A Powerful Dragon Lives in an Abandoned Roundhouse


Dragon's Egg Rock

Whenever I conduct a workshop I have the participants bring a rock that "calls" to them. This rock acts as a witness to their work. I ultimately have each person journey to meet the Spirit of the Rock to receive teaching, guidance and get feedback on how they are doing in learning shamanic skills.

Rocks are ancient spirits who are very thoughtful and very grounded.

This rock is often my witness for the work I do. He keeps me clear, focused and helps me keep my ego out of the way.

I found him in Evanston Wyoming. I was there conducting a Dream Weaving workshop September 9 and 10 in the year 2001. (Interestingly enough there were several journeys during that weekend that warned us about the 911 Trade Tower attack that, of course, we could not understand their meanings until after the event. In addition, I had a series of dreams during July, August, and September -- more than 4 -- that I called my "number dreams" -- mostly involving disasters where I had to call "911" -- (CLICK HERE to read the dream I had September 10, 2001).

On Saturday of that workshop I learned from some Evanston residents that there was a powerful spirit who lived in the land around Evanston. I decided to check it out and sure enough I found a huge being, a plumed serpent who was the guardian of the land and who was cautious about the humans in the area.

This being lived, at least part of the time, in an incredible, abandoned railroad roundhouse (what a beautiful piece of 19th century architecture!) -- gives you a clue as to how big this being is.

While I was exploring its home, cautiously and courteously I might add, I found this rock. His shape, his connection with the plumed serpent and my connection with Dragons led me to recognize him as a "Dragon's egg". That is the energy of this rock.

I will let you know if he hatches.


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