My Art

Sky Cathedral

48" X 48"

(c) 1977 David Lang

All Rights Reserved

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This painting has a different version buried below this one. The original had a rainbow-like crystal center instead of the current blue version.

Since the crystal lines were added last I essentially painted this painting twice. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes, I have to walk away from a painting for several months before I can redo it. I know I am in trouble with a painting if I find myself trying to convince myself that "it looks OK, that could work", etc.

This piece is an exploration of the sacred spiritual experience of lying on your back in a ring of trees and gazing into the sky.

It is hard to see in this JPG image but there is a stone vine that comes to life when it reaches the luminous center. Symbolic, of course.

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My paintings usually take 6 - 12 months to complete.


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