A Thoroughbred from Africa

A Gift that I am Honored to Tend

It is an awesome and powerful experience being guided on Journeys by this beautiful drum.

This large drum is from Africa and was given to me by a friend who had purchased it for herself but discovered many months later that it was really meant for me.

So I am now blessed to be the guardian and friend of this drum.

When journeying to this drum many people hear voices chanting, drone singing and flute melodies.

I don't know a lot about drum-making traditions. For years I thought that when this drum was made a rock or something was accidentally left inside because it rattles whenever I move it.

Years later I learned the inspiring truth. This drum is made from a single tree trunk carved to a taper and, of course, hollowed out. But the master drum maker, with Spirit-guided wisdom, always leaves a piece of the tree's center -- the heartwood of the tree -- inside the finished drum so that the drum has "heart".

Surprisingly, the most challenging thing about this drum is educating our self-centered culture about this drum's living presence, life and power and the etiquette of being in his presence. Many people either walk up to Grandfather Drum and begin pounding away without asking the drum's permission or they see it as a place to set their water glass -- a shamanic end table.

Fortunately he has a big and forgiving heart.



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