A Big Egg and Some Little Buddies


Ostrich Egg from Africa


My parents went to Africa for 6 weeks and all I got was this T-shirt.

Actually, what I got was a number of very cool things (Giraffe hair bracelet, carved elephants, shells, etc.) but I inherited this Ostrich egg from their estate.

I was a young teen, probably sullen and annoying. My folks likely needed a break from parenting me, get some time for themselves, etc.

I had a great time at my sister's in Tucson Arizona.

Her husband is an electrical engineer and he helped me build and ultrasonic generator. I was really into science and the Thomas Edison inventor thing. I wanted to see if I could create plant mutations with ultrasonic sound waves (generating some bad plant karma for me in the process). We didn't quite get it working (thank you Spirit for sparing me plant karma) but it kept me occupied for the summer.

Looking back I wish I had been less self absorbed and more accessible -- perhaps I could have gone to Africa with them. On the other hand, I do not travel well. (Click here to read the few chapters of my book that I am writing called Travel Unexpected Places.)

Now, I have this beautiful egg. Given my shamanic initiation I have a great love and respect for the power of eggs.

I also have been gifted my life egg so egg energy, egg medicine is big in my life.



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