A Place to Meet in Shamanic Space

Gift from the Full Moon Journey #1 of Spring 2006 Shaman's Net

One of the gifts from the 1st Full Moon journey for the Spring 2006 Shaman's Net was the gift of a public place, "created" in shamanic space for the purposes of meeting with others from the physical planes and the spiritual planes. It is a place to locate and find people of your "tribe"; people whom you want to stay in touch with through multiple lifetimes.

Enjoy, Reflect, Explore and Have Picnics. Many blessings.


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I located this place, years ago, as a resource and public meeting place for students of my introductory shamanic workshops. As I was preparing to create my memory mansion meeting place as described in the 1st journey of the Spring 2006 Shaman's Net, I realized that I already had such a place. I just needed to open it up to wider access.

So here is how you can visit my memory mansion meeting place:

The journey / "memory mansion" path / access to this community meeting place is accomplished by vividly visualizing, with all you senses engaged, the images described here.

Begin by looking up to see a giant, slowly moving spiral of clouds -- like the eye of a slow moving hurricane. Journey or visualize traveling up into the center of these clouds, higher and higher until at the very top you come through the last bit of cloud and find yourself standing, on clouds, next to a giant statue.

This statue is so big that you can barely see its head and you are standing next to the foot. This foot is a giant In-Line Roller Skate carved from white marble.

From this In-Line Roller Skate you fly over clouds until you come to a small, quaint village. The roads are narrow; there are few cars, some carts and the houses sit on large parcels of land with no fences. The land is mostly flat with some rolling hills near by. Fly over this village toward the cemetery.

Fly down to the cemetery. In the middle is a small mausoleum. It is ornate, pseudo Greek style and about 12 feet wide, 10 feet tall and 8 feet deep. Find a place to land next to this mausoleum. Walk around behind it.

Behind the mausoleum you will see an opening into the ground. It looks like a square tunnel with about 8 steps to the bottom. It reminds me of an entrance to a subway. It is dark with occasional lamps or torches along the walls to light the way.

Travel through this tunnel. At the other end it comes up out of the ground with a few steps. At the top of the steps you will look out across a blond grass meadow (the grass color may change -- not sure of how seasons work here). Straight ahead, very, very far away you will see a vast, distant, white/snow covered range of majestic mountains. These mountains are so far away and so white that they might be the illusion of mountains made from clouds.

If you walk straight ahead toward these mountains you will come to the edge of this meadow and find yourself looking down a long, seemingly endless, chute of clouds. This is another possible entry to the Meeting Meadow (I have not traveled either down or up these clouds so I do not know where they go.)

If you turn to your left (to the left, visually, of the white mountains) you will see a beautiful cliff edge, about 25 feet tall, covered with plants and vines and some hint of architectural ruins.

Keep turning left and the cliff becomes a gentle hill / wall that becomes the wall of the tunnel that you have just exited. Somewhere near this tunnel is a place to post flyers, etc. This would be a good place to post directions on how to find your own memory mansion meeting place should you have one you wish to share. The tunnel is surrounded by a wrought iron fence made from 1/2-inch rods of iron bent into half circles placed into the ground. There are also wrought iron flowers as decoration in between the circles of fence.

As you continue your leftward rotation you will see a path that travels off into high desert prairie land -- sagebrush, tall grasses, pink granite rocks and rolling hills. This is a 3rd possible entrance into this Meeting Meadow.

Looking down next to the path you will see a dry riverbed filled with small round river rocks. This riverbed passes under the path through a culvert. These river rocks are "seed" rocks for creating more rock seats in the meeting circle (not yet mentioned).

Turning further left you will see a rolling grassy (green grass) expanse. A long way down this expanse you can see more rocks or what may be ruins from very ancient times.

Immediately in front of you is the meeting area of the Meeting Meadow.

This area is a large medicine wheel of rocks. This circle of rocks is about100 feet in diameter. The rocks are flattened ovals, large enough to sit or lay upon. Each rock has magic symbols carved along the edge. The tops are flat and smooth.

In the center of this magic circle is a large rock that looks like the rocks along the edge. This is the Truth Stone. It is the speaker’s platform. Whoever is standing on this rock has the floor and must speak their truth. This rock floats about 3 feet above the ground whenever someone is standing upon it speaking. It slowly turns 360 degrees so that the speaker has the opportunity to face everyone in the circle. If the speaker is not speaking their truth the Truth Stone will launch them, cartoon style, into deep space as though they were on a cartoon spring -- complete with the "sproingggg" sound!! (Be sure to speak your truth!)

Should the meadow fill up and there are no more rocks in the circle to sit on, then go to the riverbed and take a "seed" rock and place it next to a seat rock in the circle. It will grow into a new seat rock and the circle will adjust to accommodate it.

Welcome to the Meeting Meadow.

To remind everyone: This is a public meeting place in shamanic space. This means that you might come here and find other people and beings already here having their own meetings -- much like a public park. If this is the case, be respectful, wait your turn, check with your power animals and other guides about the rightness of your presence, etc.

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