kiss her.  When they kissed their energies blended into one expanded field where the whole was much larger than either of their individual energies.  I was told that this was the second gift for the Net -- a balancing of male and female energies into a synergistically larger from.

We continued deeper into the Emerald Mountain until we were at a down-moving escalator.  I raced up the down escalator where, at the top, I found a huge vault door that was slowly closing.

I was able to force the door open just enough that we could get inside as the guard finished closing the vault door.

This led us into a giant cavern where a woman was sorting beautiful crystals of all different colors.  It seemed that they were all, somehow, emerald crystals but of all the colors.

As we watched her sort, I noticed a fuse-like chain that led up a ledge where some kind of guardian monster was chained.  Something about this was wrong.  This monster was essentially a slave.  I was told to focus my energy and attention through one of the colored emeralds.  When I did this the fuse/chain caught fire and freed the enslaved monster.  This, naturally, upset the guard and others in the cavern.  Still it was the right thing to do.  This act represented the balancing of the energies between freedom and containment.  I had my power animals release all of his bindings and take him back to his appropriate realm.

Somehow this release of the bound monster also caused a balancing of energies between the elite class and others.  The monster somehow kept away those who were not rich enough to afford the emerald gems.  With him gone the Emerald Mountain became a kind of public "lending library" of the gemstone energies.  While the richest could still buy and own a particular piece of mountain energy, others could now "borrow" a gem (and thereby its energies) to use until the energies from their borrowed gem had helped them accomplish and complete their projects/tasks.

Another way to think of this gift is that it was the balancing of rich and poor.  So if you are feeling rich in some aspect of your being then you can afford, and thus balance, to give away some energy to assist someone or some group.  Conversely, if you are feeling a lack in some aspect of your being then you can borrow balancing energy to enrich yourself.

<At this point several pieces of Side-time healing took me away from the direct intention of this journey.  Once they were complete I returned to see if Spirit had anything more for the Shaman's Net.>

Continuing to travel we arrived at another vault door.  As I opened the door it transformed into the door to my journey room.  I entered my journey space, with me lying on the floor journeying, and we were given the last gift -- a set of balance scales -- how appropriate!

This scale works by energetically placing a Net member onto one of the scale's pans.  On the other pan was an emerald crystal that contained the correct energy needed for balance -- in other words there is a crystal that holds male/female energies, another crystal holds wealth/poverty energies, etc. 

This crystal weighed nothing until the Net member was placed on the other pan.  At whatever level you are experiencing an imbalance (health, male/female relationships, monetary, etc.) would determine whether the emerald crystal went up (you have too much of one aspect of that energy and weigh more than the crystal) or down (i.e. the crystal weighed more than you did -- you are lacking that energy). 

The crystal would adjust your balance by either bringing in more of the energy you need or releasing the excess of energy that you were carrying -- like the gas flame versus the air release valve in a hot air balloon.

What was especially interesting about this strange balancing system was the fact that the crystals were never seeking a "perfect balance" because that meant stagnation and death.  It was seeking to keep the balance pans (therefore you) floating up and down, a gentle wave-like motion, just a little above and a little below perfect balance.  We are seeking the chaordic realm, the fractal realm between being in a perfectly ordered state and a completely chaotic state -- Chaos + Order = Chaordic.  All life evolves, grows and thrives in this realm where energy is always in motion.

I was told to return.

Many blessings


To summarize the gifts, guidance and protections for the Shaman's Net members:

1.  The first gift is a retuning, at a fundamental level, of our energy fields by the Emerald Mountain light show.  This tuning allows us to access the energies of Balance.

2.  The second gift is the synergistic balancing and expansion of male and female aspects of ourselves.  This, naturally, will show up differently for each Net member depending on their level of imbalance in those two energies.

3.  The third "balancing energy" gift was the balancing between freedom and containment.  It is also a balancing of class, as in rich versus poor -- it assists in releasing excess energy and/or borrowing energy to enrich the poorer aspects of ourselves.

4.  The last gift was the balance scales using variously "tuned" emerald crystals as balance control -- either adding or subtracting the energies we need to achieve the chaordic balance of energies that nurture life -- remembering that perfect balance is stasis.  In a perfectly balanced state there is no movement, no growth, no evolution, no transformation.  Life requires that we live in the realm between perfect order and perfect chaos -- the fractal realms so beautifully revealed in the Mandelbrot set. 


Be sure to scroll down past all the math stuff and look at the beautiful forms that fractals can take.  At the time of this writing, toward the middle of the scroll bar, there are a couple of great animations showing the chaordic regions between order and chaos.  

One of the features of fractals is that they are self-similar at all scales -- i.e. if you look at a tree it has a branching shape that is repeated through out the tree such as when you look at just one branch.  This shape is again repeated when you look at a branch off the main branch.  The branching shapes continues to smaller and smaller branches.  It basically means that at each scale (tree --> main branch --> next branch off the main branch --> etc.) the branches look like a tree.  This self-similarity, especially view in its idealized mathematical form (the Mandelbrot set), allows you to, literally, zoom infinitely closer toward any part of this image where you find the patterns, ultimately, repeating themselves with minor variations (you must zoom into areas that are outside the black "snowman" forms).  You are zooming into the chaordic and life supporting area between order and chaos.

Indescribably beautiful!

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