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Glyph Rock

One of my art forms is to journey to meet with the Spirit of the rock and learn its story -- or rather to learn how it would like to express itself. This takes the form of Glyphs that I carve into the surface of the rock.

Once the rock is carved, I make a clay impression of it that I fire in one of Annah's kilns. Then I go for a walk carrying the rock and its clay mirror. Somewhere in the world I find a location to place this pair.

I love the image of some hiker stumbling upon this glyph rock and its clay mirror. There is magic in the world.

Some archeologist friends have expressed concern about this practice of mine. They fear that my rocks might taint history and be mistaken for a genuine artifact -- of course everyone and their actions are genuine artifacts of this world, but that is a different conversation.

I am not worried about this for several reasons.

1. This work is Spirit guided.

2. The glyphs are not a language of this reality but a language from the rock's reality.

3. They are obviously carved with a Dremel tool.


4. Mentioning them on this web site makes this project public.

Of course these arguments may not convince the die-hard scientists. This may just be my anarchistic, magical, artist side playing in the way-too-serious world.



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