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9" X 10"

(c) 1981 David Lang

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This painting came from a dream.

I had been "commissioned" by a friend/boss of mine. It was supposed to work this way:

He had a client who was a friend of the sister whose brother was the art buyer for Norman Lear, the TV guy.

The plan was that I was to paint this painting, for free, so that he could give it to the client who would someday have the sister over so that she could see this painting and tell her brother about it so that the brother would contact my boss who would introduce me to Norman Lear who would love my art, buy tons of it, tell his Hollywood friends who would by tons of my art making me rich and famous with the help of my friend/boss.

A plan with a lot of heart, if nothing else. Needless to say it never panned out. I still have this painting. I did get a real experience of the "Friend of a Friend" phenomena.

As I was trying to come up with the imagery for this project I had a powerful dream that woke me up with this image of a half goblet protected by two lions with exotic fish tails. A drop of silver from the design around the center is poised to fill and drain from the half goblet.

I have often wondered if one of the people in this improbable chain of connections to Norman Lear is a Leo with a Pisces rising, or something.

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My paintings usually take 6 - 12 months to complete.


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