Colorful Toothpaste


Fluorite Crystals

These large crystals are hard to find these days, I am told by rock shop people, because toothpaste companies mine them for fluoride toothpaste.

The bottom purple crystal, which is about 3" x 2.5", was the first one that I bought in Santa Cruz, California when I was living there doing computer programming.

I was in a very depressed time of my life and this crystal called to me one day and really helped to ground me. I carried it everywhere I went for several months. It was a good way to meet women too as it is quite striking and opens conversations. Unfortunately I was terribly shy and once the conversation opened I could not keep it going.

Oh well. I am a lot more comfortable with myself these days. Thank you Spirit.

They stack in a helix kind of spiral. I use this as a meditation aid. Some shamanic practitioners have suggested that the shaman are capable of consciously altering their DNA. An intriguing thought. Caution and knowledge are required I am sure -- else the shaman doing this could grow an extra arm...



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