The Power of Lightning

Lightning got My Attention

I have had a number of interesting near encounters with lightning in the last few years. These are pieces of bark from lightning struck trees (I wonder if these trees have been shamanically initiated via their lightning experience?)

My first encounter with lightning got my attention enough that I asked Annah to create an Elemental to honor the moment.

I was 10 minutes from standing next to the tree when it was hit. I was across town when the huge flash and kA-boom of a lightning hit too close to count (one thous... -- kA-boom). It rocked the store I was in. "WoW that was close!", I said to Annah. She agreed, wide eyed.

On the way home I had to stop at our local neighborhood organic food store to buy cream.

I pulled into a parking place and noticed all these people outside their houses looking up at a big Fir tree. I stepped out of my car and saw that the entire area was littered with tree bark and across the street from where I was standing (about 50 feet away and as many feet up) was the scar of a lightning hit spiraling down the tree.

I might be creating this web site from the other side if I had gone to get cream 10 minutes earlier. The tree is still alive today, by the way (and so am I!). I took a piece of bark (not shown) home to Annah and asked her to build me a Elemental from it. (Lightning Elemental)

The second piece of lightning bark came from a tree on the land of a neighbor of Annah's parents. We heard the strike about 20 minutes before we drove out to their farm.

As we drove past the neighbor's land we both noted the weird low-hanging "cloud" floating above a tree, thirty minutes later neighbors were banging on the door for us to call a fire department -- the weird cloud was, of course, smoke. The core of this tree was on fire. The entire heart of the tree was burning. The outside looked fine except where the lightning hit. Standing next to this tree I could hear a roaring fire inside.

The fire trucks arrived; realized there really was no way they could maneuver a 200 billion-ton fire truck into a soggy field. After examining the tree they also realized that there was no way to pour water inside the tree. And, frankly, the tree was already dead -- taking a gazillion volts of pure light energy right through the heart probably sent that tree spirit directly to its next incarnation.

I spent some time in the presence of this powerful tree being and picked up a piece of its bark. (The lower, lighter brown piece in the picture.) I was amazed and very impressed with the quality of the inner bark -- it was very much like tender skin of a person. This put me deeply in touch with the "humanity" of this tree.

The last lightning experience helped me to realize that I better do some deep shamanic work with lightning and trees -- least Spirit decide to blast me with lightning to get my attention!

Annah and I were taking a walk in my home town of Laramie, Wyoming (one of the places I go periodically to teach workshops and to reconnect with the incredible land spirits there).

A nearby lightning blast (again uncountable) shook us. Since, we were already halfway from anywhere we kept walking. The next thing I notice is that we are walking through chunks of bark. Looking up I see a Cottonwood tree has been marked deeply by lightning.

I picked up this piece of bark (the black bark above) and realized that it was very important that I do journey work into these trees to learn their medicine and their teaching for me.

It was a beautiful and amazing journey -- one of the many things I learned is that as the wind passes through their leaves, trees hear it as incredible orchestral music.


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