A Meditation in Aligning with the Ley Lines

Dragon energy fills my soul

Balanced Altar Rock

In Eugene there is a street fair of local artists, musicians, organic farmers, artisans and craftspeople called the Saturday Market (Portland has one too). It is an American Bazaar.

One couple's gig is to balance rocks upon rocks. Not stack them, but balance them in seemingly impossible ways. They set out the hat for donations and then create a Stonehenge of balanced rocks all around them.  (Their web site, http://www.ArtofLivingRocks.com, unfortunately no longer exists but the "One couple's" link above will take you to one of Bill Dan's web pages that talks about them and other balancers.   Bill Dan is a world class rock balancing artist.)

(As a result of this web page, I am also on Bill Dan's web site deeply buried under the section called "Occasional Balancers" -- part of my "15 minutes of fame" I suppose.)

The first time I saw the Saturday Market balancers I was blown away. I also completely understood on a cellular and spiritual level what they were doing and how to do it.

Balancing rocks is my newest meditation work/play.

It is, naturally, very grounding and centering. I have had some rocks in balance for weeks and months. Others likely would last but I have had to take them down so that I could work with clients.

For me the process involves working in both the physical and shamanic realms. In the physical realm it is a process of centering and aligning myself and the rock with the center of the Earth -- aligning our centers of gravity.

On the shamanic level I am working, in meditation, to connect an intention with the Dragon lines, the Ley lines, the energy meridians of the Earth. Connecting the intention magically brings that intention out of the realms of Spirit and grounds that energy into the physical world. It is a way of manifesting.

When a rock aligns in both realms I often hear a musical chord and feel an almost magnetic lock/clunk that moves through the rock and through my spine -- locking us to the Earth.

It is very cool.

P. S. These rocks are really balanced this way. I did use Photoshop to cut out the backgrounds and add drop shadows to help them feel grounded in the picture -- but the rocks themselves are actual photos of their balancing act.


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