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The shaman are known as the masters of two worlds. They honor and hone the skills and techniques for traveling in the realms of Spirit. And they honor an hone the skills and techniques for being in the physical realms.

It is a balance. A very important balance. Many spiritual systems shun and deny the physical -- monks, hermits, celibates -- but the shamanic perspective is to celebrate and dance with both the physical and the spiritual. They are one in the same and they are very different. Such is the Zen koan-like paradox of the Divine realms.

An important measure of the balancing of the two realms -- and thereby the success of the shamanic practitioner -- is how successfully are they participating in each of the realms? Success in the spiritual realms shows up in successful transformations, into health, happiness and peace, of people and their relationships.

Success in the physical realms shows up in how effectively one lives within the culture and expectations of the times. Are they healthy, happy and at peace?  Are they contributing to their community?   Are they getting their kids to school on time with homework finished and neat?  Are they making their mortgage payments?

This page is part of that balance. It is part of making sure that my little ship stays afloat and navigates the rapids and other challenges that being alive (and celebrating being alive) presents.

Thank you, in advance, for your contributions to my balancing act. Many blessings.

The Goods

Shamanic Services -- Read about the many different offerings for shamanic healing and guidance.

Diviner's Harp Compositions -- Learn more about this amazing shamanic tool. Contact me for a reading.

Fine Art Prints -- See more of my paintings. Buy a fine art print.

Musical compositions -- Listen to short segments of my musical compositions. Buy CDs.

Shaman's Net -- read about this powerful new shamanic tool. Sign up to participate.

Magical Practices Cards -- These will be available soon -- A page and project still under construction.

Glyph Rock Talismans -- These will be available soon -- A page and project still under construction.

Brainstorming Services -- These services will be available soon -- A web site and project still under construction.

Books through -- I encourage you to buy locally when you can because it supports your community. Sometimes, however, you can only find what you are looking for on-line. If you go to though my web site and purchase a book, a DVD, etc. then I get a little commission. As I said, in the rap above, this page is all about keeping my shamanic ship afloat. Thank you.


Annah James Elementals -- See examples of her Elementals sculpture. Contact Annah to make one.

Annah James Fused Glass Art -- See her glass art at her web site.


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