I Sometimes Wonder If I Will End Up on Someone's Wall


The Art of Living and the Art of Dying


Being in the high weirdness business gives people lots of opportunities to express their high weirdness in my direction.

A family member had several skulls attached to a house he bought in the country. He was thrilled to give me a couple. I was thrilled to receive them. (Other family members just think I am weird.)

Death is part of Life. One of the roles of the shaman is that of Psychopomp -- the escort for the dead -- guiding souls to the Light and what is next for their soul's evolution.

Skulls are highly personal and very intimate gifts from the spirits who used to inhabit
them. I do not own any skulls, I am their temporary guardian.

Skulls are beautiful and powerful symbols and talismans for connecting with the ultimate forces. From Central America there is a very interesting piece of high weirdness concerning a quartz crystal carved into a full sized human skull with an articulated jaw. (See glossary for some more about the Crystal Skull.)

A good friend of mine has a room dedicated to skulls of all types where very powerful spirit work is done!

Skulls probably show up in the sacred art of most cultures. Hindu art and South American art have fabulous examples.

Skulls keep me in touch with my mortality.



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