Lightning Creates Art

Lightning Elemental

I was 10 minutes from standing next to the tree when it was hit. I was across town when the huge flash and kA-boom of a lightning hit too close to count (one thous... -- kA-boom). It rocked the store I was in. "WoW that was close", I said to Annah. She agreed, wide eyed.

On the way home I had to stop at our local neighborhood organic food store to buy cream. I pulled into a parking place and noticed all these people outside their houses looking up at a big Fir tree.

I stepped out of my car and saw that the entire area was littered with tree bark and across the street from where I was standing (about 50 feet away and as many feet up) was the scar of a lightning hit spiraling down the tree. I might be writing this from the other side if I had gone to get cream 10 minutes earlier.

The tree is still alive today, by the way (and so am I!). I took a piece of bark home to Annah and asked her to build me an Elemental from this piece of bark.

Annah builds custom Elementals. The prices vary between $175 and $350.

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