A Net Made With Water


The Shaman's Net -- A Shamanic Safety Net

This a powerful new healing tool based on Side-time Healing;

one of the bigger pieces of high weirdness that Spirit has gifted me.

What is Side-time Healing?

What is the Shaman's Net?

What does the process look like?

How do I become linked into the Shaman's Net?

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Side-time Healing

I am very excited about this new healing tool. The Shaman's Net promises to provide interesting and powerful healing experiences for everyone involved with it.

It is based on one of the more unusual and little known healing techniques that some shaman and other healers use. I call this work "Side-time Healing".

The experience of Side-time Healing work is very strange, even for me. This process happens frequently, randomly and lasts only seconds relative to "normal" consciousness' sense of time. My experience is that multiple times during a week and often several times each day, I return from Side-time Healing sessions knowing that I have just spent some unknown amount of time (measured in Side-time minutes) doing healing journeys for someone.

We have all had the experience of awakening from a powerful dream where you know something amazing happened but you retain only a vague memory of a few images. This is what my experience of Side-time Healing is like. In spite of the vagueness of my memory of the Side-time Healing, I know, without any doubt, that in some parallel time / parallel geography I have been involved in a substantial healing session.

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What is the Shaman's Net


Some of the Talisman Vials that Link Members to the Net

The Shaman’s Net is a new healing technique designed to make these substantial healing sessions, this Side-time shamanic work, a more conscious and deliberate process.

The Shaman’s Net is a sacred container linking a group of people in a healing and protective matrix for the purpose of on-going shamanic work. It is a shamanic "safety net".

The Net consists of Paired Talismans – in this case shamanically charged and blessed vials of water (The blessing of "Joy" is used in the above net photo -- For information about the latest discoveries on the effects of blessings on water read "The Hidden Messages in Water" by Masaru Emoto").

Each person gets one vial. I keep the paired twin vial as a link to the Shaman's Net.

The Shaman’s Net is an energetic matrix of shamanic awareness that I maintain to track and initiate Spirit protection, healing and gifts for members of the net.

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The Process for Shaman's Net Healing Work

The Shaman's Net is created and activated at the solstices and equinoxes. Each person is linked to a node in the net for at least one year -- four seasons. A person can join at any time. They will be placed in the current season.

I hold the active intention to perform Side-time shamanic work for the members of the Shaman’s Net anytime that I am called into Side-time.

Essentially the members of the Shaman’s Net are my "first stop" when I find myself doing Side-time Healing. I track and scan the members of the net and, as Spirit directs me, do whatever shamanic work is required.

In addition to the Side-time shamanic work, I journey, several times per season, as Spirit calls me, into the Shaman's Net. This is most often done around the Moon cycles, typically the Full Moon or New Moon -- though the journeys are not specifically tied to the Moon.  I send these seasonal journeys to each member of the Shaman's Net. (Click here to read this season's journeys.)

The intention of these journeys is to maintain a safe container for the Net members and to get gifts of healing and guidance for everyone in the Shaman's Net.

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Cost for the Shaman's Net

Thank you for your interest in the Shaman's Net project.  Currently the Shaman's Net is on hold.

If you are interested in participating when the next round of the Shaman's Net activates please contact me and I will put you on my list of interested participants.  Currently there is no date set for reactivation of the Net.

When I am instructed to reactivate the Shaman's Net project, I will contact you to see if you still have interest in being a part of this interesting and powerful project.

Many Blessings.

For your information, the Shaman's Net is a yearly commitment (4 seasons) with a cost of $120 when paid in full or $35 per season if you choose the "pay by the season" option (total cost for the pay by season option is $140).

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Wow, David. All of the journeys you write about speak to me on a soul and creativity level ( i love your descriptions, the metaphors, and magical depictions) but this one spoke directly to me, even in its images etc. Anyway, thought i'd share that...

Thanks for your shaman's net series,

Ceciley S.


I've worked with David since 1994 in this strange and amazing world of shamanic journeying. I've continually been amazed by the insight provided through this work. When David told me about this latest group "net" I was immediately interested and joined the group "site unseen".

The first net journey proved very valuable, and I immediately called upon it for strength the day after it occurred. Since then I've continued to contribute to and draw upon the energy of the community, and have enjoyed some personal contact with other net members who also wished to share their experiences of this and other life travels.

It's an ongoing journey, and a very fulfilling one -- particularly at a time of globalization and community disintegration.

There is another and more promising path than our world is currently offering, and this is one route to it

You can count me in for the next season of net journeys.



The Shaman’s Net is a natural vehicle for David Lang, as I know him, to express the wonderful ability he has to be present with people on another plane of consciousness.

Ever since I had my animal reading with David last year, he has come to me in dreams with bits of information that I could not have otherwise received.

I appreciate the life work that he has committed himself to as a spirit councilor and feel very supportive of this new exploration in creating connection and holding space for people’s well being.

Thank you David!




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