A Healing Tool From Loma


Loma Crystal

I do lots of journeys into shamanic space. One common journey is to go to the Upper Worlds to find teachers, guides and helpers.

I did a journey to find a teacher to specifically help improve my abilities to do healing work.

I went to a Polynesian Island and solved the riddle that allowed me access to meet my teacher. Her name is Loma. She has taught me many healing techniques and continues to guide my work.

At the end of the initial journey to find her, she took me to a cave and showed me this crystal and instructed me to find it in the physical world.

My skeptic hates these kinds of tasks because he always becomes afraid that if I don't find it then that would mean all this Spirit stuff is bogus.

Of course he has forgotten the 90 times that Spirit was dead-on accurate and that I immediately find what I was sent to find.

There is a great old saying: "One ahhshit kills ten attaboys". This is true. One criticism cancels out ten compliments. Or in the case of my skeptical self, one miss hammers ten glorious successes.

Well, the next day I went to our local "stones and bones" store and after a very brief search I found, to sounds of internal trumpets and cannons, the exact crystal that Loma told me to find.

Ha! Take that, Mister Skeptic!

Actually, to be completely honest, I really do honor my skeptical self. He has the tough job of keeping me from making a fool of myself. He just gets carried away sometimes.

But then again, so do I.



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