The Ugly Part of Shamanism


Extractions are Not My Favorite Work

Extractions are the emergency room part of shamanic work. Often unpleasant in the extreme, extractions are the work of removing the entities that attach to a person and cause disease and pain.

While they appear in different ways to different shamanic practitioners, they are usually ugly, gross and disgusting (some shaman are so repulsed by them that vomiting is a common part of their experience.). It is my opinion that the entities appear in such an amazingly ugly form as a way for Spirit to clearly communicate that that "thing" does not belong in that person. My experience of extractable beings is, fortunately, not that extreme since I hate (!!) to puke.

For me these nastys are often ugly and unpleasant (but then I don't care for the looks of earwigs either) but they have someplace in the vast realms of reality where they belong and are probably beautiful.

It is a fact that termites are wonderful and necessary -- we would be up to our Mt. Everests in dead wood if not for their help. However they do not belong in your house.

When I extract something I do not, unlike some shamanic practitioners, destroy it. I have my power animals return it to where it is supposed to live in the Spirit realms. My philosophy is "if I can't fix it, then what gives me the right to destroy it?" (I do have a few exceptions to this rule. Fleas, mosquitoes, etc. Since I have not yet developed the skill to convince them to leave me alone -- well, I feel that if I am part of someone's food chain I do have the right to defend myself. Most everything else I either escort elsewhere or try to find some nonviolent means to encourage them to make a different choice).

Since I am removing, from the client's point of view, something that has caused them considerable suffering I like to emphasize the practical, no nonsense nature of this work -- "Let's get that stuff out of there and send it home!"

This is why I use a simple galvanized steel bucket -- "time to remove the slop!" I usually put some rock salt in the water to help hold the entities.

When I am all done, the entities that have not been carried to their proper homes by my power animals are left in the salt water. I then find a tree willing to escort these entities back to their home and I pour the water at the base of the tree.

Sometimes Spirit directs me to just flush them down the toilet.

Bon Voyage.



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