Bent Spoons Bend My Mind

Annah Gets Mental with Metal

Most bent spoons, a la Yuri Geller, are either Friend of a Friend stories, or considered hoaxes and frauds by the Amazing Randi / Martin Gardner crowd.

This spoon rests on my altar as a testament to the existence of magic in our world. I define Magic, by the way, as the manipulation of reality in ways that are outside of the linear logic, causality of Science. Prayer, shamanism, ritual magic, Christian Science are all magic based -- that is these systems work in some conjunction, some partnership with Spirit to effect change that bends the rules of the material world.

My wife Annah bent these spoons. She was part of a group of people who met weekly for about 10 years to discuss and explore the concepts from the Seth material. One of the principle tenants of Seth is that "we create our reality".

So one night, during the time that Yuri Geller was making fame as a mental spoon bender, the group decided that, "if it was true that we generate the reality of our world every second" then it ought to be possible for them, as a group, to decide to create the reality in which they could bend spoons with their mind.

The other bent items:

Spoon #2


Spoon #3

About 10 or 12 people gathered to do this experiment. After some meditation and other exercises to get the energy focused there were about 4 people in the group who "got it". Annah got very clear that there is really more space than matter in material things like spoons.

While she didn't just "look" at these spoons and have them distort, she was able to take each piece of cutlery and with one finger easily bend it like taffy.

This happened before I met Annah so I did not see this happen, but I believe her. I have tried, with physical effort, to unbend this spoon -- no luck and I am bigger and stronger than she is.

Spoon bending is on my list of things to learn and do -- though from the perspective of shamanism as healing activity, spoon bending, while a fun display of power, is really just a parlor game.

One thing that Annah is very clear about is that when I do practice bending on some spoons I had better not use her favorite silverware!

James Twyman is a peace activist -- he calls himself a Spiritual Warrior. In addition to traveling all over the world to war zones and organizing prayer vigils for peace he has created a training course to teach people how to bend spoons with their minds. His concept being that once people understand how to mentally bend spoons then he has them redirect their incredible mental power to generating peace in the world.

His spoon-bending course is free though donations to his peace foundation are greatly appreciated. I figure if you take the course and learn the skill then send him some money. He deserves it. Actually he deserves donations just for his efforts at creating a world filled with peace.

Annah is a fused glass artist and one of her goals is to cause her glass elements to fuse together, via spoon bending energy, with her hands. This would eliminate the use of her kilns -- saving money and the environment by reducing our electricity bill. I will let you know if she gets there. Right now she is incredibly focused on getting her fused glass art business up and roaring away.

Some friends of ours have a 12-year-old son. We were talking about James Twyman's spoon bending course one night after dinner. As we were talking, their son decided to see if he could bend one of his mother's heavy-duty nice silver spoons. And he did! It bent in a weird way -- not at a natural thin place. It actually freaked him out to be face to face with a reality that his culture tries to deny -- "magic is just pretend, fantasy, fraud, my boy..." Yeah, sure.

Startled his parents a little too, though if they are hanging out with me they are used to some high weirdness.


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