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Artifacts of a Conversation

14" X 12"

(c) 2004 David Lang

All Rights Reserved

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This painting inspired in part by my son, Taelyn Har Lang. (My son, by the way, is a fantastic chef and wonderful human being -- no fatherly prejudice here. He is the executive chef for The Cup in Tucson, AZ. If you are in Tucson have a meal there sometime.)

Taelyn gave me a gift certificate to our local art supply store (Oregon Art Supply). However, his gift was conditional: the supplies I bought had to be used in a collaborative art project with Annah.

This was a real challenge because:

1. I have deep emotional ownership of my paintings -- "I did them".

2. From #1 above it should be obvious that I do not have the best "collaborator" personality.

3. Annah's artistic vision, style, and medium(s) are very different than mine.

So we accepted the challenge and came up with the idea of creating a book where we are having a "conversation" in images.

The project looks like this:

I create the front cover art (above).

Then I write something that is related, in some way that I choose, to the art. It might be a story, a poem, or a description of what I think that that image is about.

I show the art to Annah. But, I do not show her the writings.

Annah creates the back cover as a "visual response" to the opening "conversation" of the book cover.

Annah creates the writing for her back cover "response" to the front cover image.

She shows me the art but not her writings.

It is my turn again. We trade art "conversations" back and forth for several pages. No written material is exchanged.

When our image "conversation" is complete, we will assemble the images with their writings.

It will be very interesting to compare our communications with the art.

Hence the title, "Artifacts of a Conversation".

It is my first piece of real art from the digital medium and while I didn't exactly use Taelyn's gift certificate as he instructed it did accomplish his real agenda -- to energize my artistic self.

"Artifacts of a Conversation" is a project that is somewhat back-burnered because of the many different things we are both involved in. It has taken 3 years of on-and-off-again work for me to complete this first piece.

However this project lives strongly in me and we will complete it eventually.

Stay tuned to this page for the opportunity to buy the special edition book here.

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My paintings usually take 6 - 12 months to complete.


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