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(c) 1981 David Lang

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I have probably been traveling in shamanic space since I was a child. I simply did not know how to talk about it. And being a child of the Western Culture I was trained to not believe my experiences.

One experience that did stick with me is my ability to see images when I close my eyes. With eyes closed I see movies, full color, vivid movies that flow across my inner vision.

It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I learned that not everyone does this. I just assumed that everyone saw movies when they closed their eyes and that it was so common place, like the sun rising in the morning, that no one talked about it.

One of my alternative life modes is art. (Click Here for a story of my artistic awakening.)

I use my inner movie as a source for my paintings. I watch the movie and if I see an image that I like I can stop the movie. If I can get that image out through my hands I have a painting. (There are many images that are too vast, complex and amazing for me to bring out into this world -- alas the limitation of the physical form -- a part of me longs for the science fiction brain-jack where I could just plug in and download my art out of my head.)

Looking back on my experiences of my art movies I now realize that I was doing shamanic journeys, without an intention, without training, without, at least known, guidance, without a framework to fully understand my experiences and my discoveries.

I was a tourist, taking snapshot of a beautiful, vast and sacred realm. Sort of like taking pictures of the Rosetta Stone and hanging it up as decoration not realizing the significance. Not to imply that art does not have important significance in all aspects of a person's health, including spiritual. However, our world is filled with layer upon layer of information and communications from Spirit.

The painting above is called Eclipse. In the 1970's there was a total eclipse of the sun here in Oregon. A group of us drove up to Mount Angel Abby to watch it.

Mount Angel is a beautiful monastery on a little solitary hill in a broad valley area. A sacred place.

On the day of the total eclipse it was, naturally for Oregon, completely clouded over. As it got darker and darker all the birds, who up to this point were chattering noisily in the trees, got quiet and just at the darkest moment of the eclipse we heard the beautiful chants of a monk's choir drifting out of some nearby chapel.

It was truly awe-inspiring. To this day I don't know if the monks planned their singing for this -- singing back the light -- or if it was "coincidence" that practice time was scheduled to start at the same time the total eclipse was total.

This painting, Eclipse, is a snapshot of the movie that I saw when I went in search of an artistic expression of my experience of that day.

Originally, I saw the deer looking up at the fractal event in the sky. What gives this piece its power, in my opinion, was my decision (guidance?) to have him look out at you, the viewer. His message is that while something amazing and important is happening in the sky, you are more amazing and important. It also draws you in and includes you as part of that world. You are no longer an unattached, objective, invisible viewer in a gallery -- you are standing on the next hill back.

If you are interested in owning a fine art color reproduction of this painting or one of my other paintings please click here.

My paintings usually take 6 - 12 months to complete.

I also compose music.



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