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36" X 36"

(c) 1978 David Lang

All Rights Reserved

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This painting is my third painting after my artistic awakening. It is also my first airbrush painting. I love airbrush -- it is a powerful artistic tool.

This is one of the few paintings that did not directly come from my internal movie (See Eclipse for information about my movie.) I assembled this painting from several different objects I found one day in the 1970's when I was doing an LSD walkabout of my home town.

In my altered consciousness explorations I discovered a piece of crater covered lava rock, a window with an abstract series of lines pressed into the glass and a wing shaped piece of rusty iron.

The title reflects my relationship to the butterfly -- am I outside trying to get to the real world (lava rock) or am I free to travel transcendent realms.

A curious flaw that I did not notice until much later is that this butterfly (which is actually closer to being a moth) lacks antennae. I am sure that there must be some deep meaning to this fact. It will give the art historians something to write their thesis about.

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My paintings usually take 6 - 12 months to complete.



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