Rocks tell me stories in a language I do not speak

but I listened very carefully

Chinese Talking Rock

This rock is the source of an early, very interesting shamanic gift of knowledge and discovery.

In my late teenage years I found this rock. To me it looked like the shells embedded in the rock were Chinese characters -- not really knowing what Chinese characters looked like other than my minimal exposure to the I Ching.

As I looked at it I began to wonder if the Spirit Realms were trying to communicate with me, in Chinese. I was entranced by the idea that Spirit was really interested in communicating with me and that this rock might have words of meaning for me. (Ignore the illogic that if Spirit really was trying to talk to me, via this rock, why would it talk to me in a language that I have ZERO knowledge of? Obviously the answer is that I was a teen and I was spellbound by the mythology of it all. Besides, Chinese is visually beautiful, as is Sanskrit and Arabic.)

The main thing was that I really grokked the reality of being in daily communication and conversation with Spirit (in English, or in symbolic artistic imagery, thank you).

I did spend several hours with a Chinese to English translating dictionary (Now those are hard to use!! Trust me on this one.) trying to see if there actually were any Chinese characters in it.

I didn't find any.

However it did spell out the Declaration of Independence in Rongo rongo -- Just kidding.


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